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First time on an electric hover board Ep.11

First time on an electric hover board Ep.11

Today has been the perfect Sunday so far I’ve been for a long run this morning and hung out with my girlfriend Jude I’ve caught up with a bit of work, and now I’m off to meet a guy called Jan Jan is really into his electric hover boards I got speaking with Jan over Instagram He said to me…if I give me a go on our electric Jet boards… which look a little bit like this… …then he’d be happy to take me out on his electri hover boards! now I’ve wanted to try one of these for ages So I’m super excited to try one I’m heading into the city now in Nottingham and one of the reasons for my love for these electric hover boards is because I absolutely adore my electric scooter I use it for all local journies, and I think small electric personal vehicles are the future of solving our transport problems in cities this was one of the reasons we developed our electric jet boards because we believe they will help being a new way to move on water I can’t wait to try out the electric hover board, so let’s go and meet Jan and see how I get on We’re meeting in the Arboritum, because apparently these hover boards are amazing at going off road so this should be the perfect location I’m just looking for the band stand that’s our meeting spot I don’t think this is a band stand you can either go round and then right..
Is it over that way? You can go either way round, you won’t miss it. OK Awesome, over that way, brilliant, thanks I think this looks more like the band stand You must be Jan?
Yeah, how you doing? Great to meet you…look at this, this is amazing! Yeah I covered this one in denim recently Coool! If I hold onto you, is that ok, I know we’ve only just met. Please do, I’ll stay here If you want to reach out and grab me turn your upper body towards the left keep your body stiff and twist against there’s a bit of a hill there maybe you want to just get going a little bit steer a bit easier I’ve still got the wobbles thought, haven’t I? Yeah it’s quite normal
I need to get rid of this wobble to the power, it will chuck you off we’re slow, we’re on grass…and you’re doing amazing! This is so much fun, I absolutely love this this is powerful though, bit of a death trap too! I feel safer on soft grass hey, nice scooter! that was so much fun that was incredible so, so much fun thank you Jan for taking me out and awesome to meet you time to get home and have some dinner now

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Awesome to meet you too man. You looked badass. Knew you'd love it. Let's meet up soon and maybe you can join us on a group ride and perhaps make a short film of our group riding? Love this film. My gf did too

PS it's a onewheel. People take offence to the hoverboard term for these things. Check out my insta @redboyjan for much more videos than is on my youtube

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