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Finally a good budget belt drive board! How does Ownboard W2 compare to Boosted Board?

Finally a good budget belt drive board! How does Ownboard W2 compare to Boosted Board?

What I have here is the Ownboard W2 prototype. Finally! A belt drive electric skateboard
using the Hobbywing ESC. I think people have been wanting this ever since the
release of the Ownboard w1 which started the trend of budget boards using the
Hobbywing ESC because of the accurate and intuitive control that it gives the
user. And then Wowgo started using it, Harvoo started using it, Backfire started
using it. A bunch of eskate startups started using it. The only problem is all
of them used hub motors. Of course hub motors do have their benefits. They’re
quiet, they’re efficient, they’re low-key. But they do have major drawbacks, the
biggest one being that the motors take up a lot of space in the wheels so the
polyurethane tires tend to be very thin. That has a big impact on ride comfort
and grip and it’s just the reality of using hub motors. Unfortunately there
weren’t really budget options for belt driven boards with the kind of intuitive
control that Boosted Board offers – until now. At just under $700 the Ownboard W2 is half the price of a Boosted Plus and less than half the price of a
Boosted Stealth. Like Boosted the Ownboard W2 uses a belt drive system so you can
use four actual wheels. So how does the Ownboard W2 compare to the Boost Board?
Is it a cheap Boosted Board? Is it a Boosted Board killer? Is it better than a
Boosted Board? Well let’s see. I don’t have a Boosted Stealth and nobody
around me has one but my friend does have a 2nd Gen Boosted Dual Plus.
We did an impromptu drag race the other day and unfortunately I didn’t
record any footage so you’re just gonna have to believe what I say. But basically
the Boosted Board accelerated noticeably faster until the Ownboard
started catching up and passing it because of its higher top speed.
According to Ownboard the top speed of the W2 is 42 km/h. I didn’t do a drag
race on the Ownboard with any other board but if the rain ever stops in
Shanghai I’ll try to do that and this time I’ll film it. When we did the drag
race with my friend’s Boosted we also compared the braking performance and the
Boosted was able to brake much harder. That does not mean that the brakes are
bad on the Ownboard – they actually feel pretty good to me – but Boosted is just at
another level. Compared to the 2nd Gen Boosted the deck on the Ownboard W2 has
less flex. It also has less flex than the Meepo NLS but more flex than the
Backfire G2T. Like I’ve said in other videos more flex is not necessarily
better. It all depends on personal preference and what kind of riding you
do but when you’re standing on the board, because the Boosted has more flex, you’re
a bit closer to the ground on the Boosted than on the
Ownboard. Overall I don’t think anyone can say that the Ownboard W2 is equal to the
Boosted Board in any way that matters. Relatively speaking, one is a high
performance and very highly polished product while the other still feels like
a budget board. But it’s a pretty good budget board. I’m gonna go through what I
like about this board and what I think could be improved. Let’s start with the
good stuff. The acceleration and braking control are both totally smooth and intuitive
and accurate, just like any other board I’ve used that uses the Hobbywing
ESC. And because it’s using a belt drive system this board uses four actual
longboard wheels so the ride quality in terms of road vibrations is more like
that of a regular longboard. The battery in this prototype unit uses Samsung 25R
cells, 10s3p, which makes it 7.5Ah. I’m told that there will be a second
option which uses Samsung 30Q and that’ll be a 9Ah battery for
those who want longer range. I haven’t done a proper range test where I use up
the entire battery. I’ll try to do that soon but it’s just been raining a lot in
Shanghai lately. The carry handle is actually really convenient. According to
my scale, this board weighs 7.4 kg which is pretty normal for this
kind of board. I think it’s also worth pointing out that this board
weighs less than the Ownboard W1S which is 7.8 kg. The grip tape is some
kind of a shock absorbing material. I’m not sure how much
difference that makes but I like it because it makes lifting up the grip
tape easier. There’s a battery indicator on the ESC enclosure. That’s kind of nice.
And yes this board does let you adjust the belt tension. All you have to do is
loosen two bolts on the cover and the springs inside will push the motor away
from the wheel, making the belt nice and tight. You need to grab the motor and
hanger and pull the motor back to the desired position. Otherwise
the belt will be too tight because the springs inside are really
strong. And finally I like Ownboard’s new logo. So what could be better on this
board? Now before we move on to this section keep in mind that this board is
a prototype and Ownboard sent it to me for me to give them my feedback. Some of
the things I mention may be changed before the final product is released.
When I rode the board for the first time I noticed that the back couldn’t
really turn. And when I tried to loosen the truck I found that the nut
on the kingpin was already at the very end which was
weird because the bushings looked really compressed. When I took off the first
bushing I saw that the kingpin was not centered. Because it wasn’t centered, both
of the bushings were not seated all the way in. That’s why the bushings had to be
so compressed making the back truck unable to turn. I was however able to
resolve this by using a different baseplate. I had a spare truck lying
around from the Backfired G2, and when I put on the baseplate from that, the
kingpin became centered perfectly. The bushings were then able to fit properly
and the back truck was able to turn. I did tell Ownboard about this issue so
hopefully this will be resolved in the final product. The cables going from the
ESC to the motors are right between the motors and the deck. The cover for one of
the cables actually got ripped open by one of the motors. I taped it shut but it
got ripped open again. The cables are pretty rigid so I highly doubt that the
wires inside would get torn by the motor. It was only the cover around the cable
that got ripped. But in any case I told Ownboard about this and they said
they’ll do something about that. This next one is not so much a criticism
but just something that you should be aware of. The pulleys on the back wheels
do not come off and Ownboard does not currently sell separate pulleys for the
wheels. So if you want to use different wheels you have to get pulleys from
somewhere else. The reason I don’t like that is because that’s getting into DIY
territory while this is a prebuilt board. Ideally it should include everything
that you need and I guess it does except if you want to use different wheels,
which is one of the benefits of using a belt drive system. I’m also not sure
where you would get 3m pulleys that fit the Ownboard so it’s severely
limited in customization options. In my opinion the Ownboard W2 at this time is
the only good option I know of for a belt driven board under $700. Many people have
asked me about the Vestar Board. Yes I have tried it. No belt tensioner, jerky
controls, too high off the ground. It’s not for me. I did give Vestar Board my
feedback so if they ever make a V3 hopefully those issues will be
resolved. But for now the Ownboard W2 overall is much better. They’re not even
close. But between the Ownboard and the Boosted Board, if you have money get the
Boosted Board.


Another great, snappy review Daniel! I think if Ownboard can iron out those issues you mentioned, this is definitely going to be a big-seller, as obviously not everybody wants to ride on hub motors. If they can offer customisable drive wheels/pulleys then awesome – otherwise I'm sure the DIY community will be able to CNC some pulleys for the board.

Have you done a review on the Ownboard AT? Its a board id like to buy as waterproof, with somewhat AT wheels. Same as the skull board?

Long awaited review of the W2!!!
Great videos as always!
Hope they do rectify the tiny things on the prototype before releasing the final product 👍🏼

As always a well made and unbiased review. Hey Daniel any ideas on where we can order DK stickers or that cool DK Ranger deck?

So one of the benefits of using belt driven boards has been confirmed to sort of not be available in that while it uses standard longboard wheels you're stuck with what comes with the board….for now. The second benefit would be the torque and power to conquer hills which ownboard has already shown in their janky promo vid. I noticed you didn't comment on the smoothness of the hobbywing remote like you did on reddit. Is it still an issue?

DK listens to his subscribers. Last video I asked for this review. He replied "ok". And now less than 20 hours later it's up. This totally not because he had already planned to release the video the today. 100% because I asked for it XP

Thanks for the video and especially the tip about the back wheels not being interchangeable. I'm now convinced this is the same setup on my crownwheel board because I tried, but could not swap out the back wheels. Might experiment in looking for a new pully.

Great video man! I just think hubs are the future like backfire style hubs. Belts just have to many parts to break and go wrong

Dan! Thank you for the quick and concise review! An absolute pleasure! Looks like Ownboard have done a good job with this and leading the way in bringing the cost down on effective, belt driven boards. Thanks for putting the Vestar debate to bed too! Keep up the great work brother and ride safe! Mikey, UK. 🤙🏻 🇬🇧

How come you have more of an Asian accent now, whereas you had LESS in past videos ? I thought you were some other guy at first.

Gorgeous production quality. I'm so jealous. Do you think you'd ever post a video of your workflow? What camera you use to get which shots (I read through your gear list), what you do for your background lighting, how you edit and color the footage, etc.?

Great video. Ownboard has a few things they need to address here most specifically the pulleys not being removable. You can't have a belt driven board that doesn't let you choose you own wheels, that's a huge part of the advantage.

Nice, I'm also glad that belt drives are being used on less expensive boards, it's about time! LoL Cool video laters ✌ 😎

I wouldn't mind picking up the new hobbywing esc for a new board. hope they start selling them soon after they release the board

Thanks to Dkwan's objective review, We will evaluate Dkwan's recommendations.
1.We chose the integrated Pulley because the concentricity is better.(Thank Daniel's suggest and other skateboarder's feedback, W2 shipped version will use removable pulley. )
2.The deck will use the bamboo deck and the battery use the Sumsung 30Q 3P*10S 9.0Ah
3.The exposed part of the motor cable will be fastened with a wire buckle
2019-03-25 by ownboard

Hey Daniel, vestarboard has improved the brake system–It can be adjusted now and our upgrade truck can adjust the belt too. we will do our best to improve our board according to customers' feed back.

Obviously, Ownboard copies Vestarboard, the same shape of deck and ESC&battery case. BTW, Vestarboard is more affordable: we off $200 discount!!

Holy crap you are good at making videos! Short, to the point, you explain perfectly why belt drive is often preferred over hub motors, compared the board to alternatives, even mentioned things like how difficult it would be to swap the wheels due to the integrated pulleys. I'm surprised by the production quality you manage to achieve, despite being a smaller channel. Subbed!

Nice ! Finally some Novelty ! Hope they tweek the back truck (easy fix) before shipping out. I'm a wowgo2S owner (and a small fish plate owner… modded it : Will get this one Ownboard even though I was considering the boosted board as my 3rd eboard. The price seems right on this one. And since the belt tensionner are indeed adjustable (lacking on the Vestar) this is not deal breaker anymore. Good move Ownboard !!!   I stayed clear of the DIY e-board belt-drive kits and the Vestar eBoard exactly because these did not have the adjustable belt tensionner, which is complete non-sense on belt drive system. Belt get loose over time and skip… It needs to be adjusted, just like brand new brake cables on a bicycle stretch at first…. This is going to be good. And the battery option seems solid. I can already tell I'll be more a fan of the 25R (10S3P being 60A capable!!!) than the 30Q ("only" 45A capable), even though both setups are probably overkill for the Hobbywing ESC (can pull 24A ?, at least that 24A was the case for 75Kv dual hub setups on ownboard). Wowgo 2S hobbywing ESC were tuned at 18A max, to make battery perform better… But now we are talking premium cells in the battery…. VEEEEERY HIGH DRAIN cells !!!  The only premium option on the wowgo2s IMHO was the Powerfull samsung 4.0Ah battery (smallest capacity battery, yes, but the highest current capable option of all three) because it used 20R cells, which are each 22A capable (so the 10S2P 4Ah was 44A capable), while the LG 6.4Ah uses MH1 cells only each capable of 10A (20A in the 10S2P wowgo2s battery). The sanyo 8.5Ah was still only 15A (30A in a 10S2P) capable… So all these 3 options on the WowGo2S were viable for a Hobbywing ESC tuned at 18A of power… but the LG 10S2P battery is only capable of 20A which is really borderline suited for this application and it's high DCIR probably is synonymous with cell overheating and thus shorter cycle life. Sanyo is in the middle (30A capable)… So the 25R is goooooooood. I don't care for so high capacity… I like ooooompph and tork (aka instantaneous current in amps) way more than range (aka capacity in Ah). The best of the best would be a 12S4P out of these nanophosphate darling:  There is a reasong why these cells are used in EV formula-1 racing…. Because of extremely high current capability. long life cycle is a bonus here. The downside is the very very low capacity…. Sony VTC4 18650 of LiNiMnCoO2, which are rated for 30A !!! are probably a good middle ground for torque junkies!

OWNBOARD, this board is awesome BUT you must change the deck! put a bamboo deck like Meepo Or a loaded vanguard clone deck!

Ownboard belt direve seems very good for the budget range!!, then…………… can not change the wheels!!! OMG………why omg why!

UPDATE May 17: For a limited time, the discount code "dkwan" now brings the price of the Ownboard W2 down to $597! And you can now choose 83mm or 90mm wheels when ordering. Get it at .
UPDATE: Ownboard has decided to ship the board with detachable pulleys! Abec 11 Flywheel style attachment. More on that later when I have the pulleys.

don’t get me wrong, i like that these new companies are trying to be better than a Boosted Board at a lower price. but i don’t think that this board has the chops to withstand daily commuting. also is it just me or does the drivetrain of the green wheeled board look like a Boosted V1? with the springs and truck. also the grip tape follows the same scheme as a new 3rd gen boosted longboard. i don’t like the blatant copying of the boosted board. these companies that make these cheap boards should strive to make a better boosted board than copying.

Have you seen this vid by JohnPaulYT?:

It is regarding how a few websites republishing works without the author's permission. They are reveiw websites that show other Content Provider's videos. I have seen your videos on these websites as well as for example Jay Boston and Preston (aka Pess Reset for those who don't know) and other e skate reviewers. Seeing yours, theirs and other's work on that channel I had assumed they had your (and their) permission, but after seeing JohnPaulYT's video about this I thought to give you the heads up in the unlikely case you didn't.

Also new update on there site is the new telsa battery for even longer range but yes finally boosted board has some big players in the electric longboard market and yes I want to get one for my self

Hi Daniel, awesome vid. Do you know if the hobbywing esc is modified to work with belt motors? I have a diy build with the dual belt from diyeboard. I'm wondering if they sell this esc as the one in this (same as riptide) are really harsh.

I know ive been waiting for it. Ut i like red wheels. I guess i can always xhange em.

I'm your subscriber and love watching ur channel 🙂 Have you tested the new updated release version of the Ownboard W2 ? If you did what's the difference?

Vestar is half and inch lower than the boosted, controls aren't jerky just takes a little getting used to, yes no belt tensioner but belts are cheap buy a stack of them…. my 2c 😉

I have Ownboard C1s and W1 and I can tell u some sweeet tips if any1 is interested.
1. the inspired truck can be switched from + to – . so u will have lower center of gravity as the angle of the kingpin and the deck decreases. If u do this, u will have to take out ur motors and swap the left and right side (and the cables will go over the horizontal line of truck half way which kinda sux but if u have like cable cover, u can protect ur motor cables so it is worth for the lower center of gravity)
2. the bushings that OWNBOARd comes with is,, (i love ownboard okay?? but ) yea.. it is pretty trash. the front uses Green (i feel like it is around 80~90A) and the back uses orange (90A~99A ish) (I could be wrong about the bushings durometer but my point is that it is significantly softer at the front). They are also Cylinder sahped for both lower and upper spines. So, ur carving or turnings are pretty not good (but u do get better stability for cylinder shaped bushings compared to cones) – this is mostly personal prefernce area when it comes to choosing Carving vs Stability. However, the bushings can definately be improved.

so the tips are, change the trucks +/- according to ur taste and change the bushings for sure!! (either cone or etc) according to ur taste
lastly, i recommend for night time users to get "shred lights" (i know they r goddamnn expensive but i tried other brands like koowheel n etc, but they all died cuz of the vibrations – esp. front side) so just invest well. :DDDD thanx for reading yalll~~~~~~~~~~~~

Does anyone know how strong the motors are? Are they 900w like the Vestar or are they weaker? Why are they using 3M belts instead of 5M?

It looks like the trucks are deseigned to fit "stepped barrel" bushings rather than classic "barrel" bushings. This would give more précision in turns !

When is it coming out??? I can't wait anymore. Heard exway riot is coming out next week. Might pull the trigger on that one. Always wanted a beld drive (with adjustable belt tensionners)…. Hurry !!!

Hey there! very good video! i also have an ownboard i did a video about it:

It's more about the ride. (my first video so be kind 🙂 )

The setup is pretty great. i got the w2 with the w1as deck since i'm around 100kgs. i changed the bearings to some better ones.. i got around 31 kms out of it yesterday. would defiently recommend this board, if you want a budget belt driven board

bought this board because of your review. the company gave me a bogus tracking number and no one gets back to my email and whatapp. Are these people legit?

Gear ratio ?? I know the wheel pulley are 60T but I dont know how many teeth are on the motor pulleys…

Hello Daniel, hope you have the time to answer. I have heard Ownboard listen to you and changed a lot regarding the W2 and it seems quite interesting. First I think it´s strange that Ownboard to not promote and sell this board a bit harder since it is in a more narrow interesting field than the normal hubs motor market. I have an Ownboard W1 which I am very happy with and do not in any way understand the critic regarded braking a hub motor board. I am wondering if it would be possible to buy the drive train of the W2, motors, trucks, belts, and install on the W1? I do not have the quick disconnect version, just connected inside the ESC. Best Regards //Sanna

Hi Daniel, you said "if you have the money, get the Boosted Board", but what about the Exway X1? Does this board still hold up as a Boosted Board killer? Think Boosted is a nice board but way overpriced both concerning the actual board and very expensive accessories…

With the larger wheels on G2T is it still obviously more absorbent of vibrations on ownboard, or much of a muchness?

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