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[FR] Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding (PS1) 100% Speedrun (17:48)

[FR] Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding (PS1) 100% Speedrun (17:48)

Hi everyone, This is Guillaume! It’s time to do a little Speedrun on Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding. It means finish the game at 100% as quickly as possible. For this to be official I need the timer you see on the side. I have to do a new game so “New Game”, that’s it. And watch out, the clock starts as soon as I choose the character, So here we go 3 … 2 … 1 …! Right! Well uh … You see the timer on the side, You see that last time I finished the game in 25 minutes. So I trained, this is my 11th attempt. And this is the first time I film. So I will try to beat my record. Yeah, so there’s a very specific order to get items in the level. Here I am going to start with boxes, and letters. And I will try to finish, The levels as quickly as possible in one session, If it’s possible … it’s better. Shit … wait, I went between the two items, right. Hop, the “E” here I have all the letters. I will try to get the tape up there. Fuck … not enough momentum, it doesn’t matter. Ok I already have the High Score, the 5 boxes. Come on, jump for the tape there! Fucking shit not enough momentum again. Holly shit … Well, it’s okay, this time it’s good! No, come on, damn it’s a joke or what? Well uh … wait … hop la! Difficult to play as quickly as possible and comment at the same time. That’s good I did the Pro Score, hop, I’m forced to Pause, Retry. End Run, shit … That’s it, and level select. Be careful, I have to change the timer, When I select the level … Right. Well, I already gained 3 seconds on my previous Run. Ok, so if you like it I’ll explain you how to set the timer and Speedrun. It’s not very complicated. Go for the 2nd level, it’s the same, I’ll try to do it in one shot. Come on, I’m going here to catch the secret tape which is up there right. Well it’s done, that’s it, we don’t care. We are going as fast as possible. I already … have the high score. There I will get the “K” here. The table that is here. Yes then I play on … always on Playstation 1 emulator on my PC. It’s true that it’s not easy because I film everything. Uh, there’s the timer … Shit, I missed the “A”, all right. There is the timer at the same time, all of this. Come on, 4th table. I have to get one more left. Anyway the goal is really to … to have all the objectives, shit … Roh Fuck … In one session to gain the maximum time. And in fact, if you want, the world record, I think that it’s about 6 minutes. Well it’s impossible … I trained but … Last time I did it in 25 minutes. Here I have the 5 tables. That’s not bad, But this time I think I’m going to beat the record. Because I trained a lot. Come on 25000 points, that’s good. I finished the 2nd level. Hop, I’m doing “end run”, And level select, it goes much faster because otherwise I have the tapes screen and I lose a crazy time. I split the Timer … Right. Well, I won 1 minute 36, On the 2nd level, damn it’s really not bad there … it’s not bad! Let’s Go, 3rd level. It’s not easy, well, I’m not looking at the time there, damn … because I’m focused on the game. And that’s it, I made shit … It’s okay. Come on I can do the same for that one, I’ll try to make it in one session. Yeah, nice! Great, I already have a lot of points. Ok I have the High Score. Wait, it’s not easy I have to catch the tape. Yes! … I fell right on time … so much better. That’s right, the tape is done, I won’t have to do it again. Wait, I get the “A” while I’m there. The panel. It’s not bad, we advance very well there! Hop, I’m going to do the maximum points, yeah I already have the Pro Score, great, the 4th panel, the “T”, we’re good! Right, I’ll finish this level in one shot too. We are really at the Top! Careful, Top! It’s over! Retry. And end of the Run and level select, that’s going much faster. Go for the 4th level, the 1st Competition. Wait, I’m looking fast the timer, damn I won almost 2 minutes. We are at 5 minutes 8. I’m really good there! Here’s the contest, it’s not complicated, you just have to do … a lot of point in a short time … in 2 Runs. Yes, as I play on P…PC sorry, and emulator of Playstation 1, Yes, great … Well I have to play with the sound of the game. Oh fucking shit … Well it’s okay I already have 30000 points. Let’s go, end of the Run. Great, we continue. Yes I have to play with the game’s music because it’s a bug, I don’t know why, it’s the emulator. I have to make the maximum point. Shit I didn’t manage to do 900 like before. Never mind… Yes! Ok right, I have enough point, end of the Run. Shit … Rah fuck I forgot that … I’m too stupid … It makes me scroll the points and there I lose a sick time. I’m such a fool … Well it’s okay. End of the competition, finished! No, not save we don’t care. Level select, let’s go … We pursuit. 5th level. Damn, I had a little delay there on the timer, too bad. Oh, I won 2 minutes 30, Attention! I’m not bad, frankly I think I’ll beat my record, there we are really good! Here we go, 5th level. The same, I can do it in one session. I can get everything. The panels, the letters. Come on, 2nd panel. The 3rd, it’s up there. And even for you it can lead you, if you like this game and if you want to make Speedrun. This video can … can be a complete solution for the game. The “E” … Yes, right. U-turn, the panel, super. Go for the “A”. Right. The last panel is here, great. So I have the “T” left, I have to go up there. I will go through there to make points at the same time. Shit… The last letter, now I have all the letters, I have all the panels. It remains the scores and get the tape, and I’ll finish this level. The tape is right there in front … Hop la, it’s done, great! Here’s the High Score and now I have to make 40,000 points. Yeah, that’s it, 40000 points … Yes, 900! Phew! That makes points! And that’s it! … Hop, start again! And end of the Run, Tac … Right, I win time, level select. Be careful, I have to set the clock … Now! Ok here is the 6th level. Yeah, that one I hope it won’t be a problem because it’s pretty difficult there is … woh, fuck it slows down, it’s okay. Yeah, I have to say that I’m doing too many things at the same time for my PC. The timer, film myself, play, and record all of this. It is not easy. Ok I opened the 2 valves, there I will catch the “K”. Come on, turn around. There is the 3rd valve up there … All right! The “A”. Wait, I slow down a little there … Don’t fall, Yes! Come on, time to get the tape, it’s tough! It is not easy. Damn it slows a little, it’s okay. Let’s go ! Phew! Damn it, the first time, so much better, fuck yeah it’s super rare anyway! Yes, 4th valves, Ouuh I made a “perfect” for now. The “T”! It’s not bad … We’re really good! Shit … Fuck, every time I miss this fucking valve here, I’m forced to go back. There it is, I have the 5! Go back, go back! Rrrooh! …
Fucking bastard come on! …ok, In the water here, I go back faster. We have … 35 seconds to do the Scores and get the “E” up there. Shit … Not enough momentum … Ok I have the High Score. Come on, this time is the one. Yes! … damn, I’ll fuck this level in one run! Phew! Oh good ! Oh that’s beautiful! Damn, fuck I can’t stop it, I have the points scrolling, it makes me lose a sick time, oh what a fool I’m! Well it doesn’t matter at least I did this level in one time, and now I can’t escape the tapes screen … Yeah there it is. I’m wasting time, but it doesn’t matter. Come on … We continue, we don’t care, no I don’t want to save, hop, level select. Go to the next level. That’s it, damn I won 4 minutes! For the canyon, we are at the 2nd competition. And I’m at 11 minutes! Wow, it ‘s slowing his race! (laugh!) We are not bad here! Well in fact, I only have 3 levels left! Come on I must make a maximum point for this compete. The same, on 2 Runs. To get the gold medal. Honestly, 11 minutes, oh I never did that before, I’m really beating my Personal Best. Ok, 900, super, I score a maximum of point. It’s good. I have enough point … End of the Run. Well, I lost a little time there on the clock … the points that scroll but it’s okay. Let’s go 2nd session of this compete. And if I go out of my way … I can finish it … In under 2 minutes. Shit … I didn’t manage to get 900. Come on… Damn it’s hard there, he’s going too fast. Here we go, I have to go straight and I do the 900, Yes! Damn, great, oh I got it 2 times in a row! 50000 points, I’m good … Right, finished the Competition. All right, I’m 1st! Ooh! There I won a sick time! Come on level selection, watch the clock … Now. Great! Here we go, last level where we have goals, I have 5 left, so 5 tapes, and I’ll have 30. I’ll start with cop cars … That’s it! San Francisco! Wait, I need to slow down, here I am getting the letter there, the cop car down Great. So if you want to do it yourself and make Speedruns, I advise you to watch … This video that I am doing, because I think I will beat my record! And it will be a good little training for you, if you want to do this on the same game. There it is, the “S”. Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding on Playstation 1. Finally, on PC … Oh damn I missed the car. No, come on go ahead … There! I’m going to get the “E” … that’s in there. That’s done! I’ll come out of the bowl, hop! Well I have 50 seconds left to recover the last letters. And the cop cars. Come on the “T” it’s up there … Fuck! Go ahead. No, come on, I miss that one, fuck! Here we go! Right! 30 seconds. For the last 2 cars, well anyway they are at the same place so it will go fast, Hop! There it is, 4th … 5th …! We are not bad, we are not bad! And the last letter. Well I did the most boring stuff! Stop! … Hop! I cought the letters and the cars, now I have to catch the tape, and beat the scores. Here we go. I will try to make points, that’s it. While I’m going to catch the secret tape. Come on it’s a little hard, I have to get up there. Yes! … fuck, the first time! … I’ve done it! Oh everything goes well in this Run I don’t know why! I don’t know (laughs) I don’t know what there is but, It’s awesome! Wait, there I have to go on it … to go get the tape … hop! That’s it, oh damn it slows his race (laugh)! Right! Wouhou well done, first time! … Very good ! Now I’ll go to the Bowl, down there. To make a maximum point and I will have finished, This level, I will have all the objectives, I will only have the last compete to do. And I think this Run is not bad. Yes, I did the 900. Come on I just have to make 50000 points, it’s done! Right, start again, we don’t waste time! End of the run, Level select. And we get to the last level, guys, it’s almost over! Here we go… Damn, There’s a little delay each time I put my timer, there’s a small second. Between when I press and when it goes off, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s Go for the last competition, I must do the same, a maximum of point. And in fact I have to stop the timer … when I have the gold medal. Yes! … Fuck 11000 points at once, that’s good, we start well guys! We start well! Yes! I did the 900 again! Oh damn, seriously it’s slowing me down huh … It’s okay wait, I’m not going to fuck up my Run like this, Knowing that I started well. I have to go through now. OK I have 50000 points. Fuck I just do the 900 again, super, well I have more than 60000 points, it’s good I can stop there! Shit… Come on, come on … move! Rah fucking points that scroll it is wasting time … Come on next Run! This is the last one normally! It’s the last one and I’ll be done … this Speedrun! And normally it will be official! … uh … It will be a record. And you can find it on Shit … Fuck I couldn’t do the 900, There! Great! We started well! Come on it’s the last points to do! I have 52000, we are not bad, I’m going to do a little slide to ensure the points and the 1st place It’s done, here we go, beware, I stop the timer …! Top! And that’s it! … Great! 17 minutes 48! It’s not bad, honestly it’s a good performance. Well, the guys finish the game in 6 minutes, That’s not my case, I’m not a world record man. I’m far from it, but I think I’m in the top 20 world records. There it is, 17 minutes 48 it’s a good little performance, I’m happy! Moreover I filmed so normally, it will be official! And if you liked it dear subscribers, I’ll explain how to do it all. How to download the software to activate the timer and all of this. How does it work, how to configure? And I hope you enjoyed it. Then I’ll tell you, see you next time for another game, for another Speedrun, I don’t know yet. We’ll see! Ciao everyone!

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