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Free Skates – 10 Tricks Intermédiaires – 10 Intermediate Tricks (English subtitles)

Free Skates – 10 Tricks Intermédiaires – 10 Intermediate Tricks (English subtitles)

Hi everyone ! Today we will see a tutorial about 10 intermediate tricks on free skates It’s the second video of a four video series which includes the main tricks on free skates. I advise you to know the basic tricks, before learning the tricks that follow. Here are the tricks of this video : Feel free to only check the tricks that seems interesting to you ! Good video 🙂 It’s the fastest way to get on your free skates it requires a lot of coordination, because you need to drop your free skates at the same time, and at the same height as the front or the back stomp, your free skates must be facing down and drop them in a way that they land on their wheels in the beginning, try with a low height, and increase slowly if you must learn one trick, that would be the throwback 180 it’s kind of the symbolic trick on free skates if this trick is that popular, that’s because he looks very cool and it has a reasonable difficulty. But warning, it requires a lot of practice, as all the tricks of this video. First, make some space between your legs, to have more surface cross your feets while looking the free skate the throw needs to be soft, your foot has to “follow up” the free skate, it’s very important to have a better control, so that your free skate don’t go too far your front foot has to do a half turn end up by getting back your free skate you can practice with one free skate, to undertand better the movement the difficulty on this trick is to do a correct throw so that the skate don’t go too far, or hit your front foot there are couple ways to do a “swap” here, the trick consit of swapping both of your free skates but more generally, it’s all movement which allows your feets to be on the other skate here, you need to do good throw and anticipate after the jump the place where your feet will be on first, place your feet in a way that there is one on top, and one at the bottom. Bend your knees, and softly throw your skates horizontally. Keep in mind to “follow” them with your feet, to have a better control it isn’t a problem if you do the trick with your skates inversed this trick is popular because it is not that hard, once you understand it however, it is necessary to know the “cross leg” first for this trick cross your feet at the maximum, until your front foot is a bit on the back, and facing down now you just need to drop it, and recover it on the back this trick has a new type of “swap” because in this case this is the feet that moves, not the skates this trick is harder, because you need to do a very controlled jump while jumping, try not to move your skates, and keep them stable in the beginning, it is a lot easier to jump in 2 times for the 360, it is necessary to know the 180 for this trick, your balance will be challenged the goal here, will be to extend the rotation mainly with your back foot. The 360 is composed of 4 steps : first, rotate your front foot then rotate your back foot then, rotate both of your feet end up by uncrossing your foot this trick is hard, because the movement is technical and fast it will take time to do it consistently start by chosing your favourite foot place it approximately on the middle do a quick pressure while leaning your foot as a result, your skate will flip correctly in the beginning, you will probably not give enough strengh and your skate will flip only by half. So don’t be scared to add strength You can try, on a secondary time, to flip with the next foot this trick can scare you at first but once you understand the movement, it becomes a lot easier begin by putting your foot on the skate and let your toes exceed. Turn your foot a bit in a way that it his perpendicular with your wheels lean your skate do a quick pressure with the edge of your foot move back your foot and recover the free skate the challenge, when you roll, will be to have a correct rotation of the skate practice a lot of time without rolling, to understand the movement this trick allow you to roll on one foot you need to perfectly manage your balance on the skate before taking a skate while rolling there is 2 efficient methods to practice the first one consist of droping a skate while rolling and go as far as you can the second one consist of moving forward with the help of the other foot once you are comfortable, you can try to take a skate while you are rolling it is important to put almost all of your weight into the other skate, before taking it to put it back, it’s a basic stomp, but here you just don’t have your foot on the ground this trick will need your strong abs Indeed, this trick looks like the “side plank” from the gym first, let some space to your hand by moving your foot a bit. Place your hand on the skate and remove your foot place your foot quickly on the other skate extend yourself, and try to stand to return on your feet, put your weight into the front skate by crouching yourself then replace your foot, before getting up it is absolutely normal if the trick is tiring at first i advise you to practice on a slope by directly putting yourself on the position or ask to a friend to push you that was the intermediate tricks on free skates ! all of the tricks of this video are demanding, and require practice to succeed them but keep going, never give up you will end up by succeeding the trick that you want if you liked this tutorial, you can like or comment this video ! See you soon 🙂


Ce tuto de qualité 👌👌 j'ai gagné une compétition de freelines grace à tes vidéos. Je recommande tes méthodes.

Wow super vidéo ! La qualité est là. Elle a en effet guéri mon cancer colorectal ainsi que ma phobie des camions citernes. Elle m'a en plus apporté deux millions d'euros sur mon compte bancaire et depuis, aucune meuf ne me résiste. Merci !

Merci pour ces super tutoriel en francais! j'ai commencé le freeline il y a environ 3 mois avec un ami et tes videos nous aident beaucoup!! Continue comme ca j'ai hate des tricks avancé et expert meme si j'ai pas le niveau ;p

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