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Foam cutter – How to make it the easy way!

Foam cutter – How to make it the easy way!

in today’s video I challenge myself to
the quickest possible build of a full-size full-featured foam cutting
table with randoms source from around the shed all in under 20 minutes we’ve
got another build but a quick build also cat video 3 is coming sometime soon
but today is a practical build what practical yes that’s right serious
serious build no around this is gonna save you time and money and energy and
carbon you’re gonna you’re gonna get all the carbon this project is basically the
result of me needing to build this anyway and I thought if I’m gonna be
building things some eyes I’ll be sharing it with you guys hmm so farewell
back when I was planning to build the cooler drink how do I be doing lots of
work with foam for that video and probably others in the future because
foam is pretty handy you can shape it and sand it and throw stuff at it and
just talk to it about your feelings and stuff so I figured building a foam table
cutter would be pretty handy looking into it you can buy them but they’re
about $600 then I remembered I’d seen some videos online where people have
made their own the king of random has a popular video on the topic as well as
some other channels and they’re all great builds you should check them out
but they’re pretty involved designs and I didn’t want to spend days making that
when I had to spend a lot of time making a ridiculous flying cooler so the
challenge build something that costs less or nothing is possibly more
versatile than the ones I’ve seen online and something that could be made in
under 20 minutes challenge accepted and you know it’s gonna be eternity one
style always keep in mind with my videos I have no formal training in electronics
or electrical stuff or engineering for that matter so take what I say with a
grain of salt and let’s go build some things right so the first ingredient
well I figured that would be a table seeing it’s a table foam cutter a big
table as needed so I could slide some full-sized sheets of foam across it when
you have your table ready maybe check under it just to make sure
that it’s a table under there as well yep good top and bottom table
consistency here so years ago I grabbed this old shop display fixture that was
being shucked out because it was full of some handy aluminium squared Shoob it
had these corner connectors that came with it and I’m gonna make use of them
to looking further into this for this video it looks like this is some kind of
standard system for snapping bits of aluminium together which is interesting
but it seems a little pricy considering it’s fairly flimsy so if you haven’t
been been diving at your local supermarket lately you might want to
improvise something else but only use these just because this is gonna be a
lot quicker within the plastic connectors I’ve
grabbed the closest thing to a right angle that I could find and I’ve
hammered that into the end of the tube and then I’ve also shoved another
connector into the other end of the tube just for a bit more strength now we need
to find a square piece of conductive metal that will fit snugly around this
square tube that’s too small that’s about the same size that’s way too big
no that’s round that’s a tailpipe but just when I
thought I was out of options then I noticed the Shedd roller door track fits
perfectly around it I’m not quite ready to pull this shut down just yet for
material you know I still have to fix the central door locking in my car
but luckily I’m a material hoarder and I have a fair bit left over from the shed
build with your set square measure and mark yourself a short bit and then cut
that off you’re then going to want to file all the edges of this piece of
metal especially on the inside now with the arm you whipped up earlier you just
put that against the edge of the table then grab yourself an F clamp and clamp
it on you can probably see now if I try to clamp this without the plastic
fitting in the end it would just crush the aluminium flat this next bit is
importance get yourself a hacksaw and chop away any
little bits of bird aluminium out of the corner so each section of tube doesn’t
have contact with the other piece we now have ourselves a hot wire arm with a
pretty decent reach I would say on par with a professional unit and the slider
we made fits and skates along the tube quite nicely a right grab yourself a
straightedge that you can use to square against the clamp done using that as a
guide I’ve then marked the table under the end of the arm with your drill and a
small drill bit we’re going to drill ourselves a hole in the middle of the
table you know if you’re using your dining
room table and you haven’t asked your parents or wife’s permission they’re
probably not gonna notice it’s a small hole in the old box of random electrical
wire I’ve got myself some figure eight cable which should do nicely you want to
use something that’s fairly thick like this you’re also gonna need a small
extension spring I didn’t really have anything that was small but I found the
cable relief on a headphone jack was perfect plus it was shiny and you know
how I love shiny with your spring if you don’t have any loops in the end you’re
gonna need to bend some in it so it can actually be hooked onto stuff I have now
gone and put a hole through my slider now this actually worked out pretty well
for me because this roller door track has this folded and lip on it if you’re
not working with material like this you’re gonna need to work around it
somehow I don’t really know how maybe just don’t cut fine what the first place
I solve all the problems holy grab yourself a little pan head self tapper
or tech screw pre screw that in so you cut yourself a nice little thread then
pull it out and you can mount the spring onto this slider we’ve now got ourselves
a piece of roller door scrap with a screw in the side and a broken bit of
headphone connected dangling off it it’s been a good day in the Turner shed so
far a good day it appropriately filed away in the old wire and cable box I
have myself a spindle of nichrome wire this stuff’s pretty cheap it’s made as
resistance wire so it basically gets hot when current passes through it it’s made
of a mix of Chrome and Nickelodeon or nickel only I forget now and spoil
yourself a bit of this wire and we’re gonna thread that through our table hole
then you just need to kick your tripod and then twist the wire onto the loop of
the spring waiting now get the figure-eight cable from earlier and
split that into two separate wires you’re gonna need to grab yourself a
terminal like so and then I want to crimp that onto the end of the cable if
you don’t have these terminals you can just strip the wire back even further
and twist it into a loop and will do the job then under the table drill another
show hole next to the first one but you don’t
need to go all the way through if you do you’re probably pushing your luck and
your parents or wife are most likely gonna notice using a very short self
tapper I’ve then screwed that terminal down to the table or up some under it
you know you get it I’ll flip this shot so it makes more sense or or less sense
Kristen will fix this up and then attach your nichrome wire with the other bit of
figure 8 cable I’ve measured this out to reach the top corner of the arm cut it
and then I’ve slapped on another crimp terminal just to be clear this is the
other way and not the other end of the wire we just attached under the table
different wire different wire wire then screw that terminal into the top section
of the arm here’s a 90 degree angle okay just waiting on the screw to go in maybe
grab yourself a coffee oh there we go again once the thread is pre tapped then
take the screw out and put the terminal underneath on the other end of the
figure-eight cable strip this back white bar then with an old car battery that
you have in storage which you should have started doing by now if you’ve
watched any of my past videos grab that and put it under the table you can also
use a kid’s bike or screw to battery if you have one on hand now if you want to
connect these wires to a large car battery without using proper battery
terminals just get a couple of cheapo plastic clamps and clamp the wires
straight on as you may have noticed I didn’t worry about wiring a switch into
this unit simply because that’ll be extra time and effort which I don’t have
so be aware as soon as you connect this to the battery your hot wire should be
up and cranking and light lightsaber the chip out of anything that comes in
contact with it now you can also see the beauty of this slide connector here the
whole top section of the tube is energized so then you can slide the
bracket to any place to adjust the angle of the wire and when you let it go it
just grips itself into place for achieving some more extreme angles just
loosen the table clamp off a bit and lay the entire arm over finally using a set
square I’ve set the hot wire nice and straight and we’re really give it a test
alright that works reasonably well only thing is why isn’t as hot as I want
it probably partly because the length of the resistance wire however I’ve also
realized the spring itself is acting as a resistor which is an unnecessary waste
of energy a bit like building a cooler drone to work around this I tested by
passing the spring with a bit of scrap wire which was perfect and now runs nice
and hot but also with every problem is an opportunity or a YouTube video in
putting a piece of wire in permanently I had the idea that if I used an alligator
clip then I’ll be able to slide it up and down which will vary the resistance
and in turn gives us a simple but effective heat controller all without
having to do lots of wiring and thinking and like that slide it all the way down
and it cranks up the heat slide it back up and the wire runs
cooler beautiful she’s cutting through thick chunks now Huracan foam is on a
dinner menu tonight the only other small problem I had to
resolve was a wire burning through the table you know that always sucks so I
just chucked a glass fuse under the wire to try and insulate it a bit which seems
to have done the trick quite nicely sorry how do you switched the unit on
and off if you weren’t ooh you could make yourself a foot controller or
something or you can just do what I do in the end how does our crudely whipped
up foam table cutter perform oh yeah that’s some nice foam cutting if you’re
wondering cutting this is even more satisfying than it looks
if you build this for no other reason just to randomly swivel cut up some bits
of foam at some time well spent but if he’s still doubtful about the quality of
such a doggedly crafted machine you know the cooler drone bill worked out pretty
sweet and that had some complex angles and stuff in there thank you heaps for
watching and Cheers guys for all the support lately that it’s come through on
my videos and in the comments it keeps me going making these ridiculous things
my name is Craig Turner YouTube channel he’s turned 81 subscribe and click the
bell because my videos are sporadic so you actually need that so you get
notifications and perhaps check out my patreon if you
might be able to help out on there that would be great too and I’ll catch you in
the next video


Thanks heaps for the support everyone! What do you think? Should continue to throw some “practical” builds into the mix now & then? I am also still planning on some more “catch up/ update videos” plus some other (fairly random) non-build comedy videos. I guess I am mostly going to make vids that my brain tells me but I am always curious to hear what people get out of this channel. Cheers guys!

Bs. Take a piece of old electrical wire, strip, unravel and end up with a piece resistance wire. Create a jig with leftover cardboard. Ad a 9 volt block battery, and your done. Whatever.

Okay, I've gotten past the two cat videos and have moved on to this video for building a hot wire machine to cut expanded polystyrene foam. After drilling a hole in the middle of your parents dining room table it seems a little "out there" to risk getting thrown out of a free room and board living situation to only get a hot wire to cut foam with.

Perhaps you could improvise this hot wire in the middle of the dining room table to also cut meat and meat byproducts such as balogna. The added benefit of this is so obvious, I can't believe that you didn't already have this completed, or at least partially completed. The obvious added benefit is: As you slice the balogna with the hot wire, you're converting a plain old piece of cold meat byproduct into a delicious, hot dinner entree… Grilled hot balogna sandwiches. You can control the degree of cooking temperature of each slice by slicing faster for rare, and slower for well done. What more could your guests expect? Cooked-to-order meat, cooked and prepared right there at the dinner table.

I know, it's NOT like a Japanese restaurant that chops up food with razor sharp knives and flips it around in the air landing in perfect alignment on your dinner plate. But look how much money you've saved by staying home to entertain and feed your dinner guests.

COOL NOW i got go buy 💲some resistant wire Light gauge – ( fuse wire) as the owner changed the fuse box 5 years ago no wire about 🙂 👍
12.volt hey ? wonder if a 12.volt charger of a printer will work i have a few i found ill try it 🙂 mite make a robot cosplay thingy if i remember

never seen your vids before.. was loking up basically how to make a cutter using an old PC power (you didnt do that) .. BUT I found your video kinda funny, playful like .. and this is why im now subscribed to your channel .

cheers and have a good one

I was trying to get it to work for hours but i forgot to kick my tripod then i did that and it worked

good video, but i dont understand why the video was upside down, apart from a vew seconds around 7 minutes or so. greetings from germany

💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😆😫😫😆😆😫😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆💀🤫S s as. Ss a. S. Ausssdk d🤫🍬🤫Sqq😔😔🍬😔😔😔😔😔💀💀🤫🍬💀💀💀💀💀

Be careful with the foam fumes when cutting. On some other video they were saying that fumes can be very toxic long term.

(O.O) When he said it was going to be super quick built, I didn´t expect to be that quick.
However, I'll be installing a switch, otherwise, I will burn myself pretty often. XD

You should add subtitles for those of us that speak American English. (just kidding!) – Thanks for this video, I need to cut some foam inserts for some Pelican cases, and I think this will work great. 🙂

A serious build with no fucking around??? I mean it IS one of your videos, right??? The guy who brought us pissing back on pissing cats? Loved that one btw!!!

Great stuff. Love the humor. Laughed so much at a video of yours this morning that I'm here again this evening and subscribed.

I used fuse wire susptned with a heavy load tied to the bottom of the wire, connected + and – from the batterry, then slid the 50 mm polystyrene along,,, just a length of fuse wire suspended from anything in free air and a load at the other end,,,, worked fine, the bottom end of the wire is pendulating, but with the right weight and a slow motion of the polystyrene,,, I got nice straight cuts.

How spring acts as an resistor? and how scrolling the wire changes the resistance…plz explain, I'm new to this and I've searched the whole web……i couldn't find the answer.

Love your videos
I look specifically for the kind of stuff you build came across your channel. Brilliant, funny, right to point.

Thanks! I needed that. 😆The laughs, not the cutter. Actually I can find use for the cutter to but for now,😆😆😆😆😆😆

You're insane… That being said, I love what you do! Just found your channel. Randomly. Awesome. You've got a new subscriber and possible supporter.

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