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Franklin – Franklin’s Go Cart Race / Sir Franklin’s Squire – Ep. 77

Franklin – Franklin’s Go Cart Race / Sir Franklin’s Squire – Ep. 77

♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming over to play ♪ ♪ Growing a little ♪ ♪ Every day ♪ ♪ Here he comes with all his friends ♪ ♪ They’ve got stories, got time to spend with you ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to your house ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to my house ♪ ♪ Hey, it’s Franklin ♪>>NARRATOR:Franklin couldcount by twos and tie hisshoes.He liked making paper airplanesand little wooden boats, butone day Franklin builtsomething that was big enoughto ride down a hill.>>MR. OWL: We’ve learned a lot about transportation this week, class, and I’m sure you’ll all agree that one very important invention made the biggest change of all, and what was that important invention?>>TOGETHER: The wheel!>>Ha, that’s right. Wheels have been around for more than 5,000 years.>>FRANKLIN: Wow, that’s a long time.>>For our next project, I’d like you all to make something that uses wheels. How would you like to build your own go-carts?>>Okay.>>That will be great.>>All right! (Chuckling)>>I thought you might say that.>>Can we have a go-cart race?>>Hmm, I think that sounds like a great idea. (Cheering)>>We can work together. What do you think, guys?>>Sure.>>I’m in. Now it’s starting to look more like a go-cart.>>I told you this tomato crate would work. Hey, Franklin, how’s it going in there? (Grunting)>>This one’s not coming off without a fight. (Grunting) Whoa, umph! I won. (Laughing) There you go, Bear.>>Thanks. Two wheels down and two to go. (Wheels whirring)>>Gee, I never really noticed this before, but there sure are a lot of wheels in this town.>>I know. They’re everywhere you look. (Bike bell dinging) (Lawn mower whirring) (Whistling) (Whistling) Oh, there are lots of wheels for everybody else but none for our go-cart.>>Beep-beep! Watch out, coming through!>>Wow.>>Nice wheels.>>You’re finished already?>>No, it’s not painted yet.>>All right, picture this, guys: electric blue with a white lightning bolt right down the side. It’s going to be hot.>>How’s your go-cart coming along?>>TOGETHER: Uhh–>>We’re just about finished too, right, guys? >>SNAIL: Aha, right.>>Yeah, yeah. Um, We just need to find a couple of more parts.>>What kind of parts?>>Um, actually, we need wheels.>>Wheels? Those are the most important parts!>>We know.>>You’d better hurry up and find some. The race is tomorrow.>>We know that too.>>Well, good luck. To the hardware store, Skunk.>>See you later! Vroom, vroom! Vroom! (Sighing)>>Well, guys, we’re not going to find any wheels by standing around here. (Whistling)>>Howdy, boys!>>Um, howdy.>>Hi.>>Hi, Mr. Marmot. (Humming)>>What are you doing?>>I’m burying a new telephone cable through here. The old cable’s been patched more times than my overalls. He-he-he-he! (Whistling)>>Come on, Franklin. We’d better keep looking. (Whistling)>>Wait a minute, Bear. I have an idea. Mr. Marmot, do you think we could have that empty spool?>>Sure. Help yourself. I don’t need it anymore.>>Thanks. Come on, guys, we’ve got a lot of work to do. ♪ The wheels on the cart go round and round ♪ ♪ Round and round ♪ ♪ Round and round ♪ ♪ The wheels on the cart go round and round ♪ ♪ All through the town ♪ (Laughing)>>Ready for the big test drive, guys?>>TOGETHER: Ready!>>Let’s roll. Five, four, three, two, one!>>TOGETHER: Blast off! (Go-cart clanking)>>Wow, does this thing ever go! (Wheels creaking)>>Um, Franklin, maybe you should slow down a little.>>I can’t! We don’t have any brakes! (Yelling) (Crashing)>>Huh! Oh, dear. (Moaning)>>Franklin, Snail, are you okay?>>I think so.>>Do I still have my shell?>>Don’t worry, Snail, you do.>>Oh! I was afraid it fell off.>>Yeah, like most of the parts on my go-cart.>>We’ll never get this go-cart back together in time for tomorrow’s race.>>Well, maybe we can ask Mr. Owl to change it to the day after tomorrow.>>Even if he did, we still only have two wheels. It would take us forever to find two more.>>Hello, boys.>>Hello, Mrs. Ermine.>>Hi.>>Hello.>>Huh? Hey, maybe two wheels is all we need.>>TOGETHER: A two-wheeled go-cart?>>Sure. There are two-wheeled grocery carts. Why not a two-wheeled go-cart?>>I can’t picture how that’s going to look but I’m ready to help you build it.>>Me too. Where do we start, Franklin?>>Back in my place. Come on, let’s get going.>>I wonder where they are.>>Well, I’m afraid we may have to start without them.>>Wait, here they come. (Panting)>>Hi, everybody. Sorry we’re late.>>That’s quite all right. We’ve happy you made it.>>Did you guys build an invisible go-cart? (Laughing)>>No, it’s right in here.>>What?>>Yeah, right!>>I don’t think so.>>Oh, come on!>>Presenting the world’s first two-wheeled go-cart!>>That’s it? That’s a go-cart? (Laughing)>>Very interesting. How did you come up with this unique design?>>Well, kind of by accident, right, guys?>>Yeah, you might say that.>>Yeah, our first go-cart didn’t finish the test drive in one piece.>>But there were still enough pieces left over to build this one.>>It sounds as though you’ve overcome some big challenges on this assignment.>>We sure did.>>Oh, yeah.>>We learned a lot.>>Very good. That’s the important thing.>>Except for winning the race.>>Aha.>>Yeah, what about the race?>>Yes. Yes, it’s time for our race. To the starting line, everyone!>>There you go, Snail.>>Good luck.>>Thanks, guys.>>On your marks, get set, go!>>Go, Snail!>>Yay!>>Come on, Fox!>>Wee! (Laughing)>>Beep-beep! Coming through!>>Hmm? ♪>>Woo-hoo! See you at the finish line! Huh? Oh, no! (Tires screeching) (Screaming) (Skidding) (Sighing)>>SNAIL: Weeee!>>TOGETHER: Huh? (Go-cart creaking) (Gasping) (Go-cart creaking) (Gasping)>>Aaah! (Sighing)>>Stop, Snail! (Gasping) Stop! (Screaming) (Go-cart creaking)>>Huh? (Wheels creaking)>>Yahoo! Yippee!>>Snail won!>>He did it! (Cheering)>>Ah, goodness gracious. I think my heart skipped a beat.>>Yeah! (Cheering)>>And the winner is Snail!>>Thanks. (Laughing)>>Whether a go-cart has two wheels or four wheels, the most important wheel is the steering wheel. (Laughing)>>That’s very funny, Fox. (Laughing)>>NARRATOR:Franklin couldcount by twos and tie hisshoes.He liked to play soccer atschool and tag with his littlesister, but most of all,Franklin loved playing knights.>>Behold Sir Franklin the Green Knight.>>And his trusty friend Squire Snail.>>There it is, good Squire, the fearsome dragon’s dark lair.>>SNAIL: Fearsome?>>Worry not, Squire. I’ll saveth the Prince. Charge!>>Um, Franklin.>>FRANKLIN: Oh, no, it’s the dragon! Take that, you beast, and that, and that! (Crashing) Ugh! (Laughing) (Clanking) Green Knight to the rescue! (Laughing)>>Yah, you saved Prince Sam. You sure were brave going into that dark scary cave.>>That’s what knights do, Snail. We go on quests to save our friends or fight dragons or find lost treasure. That’s how we prove ourselves.>>Wow, I sure wish I could be a brave knight.>>You can. I’ll just knight thee.>>No, wait, Sir Franklin. First, I have to prove how brave I am by going on a quest. Then you can knight me. (Crying)>>Hark, Squire, that sounds like a damsel in distress. (Crying)>>Oh, dear. What’s wrong, Harriet?>>She’s upset because she lost her favourite hat.>>The one with the pink feather?>>Uh-huh.>>What happened to it, Dad?>>We were out for a walk, and she must have left it on the way. Here. Maybe if I retrace our steps, I’ll run across it. I’ll be right back.>>Wait, King Turtle! The Green Knight and his Squire will gladly seek the feathered crown of Princess Harriet.>>Harriet, a princess?>>That’s right.>>Well, thank you for taking up the quest, Green Knight.>>Which way should we go, Your Majesty?>>I’ll draw thee a map, Squire. We took the main road to the Royal Playground, and then back through the pine forest.>>Fear not, Princess. We shall findeth your feathered crown.>>For sureth.>>This is the way they came back, so keepeth an eye out, Squire.>>I’ll keepeth both eyes out.>>Hi, guys.>>FRANKLIN: Oh, hi.>>SNAIL: Hi. What are you doing up there?>>Climbing trees. Want to join me?>>Sorry, we don’t have time. We’re on a quest, Bear.>>Okay. That’s Sir Bear, the Path Keeper, and thou must get past me first.>>But Princess Harriet lost her hat– I mean, her crown, and we promised to find it.>>Let me face him. I’m not afraid of Sir Bear.>>Um, Squire Snail wants to prove his bravery.>>So I can become a knight.>>Oh, okay.>>Charge!>>You won’t get past me, Squire.>>Ugh! (Grunting) Just, uhh, try and stoppeth me, Sir Bear. Uhh! Ugh, erggh! (Thudding)>>Huh? (Groaning)>>Hmm, nice conquering, Squire Snail. You have proven yourself worthy of knighthood.>>Hmm, that wasn’t a challenge. He was goofing around too much.>>Hey, you can conquer me again. I won’t goof around so much this time.>>There’s no time, Sir Bear. We must continue our quest.>>I’ll help you.>>Okay, but only if I get to do the brave stuff.>>You will.>>Sure, fine with me.>>Ahh! Huh? Hey, are you guys playing knights?>>We’re on a quest, um, Lady Beaver.>>That’s “Sir Lady Beaver.” And what are you looking for anyway?>>The feathered crown of Princess Harriet!>>We thinketh maybe she lost it here on the Royal Playground.>>Oh, but this isn’t the Royal Playground, fellow knights; this is the dreaded obstacle course of doom!>>Gad-zooks!>>Neato!>>Perfect! I’ll go on the obstacle course of doom too.>>Yeah, that will definitely prove you’re brave enough to become a knight.>>Good luck, Squire. Come, good knights. (Grunting)>>Careful, that’s the bottomless pit beneath us. (Grunting) Quick, down this serpent’s back before it wakes and eats us. >>Yahoo! (Laughing)>>Wee!>>Whoa! (Laughing)>>On to Mount Jungle Gym! (Gasping) We can see lots from up here. Oh, look!>>That’s it, Harriet’s hat! Good one. I hereby dub thee, Sir Lady Beaver, the Eagle Eye. Behold the feathered crown.>>Where’s the feather?>>Uh-oh.>>Uh, guys, the feather isn’t the only thing we’re missing. (Gasping)>>Snail! Snail! Snail!>>Huh? Ah, you found the hat. And I never even finished the Obstacle Course of Doom.>>Our quest isn’t over yet, Snail.>>See, no feather?>>Then what are we waiting for?>>Hey, knights, can we play too?>>SNAIL: Sorry, guys, we’re on a quest.>>TOGETHER: Hmmm.>>It’s in here either.>>Where did that feather go to? We’ve looked everywhere.>>And it’s getting late. We have to go home soon.>>Hey, what’s that bird doing?>>She’s probably making a nest. Everybody knows birds make their nests from stuff that they find.>>Maybe she took the feather to build her nest.>>Ooh, ooh, I see her nest, guys, and I think I see the feather!>>Good work, Sir Lady Beaver, the Eagle Eyed.>>FOX: Rarrgh! Grrrr! Rarrgh!>>Oh, a dragon!>>You won’t stop us. Ready, guys?>>Charge! (Laughing) >>Whoa! Ugh!>>BEAVER: Hey, Dragon, over here!>>FRANKLIN: Huh, urgh!>>FOX: Hey, I can’t see! (Laughing)>>Take this, foul dragon! (Laughing)>>Stop!>>BEAVER: Run, Fox, and never come back, you beast, you!>>Good job, Snail. Snail?>>SNAIL: Help, help!>>Snail, what happened?>>I was on your cape when you threw it off.>>Oops! Sorry.>>Beaver found the hat, Bear saved the feather– (Sighing)– but I didn’t do anything.>>You did a lot, Snail. You challenged Sir Bear, and you kind of faced the Obstacle Course of Doom.>>Yeah, but I haven’t proved I’m brave yet. I don’t want to play knights anymore. I just want to go home. (Chirping)>>Hey, watch it. Shoo! Stop! Cut it out! Huh! Oh, no, the feather!>>There it is!>>I’ll get it. (Sighing)>>Good, then we can go home.>>Sir Bear, wait!>>Huh?>>That’s, um, the River of Molten Lava.>>It is? I’ll cross on this then. Whoa! Or maybe not.>>Hmm, I wonder who can make it across that little bridge.>>They’d have to be very small and very brave.>>I’m very small and very brave. Let me try.>>Very well, Squire. (Gasping) Oh, it does look pretty scary but I can do it. Squire Snail to the rescue! Urrrh! Whoa, ugh! (Gasping) (Grunting)>>Yahoo, Squire Snail!>>Yay, Squire Snail! (Laughing)>>Your feathered crown, Princess.>>MRS. TURTLE: What do you say, Princess Harriet?>>Thank you.>>”Squire Snail, Sir Franklin and his fellow knights have told this of your most heroic act, and so–“>>”For proving yourself worthy of being a knight, I hereby dub thee Sir Snail the Brave.”>>TOGETHER: Hurrah for Prince Sir Snail! (Laughing) ♪


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Since the playlist is almost finished,let me just say that my favorite character is probably Snail. He became my fav in the Green Knight movie,and now how wonderful they brought it back again,that just melts my heart. And thanks for uploading,or else I would've probably never knew this beautiful cartoon,being not from Canada and all.

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