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Finding The Future • IO HAWK

Finding The Future • IO HAWK

– No way, hold on. I can’t get out of here. What’s happening? (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] This is the IO Hawk. It’s a self-balancing
board that first showcased at CES this year. The company sent us one to check
out and here’s what we got. Inside the box you’ll
find an instruction manual and a warranty card, two wireless keys, a power charger, and the IO Hawk itself. My first impressions
were pretty optimistic. The thing looked awesome, but I was having a hard time riding it. So I asked some coworkers to come out and see if they could figure it out. (yells loudly) – And then over here nope, okay. – You okay? – Yep. – Okay? – Nope. – Now what am I supposed
to do, just go forward? (laughs loudly) Welcome to the future,
it’s very terrifying. – I can’t go forward, I’m stuck. – Oh well, I’m spinning. If the goal is to spin,
I’ve figured that one out. – Alright, got to do this.
That actually is working. – Is this supposed to go fast? – One small step for man, one giant step for Ashley-kind. – I feel like, to really go
forward the way I want to, I just have to look solemn. – Yeah I know you’re mad, I’m mad too. – What the f**k? Stop, stop. – I’m so sad, just the saddest man on this tiny, portable, lateral skateboard. – I feel good, I feel proud
of myself that I was able to make it to the gate and
back without falling off. It probably took me a lot
longer than other people, but hey, I did it. I also feel really old. – The positive is when
you have one of these everyone knows you got money. – I feel really cool, I
feel a little bit connected to today’s youth. Hello youths, I feel connected to you. – If you give it like five minutes, you can learn how to do it. I could see a lot of practical
uses for this in the future. Once it gets to the
price point of like $200, this sh*t is gonna be everywhere. – [Voiceover] There
reviews were pretty mixed, but it seemed like Ashley and Zach were really getting the hang of it. I really wanted to like
it, but I was having a hard time getting used to it. So I challenged myself to ride the IO Hawk for an entire day. I wanted to treat the
test like a normal day. Alright, let’s see if this works. – [Voiceover] Do you want
a cap for that or nope? – No, I want to test because normally I don’t have a cap for it. Yeah, it seems good. Ow, ow. Okay. It started off a bit rough,
there are definitely some obstacles in the office that
I never really thought about. Oh, the bump. Okay, I made it. I made it, I made it. This thing doesn’t know what (board crashes) – [Voiceover] Brandon! – That was not me. The real test came at
lunchtime when people wanted to go out and get some burritos. Alright, that wasn’t so bad. Hi guys, hello. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. White rice, black beans. Got lunch. By the end of the day, the
battery was still going and I felt pretty confident riding around. Overall, I think this
board isn’t for everyone. It’s kinda like learning a skateboard, it takes a lot of time to get good at it. But if you are willing
to put in the effort, it is a really fun way to get around.


Ya know if u have a experience with balance and if u skateboard or something like me the hoverboard is actually really easy, when I got mine I got it in like 3 minutes

It was really hard to go on it bc my friend got 2 and she teaches me, it took me like an hour to get use to it BUT MAN ITS SO FUN

I own one and this guy makes it look so difficult
I took me 15 minutes to be fully comfortable with it

I don't have one and I can't afford one or ask for one until Christmas or my birthday which are 6 MONTHS AWAY! THANKS MUM!

This thingy I am too lazy to type is really easy to ride. It's really fun to. If u ride it for to long ur feet start hurting. Well for me it does. I'm sue lee's daughter

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