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– [SXVXN] What’s happening, everybody. My name is SXVXN. Welcome to a brand new video. I’m hoping you guys support this. Myself and Shane who’s my for a dual partner we met up in new life and we went into London llama
hunting for the Fortnite in real life Llama. If you enjoyed today’s vlog. Please
do let us know the comments I’d love to do more crazy stuff like this in the
future. Please drop a like subscribe if you
brand new you know get straight into the video. It’s Shaaaaane! – [Storm] Hey! – [SXVXN] What are you doing? – [Storm] I’m just dancing. (Music) – [SXVXN] By the way.. Ha. Us messing around is hilarious. We’ve had so many good memories playing together. And we’ll be continue to having amazing ones. I’ll need to find a weapon. Us just messing around like that reminds me of something. Remember when we went to London. Remember when we went to London and you couldn’t get through the gate.. because he had a contacted card, but it wasn’t contacted. – [Storm] Don’t remind me.. (Laughs) – [SXVXN] Oh my god I don’t believe literally in 2 o’ clock last night in the morning. We were just like. Let’s go to London and find the Fortnite Llama. – [Storm] Llamas. We love them so much. – [SXVXN] What’s going on like? Is it not working? – [Storm] I don’t know… (laughs) – [SXVXN] I literally had to wait ten minutes for you because you couldn’t get through the gates. – [Storm] Wasn’t my fault. – [SXVXN] Is your bank card even contacted? – [Storm] No. It’s different.
– [Random guy] “It’s coming home.” (Laughs) – [SXVXN] We need to go this way. Where you’re going? – [Storm] I don’t know. I haven’t been here before. – [SXVXN] Let me see if I can find a weapon. I don’t know if I’m going to find a weapon in here. Absolutely, nothing. – [Storm] Yo, dude!
– [SXVXN] I’ve found an AR.
– [SXVXN] Do you remember these stairs? – [SXVXN] Wait, what? – [Storm] They are so pretty. – [SXVXN] I rather walk up these stairs and then these stairs any day versus the ones that we found in London. Right what was it one more at Piccadilly
we’ll go on through the station we thought it would be a mint idea to go
and take the stairs you know a little bit of extra exercise. Little did we know
that it was like a hundred and seventy stairs and like lactic acid buildup in
my legs that I couldn’t walk. It wasn’t that actually found out that we just
asked local people if we knew pretty much every second there’s a train. If we missed this one it’s fine no one of this I think mistakes we made, Shane. Mistakes were made. (mumbles) I see him. I see him. I see him. Alright, we’re gonna push him do because I’m crazy. let’s do it!
– [Storm] I have no weapon. – [SXVXN] SUCIDE! (Guns shots) – [SXVXN] What!! Shane? I’ll drop down here. Drop down here. Go for the revive. Quick, quick, quick. – [Storm] Go, go, go. (Calm music) – [SXVXN] If we die to defaults, Shane. – [Storm] Run, run, run.
– [SXVXN] Build. – [Storm] I have no materials.
– [SXVXN] Haha, sucker! Get build on. He’s dropped down. – [Storm] Tagged him. (Guns fire) – [SXVXN] Got him. Let’s go! Default century.
– [Storm] What was that?
– [SXVXN] I don’t know man so I have no idea where we are or where
we’re going really you’ll think this takes us to Covent Garden, but I have no idea. – [Storm] I’m hoping. – [SXVXN] You’re a bit quiet like. – [Storm] I’m scared.
– [SXVXN] Frightened. – [Storm] Frightened. – [SXVXN] Right. Northern line. I think we go this way to the left. We haven’t even made it to Covent Garden. He’s already struggling to get through
some gateways and we’ve been hit with the it’s coming home by those
two guys down there. “It’s coming home!” (Calm music) ♪ I can hear your voiceeeeeeee! ♪ (Calm music) – [Storm] We’re still on the hunt for the llama, we’ll all lost, frustrated. And hmm. Well, SXVXN did have a friend. a pigeon friend and he’s sat very alone. Hey, SXVXN! – [SXVXN] What? – [Storm] Remember your pigeon friend? (Laughs) – [SXVXN] Yeah. Yeah. That good, old pigeon. (Laughs) – [SXVXN] Shane.. The zone is coming, man. Shane. You’re not a bird. Get down, man. – [Storm] I’m going to fly. – [SXVXN] Nooo. Don’t kill yourself. – [Storm] I just took damage. I took damage. – [SXVXN] The zone is coming man – [Storm] SXVXN is on his phone. – [SXVXN] You found it yet? – [Storm] No no yet. Still having problems. – [SXVXN] Two and
a half hours and we still haven’t found the llama.
We’re like dedicated llama hunters right (Weird noises) And cut.. I see no llamas. – [Storm] No llamas. – [SXVXN] Nope. No Llamas. So the ice-cream truck that we went to see in London. Where we were actually going llama hunt and the reason
we found it and went for it and we tried asking the people inside of there was
because there was a picture originally when will a llama hunting and it showed
in the background an ice cream truck parked right next to where the llama was.
However, it turns out the people inside the truck the boss of the ice cream truck
really didn’t like the idea of cameras so it was quite…
– [Storm] Can I have some Ice-cream, please?
– [SXVXN] awkward Shane. – [SXVXN] Ice-cream! Rift. – [Storm] That scared me then. – [SXVXN] Same, same. Whoo.. We found it. Ah, okay so we came all
this way to find this thing we found a llama finally. – [Storm] My friend. – [SXVXN] You what? – [Storm] My friend. – [SXVXN] What’s it feel like? Is this a fake phone box? This is fake.. – [Storm] No. It’s real one. – [SXVXN] Is it? – [Storm] They just jammed it in. – [SXVXN] It’s got his booty inside. these guys to kick oh yeah no you look
like it though i it just protect them that has to be something to do with it
well there’s the ice cream van that we just you know we had harassed accident
earlier on wasn’t my fault I said this is actually quite a nice little area
though innit – sir wonder where the second alarmers oh he’s well to do that I saw guys were finally
from the alarm we’re gonna help her salmon’s addiction to the llamas most
likely not well he’s gonna be buying a bunch more llamas in the future but for
this big llama what about if we break it wonder what we get out of it do we get
impulses be cool if it did break and we’ll get a bunch of impulses now we
went there with the hope of obviously trying to find something inside of the
llama or maybe something on the llama that could lead back to an in-game clue
but we really couldn’t find anything and security guards knew absolutely nothing
about it or at least they didn’t say anything can’t really see fortunately where’s who
placed the lava here it’s gonna be awesome because everyone’s looking up
man this is so awkward to be fair one of the coolest things I would say about the
whole trip other than I’m she hanging out with you should because that that’s
obviously managed when were when were at the larval we managed to bump into some
funds no they weren’t like oh yeah I know you by the face it was they’d seen
the BCC trolling episode where our titanica featured in it and then they
were like oh yeah you’re the guy who does the crazy builds and they were
really really nice kids and I think they were originally from like San Francisco
or somewhere like that and they were unlike are they traveling around it was
yeah it was my dad I can’t really the exact story but it was so cool to me you
know some genuine fans and then we started messing around going for some
pictures and stuff for Instagram Anna and me and Sharon were kind of like I
know I were both a bit shocked by it but it was awesome at the same time I’m
gonna see follow me let’s go I’ll never see father I’ve got a plan what I’m
gonna do I’m gonna gas grenade the base good people that’s been in the base see fall the
tower so you comes raining down rain in Oh boom see it watch out for the people
over there oh boy I’m gonna get a sniper scars or dude as minis and everything
bro this is crazy dude that was that was clutch mate nice play dude trying to be a security guard man try to
protect you know okay product good one get out the way of anything that could
explode head left hand left hand left had left had left yeah yeah that’s that that’s what I’m
saying let’s lead them into each other bro yeah let’s use them as bait them
into each other you see the buildings back here this uses bones it’s got these
buildings hey I’m again 450 well I get in the high ground right now we’re
getting like a really good view but in after seeing the fans we went yeah we
went to go and see the London Eye and when I went when I was 16 I never
actually managed to go and see it we made it so it was really cool like to
build there you know go and actually test out a bunch of stuff that we’d
never done as well as I’ve seen go hunt for the fortnight llama I mean that was
I mean also Shannon took random pictures with strangers too
it was in the London Eye hey might as well just get in the picture no I don’t
know no we left all the packages down there so we’ve got those guys shooting
at our PG right there straight down that yeah there’s gonna be people all over
the place I once knocked up here yeah most with you I’ll build oh he’s weak like it’s still
gonna be good hey let me just do this one for it above
all he’s literally he’s trapped himself in
here he’s trapped them so the trap doesn’t just pour down at the port oh
yeah nice you got any building resists got none no
I don’t nice we get it GJ a successful mission let’s
go not many kills I don’t know nobody kills to beget I’m a zero kills did I
assist really killing it at marker I assisted every kill and hit marking


Love the video and how you made a perspective of you guys vlogging then telling the story in fortnite. I had no clue there was an actual pinata llama of the loot lama in real life.

I like how you reply to loads of comments it probably makes people’s day and they will know you care about your fans since many youtubers are only doing it for the money but I can see you would probably want to make people happy with your videos

On Twitter you were saying how you were worried if we would like this vid

Bruda don’t be worried it’s sick like everyone

Loved this video bro, something different! Sucks that there wasn’t anything secret on the lama though! 😬

Aye sxvxn we need to play sometime I finally got everything fixed and got a ps4 and it's me bday coming up soon

I wish I was there. Then I could've met you. Love the video. Great work. Still wish I could play with you sometime in the future. The dream may come true, the dream may not come true. I don't know.

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