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For Honor’s Rough Launch + Mass Effect Not Open World + Harrison Ford’s Plane Disaster – The Know

For Honor’s Rough Launch + Mass Effect Not Open World + Harrison Ford’s Plane Disaster – The Know

Shout out to our sponsor, Movement Watches. Get multiple watches in one with bands you can switch out for a whole new look because who needs to buy a
whole new watch for every occasion? Get 15% off your entire purchase at (Intro sound) Welcome to The Know, I’m Ashley Jenkins. As you’d expect from a game that is entirely online for both single player and multiplayer, For Honor lauched yesterday with a handful of connectivity issues. Players have filled up Ubisoft’s forums with a number of complaints about the game mostly due to network problems
or matchmaking failures. One of the weirder issues is that the game simply doesn’t seem to like when players of different regions try and get together. It boots them all out of the game. How’s that for a global gaming audience? Thankfully, Ubisoft has posted a guide to get around some of the issues on their forums and this should help fix
quite a few PC issues in particular plus some workarounds for specific error codes and
what they mean. As for that really weird
players-from-multiple-regions glitch, well, for now Ubisoft says don’t play with people from other regions. So, take that, multiculturalism. There were rumors everywhere last month that Horizon Zero Dawn’s story had been leaked by a mock reviewer. And now, well, you may accidentally find out if those are true a little bit earlier than anticipated. It looks like Horizon Zero Dawn’s street date has been broken by some retailers with users posting on Neogaf that they already have their hands on copies of the final game. So. Do yourself a favor.
Stay out of the early impressions threads if you wanna stay spoiler free. It’s risky out there. In other Horizon Zero Dawn news, Sony is already talking up the franchise potential of the new game. Speaking in an interview with MCV UK, Sony Interactive Entertainment product manager
John Edwards, said, “Nothing has been announced to date but I think there’s a lot of potential for this to be an exciting new franchise for us – we’ll just have to wait and see.” He also added that the company
sees main character Aloy as “a Playstation icon of the future”. Now there’s certainly a lot of confidence there and considering the game is gonna get its reviews next week, which is more that a week ahead of the game’s February 28th launch, Sony certainly expecting a hit. And they’re confident that everyone’s gonna say nice things about it. We’ve got Breath Of The Wild
coming out in just a few weeks as well. It’s really close. It’s like 2 and a half weeks away. That’s very close considering
how long we’ve been waiting. But Nintendo is already hinting about
more Zelda games to come. And thanks to the Switch’s handheld capabilities, we might even see a 2D Zelda come to the new system. These comments came to light in an interview between Game Informer and Zelda lead Eiji Aonuma who said that the 3DS Zelda team could be making new Zelda games for the Switch as well. And considering how great the
3DS Zelda games have been, like Link Between Worlds, pretty awesome! That’s exciting. Now, when asked if the 3DS team could assist in development on the next game in the series to keep development from taking too long, Aonuma said, “The 3DS team and the Wii U team have different approaches to game development, so I don’t necessarily want to combine them and have them think together, but rather have each think about what they can bring to Nintendo Switch from their own perspective.” Game Informer asked if that means we could see a 2D Zelda game from that team on the Switch, to which Aonuma replied “It’s definitely a possibility.” So, let’s get that Link Between Worlds sequel on the Switch, Nintendo! Just make it happen! So good! Ubisoft patched Watch Dogs 2
with a free update this week that brought a new dance modes -which is very exciting- new locations, new clothes, but also slightly changed the game’s ending. We won’t get into all the spoilers for the ending or the new scene here but it definitely drops some hints about where the franchise could be heading next in Watch Dogs 3, assuming Watch Dogs 2 sold enough to warrant a 3. Through clues provided in the new scene, users are left with a set of coordinates that correspond
to a district in south London. So hey, maybe next time you’ll be free running politely all over London. Between tea and crumpets. That’s all British people do, right? Right? I know you hate that, it’s not- It’s- Trust we know Gavin. We know that you guys aren’t nearly that classy. So far, we don’t know a whole lot about what Mass Effect Andromeda actually is but Bioware is doing even more talking about what it isn’t. Speaking with official XBox magazine producer Michael Gamble went out of his way to stress that Andromeda is not an open world game. Gamble said, “I definitely wouldn’t call Andromeda an open-world game.” “We like to use the term ‘exploration-based game’. You still have the concept of tight story deliverance and all the great things you come to expect
with Mass Effect.” Some fans seem to be a little bit disappointed by these comments but the first games weren’t exactly open world either, if you think about it. This seems like a measure on Bioware’s part to try to get ahead of any kind of overhyping of the game. Because that burned a couple of titles last year. One in particular. Shall remain nameless. Today. EA and Bioware are also providing media with an extensive hands on of the game this week so maybe we’ll finally have our first substantive look at Mass Effect Andromeda finally! It’s almost here! It’ll be great to see it. Although, I also kinda like the mystery of having a little bit of an idea what I’m getting into, but getting to discover it all when I play. We’ll see. Overwatch players have been howling about loot box drop rates for the
new Year Of The Rooster events skins, but Blizzard swears
it hasn’t messed with anything. Some websites are not buying it though. They’ve conducted their own analysis and some have found changes to
epic and legendary drops, according to Kotaku. But Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan recently said that Blizzard hasn’t tweaked the
loot box drop rates between events. “The drop rates for Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland and Year Of The Rooster are all the same.” he wrote on Overwatch’s forums. Of course, this could be resolved if Blizzard just released the numbers behind it’s drop box rates which China is actually forcing some companies to do. But meanwhile in the west, we’ll just have to wait and speculate. The proposed Apocalypse Now game is changing tactics when it comes to raising money. The game’s been pretty slow to get
traction on Kickstarter only having raised $172 000 of it’s $900 000 target with just 9 days left. Which is a pretty good indication that it’s not gonna make it. So the developer has moved the campaign preemptively to its own crowd funding site This site describes the game as being “like Fallout New Vegas on acid in Vietnam”. Which is… …it draws imagery. And the new campaign is trying to raise $5.9 million because they were doing such a good job with a fraction of that. I guess. It says that like with Kickstarter, backers won’t be charged
until the full amount has been raised. So far, its raised $62 000, according to IGN. So yeah, still a long way to go. Still looking for an NES Classic edition? Well, you’re not alone. It’s still nearly impossible to find the $60 retro console 3 months after its launch. Walmart even recently bundled the system with a low end 32 inch TV for $18 290 and guess what? That sold out immediately. People bought a TV! To get their hands on the
NES Classic Mini. The systems are still selling on the secondary market, ranging anywhere from $100 to $150 and while Nintendo has continued
to deliver additional systems they keep selling out. Almost immediately. Last month, Nintendo of America president
Reggie Fils-aime admitted Nintendo misjudged the market a little tiny bit. But claims supply issues have been largely addressed according to GameSpot. Yeah, except… I mean, they really haven’t been if you still can’t get ’em. Oh well. Happy hunting! As long as you’re not in Nordic regions. Does Han Solo suck at flying? Say it ain’t so! He’s supposed to be the best, even if he doesn’t know what a parsec is. But apparently, Harrison Ford got in
a little bit of hot water recently when he flew his private plane over a parked jet airliner at a Southern California airport. Ford was apparently told to land on a runway but instead, he landed on a taxiway and in doing so, passed right over a Boeing 737 that was carrying 110 passengers and 6 crew members. On a recording, Ford asked air traffic controllers “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” according to NBC news. No one was injured and
the jet later took off without incident. So everyone is fine. It’s all fine. We’re all fine here. How are you? The FAA is now investigating “which could result in a simple warning letter to a suspension of Ford’s pilot’s license.” NBC reports. So, bit of a range there. This isn’t the first time that Ford who is an experienced pilot who collects vintage planes has been involved in a crash while flying an aircraft. In 2015, he kind of maybe a little bit crash landed a World War 2 era plane on a Santa Monica, California golf course, after the engine failed. So maybe next time, let Chewie take the controls. After 17 years, -this one’s really exciting to me! I don’t know how many of you guys are book readers but I love it.- Philip Pullman has announced a sequel to his Dark Materials trilogy and the first book is due out in October. The seminal trilogy started with The Golden Compass in 1997, or it was also called The Northern Lights depending on where you read it. And it wrapped up with Amber Spyglass
in the year 2000. But Pullman says a new sequel prequel equel trilogy The Book Of Dust, is gonna begin in October. Pullman says the new series isn’t exactly a sequel. It’s more of a like parallel set of stories. A companion trilogy, as it were. As he wrote on his website, “is it a sequel? It’s neither. In fact, The Book Of Dust is an…equel. It doesn’t stand before or after His Dark Materials, but beside it.” And while the new books will tell a different story, Pullman says there are settings that readers of the original trilogy will recognise as well as characters they’ve met before as well as
completely new ones, of course. As you’d expect with a new story. New book will be released on October 17th. And then we can all be really excited about it because… if you… if you look at the books not the movie, which nobody really liked uhh… it’s really awesome. So, hopefully he can pull together a companion series equally as good. But that’s just me. Anyway, that’s all the news we have for you guys today. Let me know what you think of all the stories
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How many aircraft 'incidents' has Harrison Ford been in now? This is at least 4 that I know of.

I really liked what I played of ME2 (until my PS died). But this is looking a little too much like Destiny for my liking. Still – I'll keep an open mind.

I've barely played overwatch this event, and still gotten multiple event legendaries. Drop rates seem about the same to me.

Typical Ubisoft, honestly. It's just crap release after crap release, with more bugs than you can shake an electric swatter at. Looking at you, The Crew: Calling All Units.

Oh no! Andromeda will have a linear, well paced story with real action set pieces ratherr than hundreds of side quests with no weight or meaning? wait…how is this a bad thing? open world is extremely overrated, it's great in games such as GTA and Witcher, not so much in games like Metal Gear Solid and FFXV

Omfg the NES Classic Mini sucks ass it only has like 30 games and you can't put the old cartridges in it and the cord length for the controller is so short. You're better off buying the original

Actually, what harrison did was an incursion on a active runway and flew over it… a really, really big no no, but not a disaster… fact is the amount of incursions by private pilots is actually rising in amount per year… He's just famous enough to make the headlines… however landing on a taxiway is kinda unusual, seeing as its a lot smaller than the runway it connects with… so maybe get a pair of corrective glasses Mr Ford

I don't think they changed the drop rates for overwatch, I got a legendary from the event and two legendaries in one box that were not rooster related.

Guys guys hear me out. I have information regarding something that I bet you will all love to know.
Ready? All right all right. Listen up

The video starts at 0:00

I think Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be an amazing game but a future icon of PlayStation I don't see. If anybody would be a playstation icon it would be Joel or Ellie I would think.

1:50 what's up with these pics in this article? Looks like someone just took their driver's license pics and plastered them into a square box. XD

I don't even like Mass Effect, but i really like how they are handling the hype train with care
and not over hyping it just to become the next TitanFall.

Knocking Ford for crash landing a WWII plane due to an engine failure (Your words too)? Wow. I noticed other media outlets making the null "whatever they can get" connection between that old emergency landing and a lack(?) of piloting skill, but I am sad to see RT do this; how did making fun of anyone for >Successfully< landing a plane with an engine failure make it pass Gus? WWGD. :'(

He knows what a parsec is. He said he did the kesel run in less than 12 parsecs because he flew closer to the black holes than anyone else shortening the distance he had to travel.

Just go to the Japanese Overwatch version and see the rates. All "Gachas" must release their drop rates numbers by law in Japan. That law has been in place for a bunch of years. Cmon The Know, you play FEH and you didn't know this? Talk about China, where do you think they got the idea. And why do you think Compound Gacha disappeared.

Btw, Gacha translastes to "Gambling".

Let's ralk about the fact that alot of people (myself included) who bought the deluxe edition. Have yet to receive deluxe edition items.

How do retailers already have Horizon? Normally they don't get it until like the weekend before the Tuesday release date? Why wouldn't they have just released it on the 21st then?

They may just go ahead and tell retailers to put it out if it's been broken at enough places. That happened with Tomb Raider reboot. I believe it went out early at a few places and Square or Crystal Dynamics or Microsoft (most likely Square and Microsoft agreed) to go ahead and release it on that Friday if I believe instead of waiting until that Tuesday.. something like that. I know it was released ahead of actual street date because I found out and bought it.

Dont trust Ubisoft… I didnt get for honor because im on the road alot and Internet is scarce… I played the beta and loved it but if you need Internet to play even solo is bad, it just shows that their not planning to support the game for long because as soon as the servers go the games gone…

Ubisoft is really starting to compete with EA for the shittiest game studio title; only ubisoft would say "Don't play with people from other countries." The best part is, I was telling the Dev team all through Closed beta that MP was broken lmao this is what happens when you use Betas as demos instead of demos as demos; alas, no surprise on my end, I told them flat-out I would never buy the game

Mass Effect A isnt open world?…So does that mean its LINEAR as ever other action game? i.e. that i cant choose what missions in what order i want to undertake, to what planets i want to randomly travel to and explore at my own pace??…

Not getting the new Mass Effect then, was looking forward to a good open world space game, after Destiny and No Mans Sky, all I want is a good Star Trek feel from a game, kinda pointless to have to "explore" or be a "pathfinder" for a new home for humanity by visiting multiple planets if you don't even decide which planets can be good colonies and what planets are important to you. Not looking forward to visiting meaningless planets that are just time wasters that you'll never go back to

This girl actually annoys me. ".. crashed after the engine failed so maybe next time let chewy take the controls" Yeah cause Chewy is a god that can fix an engine simply by taking control of the plane.

Mass Erect Assdromeda Part I: "This Is Exactly Why We Came… Together"

Ryder walks into a shop on the planet of Kadara. The shopkeeper, a female Salarian who's aware of Ryders' status as a Pathfinder, asks him/her to create a personal ad for her little store. Ryder agrees without asking for any discounts. (Ex: A "Paragon" style choice.)

Ryderapproaches a voice recorder "My name is Ryder, and this my favorite store on Kadara."

Ryder looks up from the recorder, locking eyes with the shopkeeper. A feeling soon starts to fill Ryder's heart as he/she looks into her beautiful eyes.

Both Ryder and the Salarian slowly lean forward, their excited bodies being separated by the check-out counter. Ryder moves his/her head up to the Salarian's ear, and whispers to her…

Ryderlustfully "…We'll bang okay,"


I really feel Horizon will be a 29.99 game. I think the build up has been to much. It will have a huge opening week maybe a month or so. I hope it isn't and it's amazing.

Saying that the drop rates across the different events "are all the same" is not the same as saying they haven't been changed. It just means that if they were changed, they were all changed in the same way.

Remember that "is" just means Monica is not under the table while Bill is testifying.

the golden compass movie was good and i would have paid money to watch a second and third. better than what DC is bringing out thats for sure

whats ironic about for honor is that i never encountered connectivity issues during the closed beta. only in the open beta and release version. *sigh

My wife is making me wait to get Horizon Zero Dawn because we are buying the Switch and Zelda. I mean, that is awesome, but I want HZD damnit lol

It was wishful thinking that ME4 would be open world, like Witcher III, a series that was railroaded in Witcher and Witcher II, then became open world. The imagery in that open world was both awesome and horrible at the same time.

mass effect doesn't need to be open world. the formula doesn't need to change at all. All you ME1 purist just go back and play that that. The story is still amazing……gameplay no……no no no. As long as the ending is not shoehorned, MEA will be amazing.

I'm surprised For Honor is even doing well. Would have figured more people would have realized it gets boring really fast after the
I for one think the game lives up to it's hype, and is really fun, but it got boring so fast I couldn't justify buying it.

Insert ragey fanboy hate comments here:

Considering that Ubisoft's "The Crew" has had those same issues with people from different regions playing together and they haven't been able to fix it in almost 3 years now, don't hold your breath for a fix to ever happen.

So in mass effect we have less rpg elements, no choices, no open world… why was this a mass effect again??

We know exactly what Mass Effect Andromeda will be: A shitty poorly written cash grab filled to the brim with PC bullshit.

What are you talking about, Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 3 were 100% open world. Only Mass Effect 2 was not 100% Open World :-/

The stupid fools made for honor a peer-to-peer game! Thats why its having connection issues with players from other countries. They were too damn stingy to give the game dedicated servers, so players are reliant on other peoples internet connection.

I have very low expectations for Andromeda after the last two entries.
What to expect: thermal clips? yes. needlessly sexualized female characters? probably.
loot? hahaha, nah. microtransactions? You bet Your ass!

I haven't been able to play 1 multiplayer match in for honor. Eventually I got in one yesterday but was only about to play 10 seconds before I was kicked.🖕🏻

Yeah, not into video games. My background, education, and experience is in ACTING and FILM, but games and animation are great for research purposes. Have been physically training and excited to get out on the field. ☺👍 Great clip!

I'm from Kurdistan and The street date of games gets broken all the time. I got MGSV a week before it's release date, and for honor got the same treatment but i don't plan on getting it.

What did they think would happen when they skimped on spending money on dedicated game servers, and ended up with Peer2Peer for "For Honor"… Lots of D/C's for the player base..

Ashley Jenkins asking the important questions – "…who needs to buy a whole new watch for every occasion?"

Let's face it, we have too many open world games that, rather than provide interesting and well-crafted environments and quests, simply give you huge expanses of tedium. I don't want Mass Effect to be a load of boring balls like a Ubisoft game, or even a buggy, messy compromise like a Bethesda title. I want solid design, not randomness or endless trinket hunts. Mass Effect should not be like No Man's Sky, either. The people who complain about Mass Effect not being open enough are the same people who expected too much out of No Man's Sky, and when the developers fatally dropped the ball on that game, everyone was up in arms over something that obviously was never going to work the way they hoped. People need to ask themselves, is it really what they want?

lol, how ridiculous is it that more and more we need to be IT Pros, to spend time we don't have trying to fix issues to actually play, and enjoy a game that you pay for!

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