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Figure Skating Spins – Beginner Back Spin Tutorial

Figure Skating Spins – Beginner Back Spin Tutorial

hey guys I’m Mary welcome back to my
channel today we’re going to work on beginner back spins part 1 of my back spin series hope you guys are ready for this one let’s start off with an
exercise we are going to try a 2 foot spin get nice and balanced on the ball
good foot and pick up the left foot or the right foot if
you’re a lefty try to go for just 1 revolution
we’re going to slowly build it up we are spinning on a back outside edge for beginners think of a hoop
holding a basketball slightly over our right side
over the right hip but keep practicing that until you
feel comfortable the backspin can be a little scary
just aim for one revolution then two or three our position knees tight together toe next to the heel our next exercise will be practicing
from a back pivot arms in the hoop beginner position and
just try to aim for 1 revolution or a one second hold to get comfortable with balancing on the blade
let’s step it up a notch we’re gonna try to cross our feet so to cross our feet
in the back spin think about the flexing the foot pushing the heel down you don’t
want to push the toe down because you’re gonna hit the ice and trip we
don’t want that nice back spin position knees facing forward thighs and
legs glued together heel pushing down the foot is flexed if you spin with a toe pointing down you
may either a trip or face plant and we don’t want or we’re going to have a little bit of
a gap in our legs if we point the toe down which will slow down our spin for beginners I like the spin in a good
position we don’t want to go from zero to 100 and spin too fast
so spinning them the position will slow us down a little bit so we keep that
comfortable balancing on the blade and being nice and square in the hips the
shoulders and finding that tight backspin position the hoop position keeps
us over a nice axis so we spin just like a top one last exercise is doing
the back spin with your legs open this will help us practice to be nice and
centered before we learn the advanced back spin or the back scratch I’m
thinking about my left arm follows our legs and let’s try to
aim to hold that for three revolutions once that open position is nice and
strong must practice passing the hips into a nice landing position that’s a great exercise to learn how to
use your edge to obtain power we do not want to swing our arms around to go
faster focus on using your edges and your legs
the goal in spins is always to find the sweet spot
typically located on the ball of our foot once we find that really focus on
bearing the weight on the bottom foot we are pushing that blade into the ice
we’re sticking and freezing ourselves in that position so we can spin forever hope you guys are like this beginner a
backspin tutorial be sure to LIKE subscribe and save stay tuned for
the advanced backspin tutorial see you guys next time and happy skating


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