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FIRST ON SEA EYE IN TATRA MOUNTAINS (on electric unicycle)

FIRST ON SEA EYE IN TATRA MOUNTAINS (on electric unicycle)

English subtitles are enabled, no worries. Hi! Today we are going to visit Sea Eye, on KingSong and Inmotion. It’s going to rock! “Oh my God, why didn’t we get those?” “Wow, what is it?” It’s awesome! Everyone is jealous, because they are sweating and tired. And we are just… 🙂 I won’t have enough time to get suntanned during this ride 🙂 We are here. Both KingSong and Inmotion did a great job. It took about half an hour, because we were riding leisurely and we were answering all the people questions with patience 🙂 It turned out, we were the major tourist attraction, better even than droshkys. We have reached the Sea Eye on a single charge. Now we are going downhill, and the wheels are charging themselves! And we are already back 🙂 Riding downhill was outstanding! Really! I felt like I was flying. Which is fantastic! The wheels are charging themselves! I don’t need anything more!!! Riding uphill took ~30 min, but the downhill only about 20-22 min, because there weren’t any more questions. People were just impressed we are already riding downhill, when they haven’t finished walking uphill yet 🙂 The Sea Eye is a fantastic tourist attraction. You HAVE TO try do the same with your unicycle! Just remember to get a device with a proper range, because you will need it! Special thanks to the “Ciupaga” Highlander Band! Bonus: selected people reactions. There were too many to put them all into this video. “I’m so jealous” “Look what they’ve got!” “They beat the system” “What are these?” “How cool is that?” “Now we’re talking!” “Look! I’d like to try this out, too!” “Watch out for the speed camera!” “This kind of stuff, YEEEES!”


Yep, it's completely effortless for trips like these. Since buying one (well I own 5 now) I have no regrets.

That is a beautiful area for EUC riding! You demonstrated very effectively how much fun it is! I enjoyed the reactions of the people when you rode by! KS14D looks like a great wheel!

I've never seen so much "km" and KPH talk before until i decided to get an electric unicycle (KS 16S), trying to learn the european lingo, i'm in florida 🙂 great vids justyna !

Super filmik, świetny filmik i doskonała reklama dla tego typu sprzętu, faktycznie kółka świetnie sprawdzają się na takiej trasie.
Coraz bardziej mam ochotę na zakup takiego sprzętu, łapka w górę 😉


Please wear safety gear (at least a helmet), it not only protects you, but it is a good example for new buyers that they should wear them, too. Otherwise they say "why should I wear safety gears, that beautiful girl in the video also does not wear them'".

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