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Furchester Hotel: Phoebe Talks to Animals (Full Episode)

Furchester Hotel: Phoebe Talks to Animals (Full Episode)

la la la la la la! La la la la la la la! Welcome to the Furchester Hotel. WOMAN: Your room
is ready for you. BOY: Just needs to get the bed. GIRL: The lamp, the
desk, the rug, the sink. PILLOW: A pillow for your head. ELMO AND COOKIE
MONSTER: The hotel’s run by monsters, a staff
beyond compare. ALL: We’ve the kind of service
you won’t find anywhere! So welcome to the Furchester. La la la la la la! La la la la la la! Welcome to the Furchester. La la la la la la! La la la la la la! BOY: Dine in style! WOMAN: So genteel. COOKIE MONSTER: Cookie
come with every meal! ALL: La la la la la
la la la la la la la! ELMO: Here’s your keys. GIRL: And check right in. ALL: Let your furry stay begin. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel! [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Animal Talk. ELMO: [HUMMING] Oh, stay still, Isabelle. Elmo’s drawing a picture of you. [SHEEP BAAING] ELMO: Oh, guests! OK, Isabel, you can ding now. ISABEL: [DINGS] ELMO: Auntie Funella! FUNELLA: Oh, thank you, Elmo. You’re our sheep guests. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel. We welcome you with furry arms! [SHEEP BAAING] ELMO: Elmo doesn’t think
that the sheep understand what you’re saying,
Auntie Funella. FUNELLA: Oh, that’s OK, Elmo. I can speak enough sheep to
tell them their room is ready. ELMO: Oh, OK. FUNELLA: Baa, baa, baa, baa. [SHEEP BAAING] ELMO: The sheep look scared. PHOEBE: Oh, well,
that’s because you said there’s a wolf
at the door, mum. FUNELLA: Oh, dear! PHOEBE: I think what you
meant to say is baa, baa, baa. [SHEEP BAAING] FUNELLA: Oh, thank you, Phoebe. [DOG BARKING] PHOEBE: Sounds like
trouble in the dining. I’ll go and check it out. FUNELLA: Oh! MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] COOKIE MONSTER: Well, yeah,
me– me brought you cookies. Um, you want more cookies? MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] PHOEBE: She’s saying
that dogs don’t eat cookies, Cookie Monster. She wants a plate
of dogie treats. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh! Why she not say so? Me got them right over here. Here you go. Yeah. MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] PHOEBE: Mrs. Woofberg
says thank you. These are here favorites. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, well, you
know, and cookies me favorite. Boy, it, uh–
[CLEARS THROAT] Pity for cookies to go to waste, huh? PHOEBE: Yeah. COOKIE MONSTER: Cookie! [GOBBLES] Ah, boy! You know, Phoebe,
Furchester lucky to have someone who talk dog. PHOEBE: Oh, I’m happy to help. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Eek! Eek! Eek! FURGUS: Oh, good day,
Mr. Cheese Chomper. MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Eek! [GONG RINGING] FURGUS: Oh, Mr. Cheese Chomper! You’ve got to move! The monsters are coming through! MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Eek? FURGUS: Oh, no! He doesn’t understand
what I’m saying. ALL: Tea time! [YELLING] FURGUS: Oh, no! MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Eek! [YELLING] MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Eek! ELMO: Oh, boy! Phoebe saved Mr. Cheese Chomper! FUNELLA: Oh, Phoebe! It’s wonderful how you can
talk to lots of animals. FURGUS: Oh, I don’t know
what we’d do if you couldn’t. FUNELLA: No. PHOEBE: It’s fun to talk
like the animals talk. [SINGING] A woof, baa, moo. A ribbit, squeak, squawk. ALL: [SINGING] It’s good to
talk like the animals talk. PHOEBE: I can make a
fish feel welcome, chat with a chicken or two. CHICKENS: Ba-wok! Ba-wok! ELMO: Phoebe tells us
what the animals say. PHOEBE: ‘Cause I
talk the way they do. [SINGING] Woof, baa moo. Ribbit, squeak, squawk. ALL: [SINGING] It’s good to
talk like the animals talk. PHOEBE: I can hoot
like a wise old owl. OWL: Hoot! PHOEBE: Ask a lion
and a bear to tea. BEAR AND LION: [ROAR] PHOEBE: I understand
what the animals say, and the animals understand me. Woof, baa, moo. Ribbit, squeak, squawk. ALL: [SINGING] It’s good to
talk like the animals talk! MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] PHOEBE: Mrs. Woofberg
says she would like a fur cut in the salon. MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Squeak! Squeak! PHOEBE: Oh, squeak. Um, Mr. Cheese Chomper
wants breakfast in bed. [PHONE RINGING] FUNELLA: Furchester front desk. SHEEP: [ON PHONE] Baa. FUNELLA: Oh! It’s the sheep, dear. PHOEBE: Oh. [HOARSELY] Baa, ba– oh! They want towels. They’re going for a dip. ELMO: Boy, Phoebe’s
voice sounds funny. MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Squeak! PHOEBE: [WEAKLY] Baaa. Baaa. ELMO: Where did
Phoebe’s voice go? FUNELLA: Phoebe! You can’t talk! Furgus, you don’t
think it could be– [MUSIC PLAYING] Monster Mumblitis! FURGUS: [GASPS] ELMO: Monster Mumblitis! Oh, no! Uh, what’s Monster Mumblitis? FURGUS: That’s what monsters
get if they talk too much. FUNELLA: It’s OK, dear. If you keep quiet and rest your
voice, it’ll soon come back. ELMO: Yeah, but Elmo and
Auntie Funella and Uncle Furgus can’t talk to the
animals without Phoebe. FUNELLA: You’re right, Elmo. This is a huge problem. It’s a catastrophe! ISABEL: [DINGS] ALL: [SINGING] It’s more than
just a slip up or a mess up or a mishap. A Furchester catastrophe. We need to fix it fast-rophe,
and put it in the past-rophe. This simply cannot last-rophe. A Furchester catastrophe. The problem is so vast-rophe. We’re really flabbergast-rophe. Let’s ding the bell
for plast-rophe. Catastrophe! Catastrophe! Oh, a catastrophe. Catastrophe! Catastrophe! Catastrophe. Catastrophe! Catastrophe! It’s a catastrophe. It’s a catastro– what a
disaster– it’s a catastrophe! [HORN BLOWING] FURGUS: Oh, dear. This is a communication
catastrophe. How are we going to talk
to all the other animals until Phoebe gets
her voice back? FUNELLA: Let’s put our furry
heads together and think. [MUSIC PLAYING] What if we all act out
what we want to say? ELMO: Oh, yeah! Elmo loves to play charades. FURGUS: Oh, let me try!
[CLEARS THROAT] Mrs. Woofberg? MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] FURGUS: Um, would you like
some shampoo with your fur cut? MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] ELMO: Um– sham-poo-ah. MRS. WOOFBERG: [HOWLS] FUNELLA: I don’t think
Mrs. Woofberg understands. FURGUS: Oh! We need another way to
talk to our animal guests. ELMO: Ah! Does Phoebe think that Elmo,
Auntie Funella, and Uncle Furgus could draw pictures to
talk to the animals guests? Is that it? Is that it? [LAUGHS] FUNELLA: Oh! ELMO: OK. Here we go, right here. FUNELLA: Thank you! [MUSIC PLAYING] Ta-da! MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] FURGUS: Oh, yes,
she wants a shampoo! FUNELLA: Phoebe! Your idea worked. Let’s give the chalk and
chalkboard to all our guests. [MUSIC PLAYING] MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Eek
eek, eek eek, eek eek, eek! Eek. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh! You want cheese! MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: Eek! COOKIE MONSTER: OK. Hear you go. MR. CHEESE CHOMPER: [GASPS] Eek! [SNIFFS] [GOBBLES] MR. DULL: Excuse me, could
I have a cup of tea, please? FUNELLA: Oh, would you like
to draw that, Mr. Dull? MR. DULL: But why? You can understand
what I’m saying. FUNELLA: We’re asking all our
guests to draw their requests. There you go. MR. DULL: [SIGHS] This is silly. [GRUNTS] There! Ta-da! FUNELLA: Now, let’s see. You want a left shoe. FURGUS: No, I think it’s a bath. MR. DULL: What? But– MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] FURGUS: What does Mrs.
Woofberg what now? Is this the moon? FUNELLA: I think
it’s a soap bubble. MRS. WOOFBERG: [HOWLS] ELMO: Elmo doesn’t think
this is working anymore. PHOEBE: I know what
Mrs. Woofberg wants. FUNELLA: Who said that? ELMO: Phoebe, your
voice is back! FUNELLA: Phoebe, you can talk! PHOEBE: My voice is all rested. FURGUS: And just in time. Can you tell us what
everybody wants? PHOEBE: Mrs. Woofberg
wants a ball, and Mr. Dull wants a cup of tea. ELMO: Ah! OK, Mrs. Woofberg, fetch! MRS. WOOFBERG: [BARKS] FUNELLA: There you are. MR. DULL: Oh, finally. FUNELLA: Any time. ELMO: [HUMMING] Ah! Ta-da! PHOEBE: And Elmo wants–
hmm, what does Elmo want? ELMO: Elmo doesn’t
want anything, Phoebe. Elmo wanted to show
you this picture. PHOEBE: Oh, thanks, Elmo! [MUSIC PLAYING] FUNELLA: You really
can’t be going. Oh, say it isn’t true. FUNELLA AND FURGUS:
The Furchester will never be as
furry without you. FUNELLA: We’d like
you to stay forever. FURGUS: Or longer if you can. ALL: We put our
furry heads together and came up with this plan. So– ALL: [SINGING] Don’t check out. Don’t check out. Please, please, please,
please don’t go. Don’t check out. Don’t check out. No, no, no, no, no. Don’t check out. Don’t check out. Please, please, please,
please don’t go. Don’t check out. Don’t check out! No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please, please don’t check out! [THEME MUSIC]


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