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what’s up everybody today we’re going to make this Nerf Gun shoot fireballs and we’re going to show you how it’s done to get your Nerf Gun to shoot fireballs you’re going to need two things steel wool and a nine volt battery you can go to home depot or you can check the link below in order through amazon before anything we’re gonna test it out to show you guys how it works, if it works, and if we run into any problems. Carter what the heck is steel wool steel? Steel wool is something you get Home Depot or a hardware store and all it is it looks like cotton balls but it’s actually made of metal it’s like tiny little strange that’s all it is it’s super safe and made for polishing things so let’s cut off a small piece perfect size for our test so to get turn this into a fireball all you need is a battery before we put these two together and make a fire ball and do our first test we got a metal tray just in case it blows up into a huge flame okay without further ado we should be able to touch the battery on there and this should catch on fire let’s try it wow oh my gosh it works oh whoa Carter that is crazy! battery plus the whole kaboom that was lit literally now that we know that work is time to turn these Nerf Darts into insane flaming fireball bullets! These are the regular starts and this is the supercharged flaming nerf dart let’s make one more i’ll show you guys how to do it grab your Nerf Dart that you want to supercharge get a small piece of steel wool and a small piece of duct tape that’s all you need. wrap the steel wall around the end of the Nerf Dart. secure it into place with a small piece of duct tape and that’s how you turn a regular nerf dart into a supercharged flaming Nerf Dart. The next step is to supercharge your nerf gun using a 9-volt to ignite the flaming fire darts we need two small pieces of wire this is from the amazon, link in the description below if you don’t have wire, you can just use paper clips. Grab your wire strippers, strip the end of each wire at one end of each wire bend it to make a loop place the loop on the small side of the battery use a small piece of tape to secure it in place make a little bit larger loop for the end of this wire tape up this side of the battery to hold it in place. Now that we have our battery is time to supercharge the Nerf Gun. Use a small piece of duct tape to tape the 9-volt onto your gun oh yeah this is what I’m talking about we are almost done rip two more small pieces of tape. tape the wires into place like this do the same thing on the other side. Before you load your bullet bend the ignition wires out next get your supercharged flaming dart are and very carefully insert it into the gun and make sure that the ignition wires do not touch the steel wool. We highly recommend you do this outside. Three flaming fire nerf darts supercharged Nerf Gun. Let’s go outside and shoot some fire balls. Before we shoot bend the ignition wires over top the steel wool. This will light the steel wool as the bullet comes flying out get ready for launch launching the fire ball nerf dart in 3,2,1 wow that was sick oh my gosh Carter that’s so sick yes! So if you’re wondering why it’s dark out is because card and I have to go get haircut after our first shot I got a little trim, Carter did to. We basically got the same type of haircut do you like comment if you guys like that anyways it’s a lot darker now so you should be able to see these fire flaming darts much much much easier so we are locked and loaded let’s load up the nerf gun. No, we’re locked and loaded we’re locked and loaded we’re locked and loaded let’s fire this nerf gun! So Carter is gonna shoot it up nice and high so we get a nice sprinkle of flames coming down Carter, you ready? Locked and loaded ready to go alright I’m going to run out here into the yard to get a good shot whoo let’s do this nerf gun here we go alright Carter, let’s do this. Fireing in 3,2,1… oh wow whoa yeah that’s sick alright carter send me another one let’s do this 3,2,1… what who yeah whoa that was sick let’s do it again Carter wha whoa that’s sick is it? oh my!, I think the bullets on fire bullet is still on fire! Nerf Bullet is still on fire! I must stomp it out to So those Flaming Nerf Darts were incredibly awesome and totally insane we’re going to step it up a notch. Carter what are we up to we’re gonna make some floating air grenades! Air grenades what what’s that no need to explain let me show you pouring the secret ingredient and right now we’re doing a little test are doing some science test whoa that is very explosive that it’s there oh my gosh that’s really cool like crack the glass yikes but see that flame coming out we’re going to capture that gas and put it in a balloon and make an air grenade we’re gonna fill the balloon with this want to catch all the gas alright here we go there goes the balloon boy she’s filling up quick. oh yeah whoo here’s our first air grenade. We’re going to a quick test of the blowtorch that was awesome let’s make it even bigger! nice and now we got ourselves another air grenade this is not a regular balloon you want to find your birthday party this is an Air Grenade! let’s put the torch on it and see what happens you ready Steve? I’m ready I in 3,2,1… yeah that was insane oh my gosh that was a quote that was awesome i get in my face whoa well that aired art was insane the next step is to hit it with a nerf gun but we’re kind of running out of time so before we completely run out of time we got one more insane thing for you let’s see what Carter is cooking up Carter explain what we have going on here we have our cannon are taser cannon and Carter what exactly were doing for the grand finale of this vid? Remember the fireball fire date we did for the nerf gun in this video in the start of this vlog? oh yeah show a picture here well we use about this much steel wool so i made this huge piece right here this is all steel wool it’s like half the pack now we’re gonna shoot this out of the big cannon and it’s going to be a giant fireball same guys it’s going to be epic! Carter, you ready? He is way down there you guys are going to see it oh wow that was not satisfying we have got to step it up a notch Carter let’s do that again that first time was not satisfying! Let do it Carter! Three two one whoa whoa whoa that was sick totally insane right but we have one more for you a super grand finale we have loaded up with even more than the first time we showed you guys this is hopefully going to be the sickest taser cannon you’ve ever seen let’s launch it you’re ready Carter almost all right Carter I’m ready let’s do this whoo okay three what whoa wow that is so sick yeah oh yeah oh no, the trees on fire, the trees on fire! poor little thing it’s burning it’s ok it will drop-down Carter is the fire going to drop down? oh no, the tree is on fire! oh thank goodness is burning out Flamethrower Nerf Gun, exploding air grenades, and potato cannon, and trees on fire! WOW! that video was insane! That was so much fun guys. I had so much filming this for you. 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