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Figure Skates – Top 10 Tips for Ice Skate Care

Figure Skates – Top 10 Tips for Ice Skate Care

hey guys it’s Mary and welcome back to
my channel today we’re going to go through my top tips for taking care of
your figure skates hope you guys are ready for this one
these bad boys right here are one of my most prized possessions my first tip is
to waterproof seal your figure skates we spend several hours a week on the ice
our skates are getting wet so get that extra protection to prevent your leather
from rotting my second tip is to dry your skates completely inside and out so
make sure you’re wiping it outside make sure the inside is completely dry
because any extra moisture mildew or mold especially all those germs from
your feet can cause your skates to rot we also want to make sure we dry our
blades completely our blades can easily rust because they absorb the water and
condensation from the ice so make sure we are drying them completely but also
these little nooks and crannies in here that’s where the water my skates like to
sit when you’re done drying your blades cover them with these awesome soakers my
mom make these cute little guys for me it might get a little bit more moisture
even though you dry your blades thoroughly so these soakers can
absorb the rest of the remaining moisture when you get home from the
rink loosen up your laces loosen up your tongue to let your skates properly
dry if there’s excess moisture on your skates your skin can be up to a pound
heavier so when we’re jumping and spinning your doing doubles doing our triples
we want to be as light as a feather when you get home and take your skates out of
the bag don’t keep your skates in the extreme
heat don’t keep your skates in the car try to keep them at room temperature at
all times when you are not skating before I skate I always make sure my
blades are nice and tight from wear and tear our skates are
going to loosen up the water may strip the screws so I just do a little
wiggle make sure my blades are nice and tight I always carry a screwdriver in my
skating bag every now and then I’ll just go through tighten all the screws
make sure none of them need to be replaced
when we are not skating always protect our blades these are really nice hard
guards they’re blue and sparkly my favorite color to protect myself from
stepping into any gunk off ice and protect myself from getting any nicks or
scratches on my blades my biggest pet peeve is when my students don’t wear
their guards it breaks so be sure to always wear up your guards off the ice
the only time you should be not wearing guards is when you’re skating on ice
be sure to sharpen your ice skates on a regular basis I say rule them about
every 40 hours or so of skating it is time to get a nice sharpening with nice
sharp blades you will have quicker turns spins footwork so be sure to sharpen
your skates regularly that transitions into my next tip be sure to sharpen have
a reputable place getting a hockey skate sharpening is much different than
getting a figure skate sharpening so don’t just go to any random shop to get it
done one bad sharpening can ruin your precious blades that you spent hundreds
of dollars on so do your research and go to a reputable place always make sure
your laces are properly tied up all the way before walking around I see people
all the time with their laces have done walking around still warming up and
getting ready that’s really bad the skate is gonna break down the part where
your ankle flexes a lot quicker so make sure you always tie your skates up
finish you’re doing and then walk around
chitchat stretch to prevent quicker breakdown lastly always carry along
spare laces you never know when your lace is just gonna randomly rip
periodically check your laces make sure they’re not fraying or loose anywhere
and you never want to be in the middle of a spin or double jump and have your
laces just snap off so I always have these bad boys with me just in case of
emergencies hope everybody like my skate care tips be sure to LIKE subscribe
and save stay tuned for more skating tutorials and see you guys next time
happy skating


My rutine is to 1. wipe them dry just with my shirt. 2. put on a fluffy CCM blade soakers, not the plastic skateguard i use to walk on them with before skating. 3. when I get home I put my hairdryer on medium heat and blow them dry, just careful so it doesn't get too hot, and then you can blow with no heat for a longer time. 4. if i notice any new cuts in the boot, I just tape it over with a black plastic tape. 5. and finally i put a few tea bags in the boot, that helps with the smell and catch some moister. (note that use any Axe deoderant is a hugh mistake, that will make them smell even worse)

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Hey us hockey skaters need to go to good reputable places too! We don't like our blades ruined any more than a figure skater does 🙂

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