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(flame blows) – Oh! Oh my gosh! What the heck! – What’s up guys? We’re back. With another awesome video. So if you haven’t seen in
the Coke & Mentos video where we exploded a pumpkin. Carter and Liz got to carve pumpkins and you guys voted which one was best? Carter thinks he won. – Yeah of course. Of course I won guys. – Either Carter or Liz won guys but they were both pretty cool. You gotta check it out if you haven’t checked out our video. But today I was like, you know what? I was kinda sad because I was so tired I
couldn’t carve a pumpkin. But now I bought a pumpkin. So today I’m gonna carve a pumpkin. And Carter’s gonna show
you how to make the pumpkin a little bit more than
just your average pumpkin that just glows a candle. So Carter. What are we gonna do with this pumpkin? – We’re gonna step it up a notch. And we have something a little bit brighter and little bit hotter than just a little candle. Guys we are going to make a Flamethrower. – Flamethrowing pumpkin! Oooh! – And we’re gonna stick
that inside our pumpkin. And we’re gonna carve it. And it’s gonna blow flames. It’s gonna be a fire
breathing pumpkin guys. – Fire breathing pumpkin! So epic! – And on top of that, it’s gonna be remote controlled. Guys this is gonna be the most epic, scariest, dangerous– – Pumpkin that you’ve
that you’ll ever see! – Just the craziest pumpkin of all time! – Trick or treat! (blows hard) (laughs) Oh man I’m so excited. – Yeah but guys. Stay tuned if you guys
wanna know how to do this. ‘Cause we’re gonna show
you all the stuff you need and exactly how to put this together. – Oh yeah! Okay let’s go. I’m getting excited, I’m getting excited. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. It’s so warm out by the way. I absolutely love it. – Hang on guys. So I got something to show you guys. This is pretty cool. We got this guy. (loud clacks) – Ah! – You see that?
– Oh my gosh! This is a taser. How many volts is that? – It says this is a 120,000 volt taser. – 120,000 volts. Could you imagine that
going through your body? (loud clacks) Oh! Get that away from me! You can see the electricity going across. – We have a little project. I’m not gonna show you
just everything yet. I’m just gonna show you part of it. So what do we have with this? With these nails (loud clacks) and taser. What does this do guys? – [Stephen] That’s scary. – Stay tuned in our next video and find out what exactly this part is. But it is very explosive. I’ll tell you that. – Oh yeah the video’s gonna be fun. Could you imagine that? Taser and something? Oh! So I would highly suggest if you’re
not subscribed right now, to subscribe because that next video is going
to be epic as well. So we’re at CVS right now ’cause Carter says that’s where you get the better hair spray that you need. Because you get kinda the knock off brand then it actually works better. – Yep. – So. Let’s check it out. I love how that said pull and I pushed and it still worked. (laughs) (high speed chatter) Is that hair spray? Oh! That’s a dollar hair spray. – [Carter] White Rain. – [Stephen] White Rain hair spray. That looks good. – [Carter] Doesn’t have
the good nozzle though. – [Stephen] Oh. (sprays) – [Carter] Look at the spray though. – [Stephen] Oh yeah. We’re comparing the two brands and figuring out which one’s most flammable. How safe? Which hair spray is most flammable? Why would any hair spray be flammable? But. – This has got a good warning on that. – Yeah. It’s got a good flammable warning. So this hair spray is danger. Flammable! Which is exactly what we want. Holler at this one. Aqua Net. Okay so we found the
travel size hair sprays and it turns out it looks like it actually
might work better. We tested the spray in the store and it’s like spraying so much better. So this could really work. – Alright guys. This little one is the ticket. This one’s got the ingredients. And it says right there. Extremely Flammable. – [Stephen] That’s exactly what we need. – [Carter] It’s small, compact. – [Stephen] Extremely Flammable. – [Carter] So we can fit
this in any size pumpkin. And it also sprays extra far. – Yes! Now we’re just waiting for someone to check out. Where is everybody? – [Carter] Like seriously. No one in sight. What is going on? – [Stephen] Seriously where is everybody? Hello? – [Carter] There she is. – [Stephen] Awesome. Thank you. Dude coupons for hair spray? – [Carter] Body wash. Oh! Tampons! – [Stephen] 25% off tampons. Just what I need. – We just got back from CVS. We got this green one. We got a little purple
one and a big purple ones. We got three different types. Before we get started on the build, we’re just gonna test
them out and see which one sprays the best. – By the way, we’re gonna test everything. And in the description below, we’re just gonna post
the best of the best. So where you can find the best hair spray. Where you can get the
best flames and candles and stuff like that. So you guys don’t have to worry about, “Oh which one are they using?” So it’ll be in the description below. Cool. Shout out if you guys have ever seen one of these things before. Oh my gosh, it loves the camera. It wants to be on camera. Say hi to YouTube. – [Carter] Oh my gosh. – [Stephen] It loves YouTube. – [Carter] He’s saying hi. – [Stephen] Saying hi,
okay you’re scaring me. (laughs) – We got the little torch. This is just gonna be
our flame source for now. – [Stephen] Oooh! – So we got a little flame. And we’ll set that up. We test the big purple one first. All we’re gonna do is
spray it into the flame. This is dangerous guys. This is where you guys wanna be careful. You probably wanna wear a glove. But we’re just gonna test this real quick. Since we’ve done this before. (spray hisses) – [Stephen] Ooh wow. (flame blows) Oh! (flame blows) Oh wow wow wow wow wow! – So that’s a good little
flame, I would say. Decent, I’m not impressed. I’m hoping maybe this one will be better. So this is the green one. Let’s give this one a try. (flame blows) Whoa. – [Stephen] Whoa! (flame blows) Oh my gosh! (flame blows) – That one’s pretty good. Okay. So we got the little purple one. It’s little guy but I
think it’s gonna pack a good punch. So let’s give this one a go. I’m hoping this is the best one. – [Stephen] Me too. That’s– – Whoa! – [Stephen] Whoa! (flame blows) Oh my gosh! Whoa! It’s gonna burn the plants on fire. – Alright. – [Stephen] Oh my gosh! That’s sick. – It might be the smallest
one but this little guy packs the punch. And I had a feeling he
was gonna be the best. so we got two. – [Stephen] Oh yeah! – So we got twice the power because he is so small. Alright so. Let’s get to work on actually
building this flamethrower. – Okay so I got my pumpkin. Look how big this baby is. Now it’s time to get carving. So I got my awesome knife! I feel like a killer with this. (blows hard) Yeah. Now okay. So to carve a pumpkin,
it’s actually super simple. You just literally stick it in and go. (knocks) Yes! Oh yeah. Whoo! Got her open. No I’m just kidding. This is nasty. Now I just gotta carve
the inside of her out. Got my pumpkin carved. Take a look at it. Oh yeah! Nice and clean on the inside. I am proud of myself thank you very much. So now it’s time for
me to carve a face in. Oh! Carter is here with his contraption of how we’re
gonna make this thing blow flames. – Alright guys. So starting with the hardware component. We have the micro
controller, the blue piece. We have the radio frequency chip. This is what sends and receives. This is what makes it wireless. And we have our battery pack. And then we have our servo. We got this spray paint handle. You get this at Home Depot. Get it a lot of places. We’ll add the link below. Check out where you guys can get this. And what this does, this servo spins backwards. Pulls the handle. Sprays the hair spray. So then let’s plug this piece in. – [Stephen] Oh! – – [Carter] And everything is
working, it’s communicating. So now you got the joystick. And… (mechanical whir) – Technical difficulties. Hang tight one second. (sprays) – [Stephen] Oh yeah. – Yep. So then you just move the joystick to make the flamethrower go. All we need guys? Is a candle. – So if you guys are a
little confused right now on what all kinda parts you need. I’m confused too so let me
just give you a little rundown. So all that you need so far is just a pumpkin, a hair spray can, and then we’re using this,
which goes on top of the can. The link is in the description. They’re like $3 on Amazon. You hook it up and you
have this to spray from versus pushing on the handle itself. So if you wanted to, what you would do is you put this all together. And you go behind the
pumpkin and you’d spray it. (blows) That way you’re not inside the pumpkin trying to go like that. So Carter just came up with a cool idea or cool design or whatever. He made a remote control
way of doing this. So we don’t even have to
be close to the pumpkin and do it. But I know that I could
never do that on my own. So for you guys, just get one of these
things if you wanna do it. It’s so much easier. So we put our contraption
inside the pumpkin. And now we’re just
measuring where we need to place and cut the hole. We got our pumpkin all set. So take a look at this baby. It’s all carved out. Look at that huge mouth. I love it. And the eyes are sick. That’s where it’s gonna blow the flame. That’s so big. I love it. – – [Carter] We’re gonna
show you the secret sauce on the inside. Are you guys ready for this? – [Stephen] Okay so
let’s open this baby up. – [Carter] So inside we have
that flamethrower handle that we showed you before. The servo on the back. And then we have back out here. We cut a little hole. – [Stephen] So you have
to cut a little butthole. For the wires. – [Carter] Yeah. And this is the radio module that I made. And then the only other piece you need is the controller guys. If you guys know about. Or do we know? You guys can make this. I can include an instructable, step by step how to make
all these components and put this together. Just comment below if
you guys are interested. And I could easily whip one up real quick and post it online. Include the code, all the pieces, very
detailed step by step. But comment below and
let me know if you guys are even interested in this. – [Stephen] So then the last step we need and I didn’t show you guys is in here we have two
little birthday candles that I put in there. And we’re gonna light those
and that’s just enough flame. And if you look inside,
you can see the hair spray. So it’s gonna blow on those candles and it’s gonna… (blows hard) out the mouth. Alright let’s give this baby a go. Gonna light the mouth. – [Carter] These are the pilot flames. – [Stephen] Oh yeah. – [Carter] These are like the
little flames that you see on the front of the flamethrowers. Like the real ones. Alright. Three two one. (blows hard) – [Stephen] Ahhhh! – [Carter] There it goes. – [Stephen] Oh my gosh! That’s sick! (laughs) Holy moly! Oh my gosh! – [Carter] Alright. All the trick or treaters
coming to this house are going to see this. – [Stephen] Oh my gosh. – Guys. They’re gonna be coming up. I’m gonna be hidden inside
looking out the window. I could be anywhere. This goes far. And all I gotta do is
push the button and… (flame blows) – Ah! Guys don’t come trick
or treating at our house because you will be
scared out of your mind. That’s so insane I love it! Alright guys. We’re placing the pumpkin
on the front porch. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a little prank on our mom. We’re gonna tell her that Otter’s outside and that she needs to go get him. So she comes out the front
door when she calls him. So she’ll come out the front door. She’ll probably walk about
to like here or something. And she’ll be calling Otter. And she’ll be looking down the hill ’cause he’s always down there. And as she looks, we’re
gonna make this thing go off. And we’re gonna get her reaction. I’m sure she’s gonna freak. ‘Cause she’s gonna be like, “What is this flame coming?” Like that’s so random. She’s probably never
even thought of a pumpkin blowing out flames. This is gonna be so awesome. Okay guys. I set up the camera. I’m gonna go hide. Carter’s over there. He’s gonna do the little remote control. And my mom’s coming out to look for Otter. So here we go. Good luck! – Otter! (whistles) Come on baby! Where are ya? (whistles) Otter? – She’s looking for me.
(flame blows) – Oh! Oh my gosh! What the heck! Oh my gosh! (laughs) – Mom I’m kidding! That was our pumpkin. Ah! – What the heck! – We made a flamethrowing pumpkin. – Its so good! – Isn’t good?
– Oh my gosh! How’d you do that? – Isn’t that sick?
– Oh it’s so crazy! Scared the living– Ah! That’s awesome! Wow! – Props! Yeah get ready for your
trick or treaters huh? – Trick or treaters beware! It looks a little dangerous. (flame blows) – [Stephen] Ah! Your trick or treaters will love it. Yeah. (laughs) Alright guys. Well I hope you liked that little video. That is how you make a
flamethrowing pumpkin. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up. Hopefully you did. Make sure to subscribe because
we have so many cool videos coming out. So you gotta stay tuned. And I guess my mom’s leaving. She doesn’t care about us. – I’m looking for Otter! – Oh yeah. Oh Otter’s up in my room by the way. (laughs) – Why didn’t you tell me about. – Sorry I’ve been hiding
him for past like two hours. – I’ll go get him.
– Ah! Alright guys. Until next time, stay awesome and share the love. – Happy Halloween! – Happy Halloween.


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