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Furchester Hotel: Welcome to The Furchester (Full Episode)

Furchester Hotel: Welcome to The Furchester (Full Episode)

la-la, la-la, la. La-la, la-la, la-la, la. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel. [BELL DINGING] FUNELLA FURCHESTER: [SINGING]
Your room is ready for you. FURGUS FUZZ: [SINGING]
Just needs to get the bed. PHOEBE FURCHESTER FUZZ:
[SINGING] The lamp, the desk, the rug, the sink. PILLOW: [SINGING] A
pillow for your head. [LAUGHING] COOKIE MONSTER AND
ELMO: [SINGING] The hotel’s run by monsters. Our staff’s beyond compare. ALL: [SINGING] We’ve
got the kind of service you won’t find anywhere. PHOEBE FURCHESTER FUZZ
AND ELMO: [SINGING] So welcome to the Furchester. MONSTERS: [SINGING]
La, la, la, la la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la, la. PHOEBE FURCHESTER
ELMO: to the Furchester. MONSTERS: La, la,
la, la, la, la. [DING] MONSTERS: [SINGING]La,
la, la la, la, la. FURGUS FUZZ: Dine in style. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: So genteel. COOKIE MONSTER: Cookie
come with every meal. MONSTERS: La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la, la. ELMO: Here’s your keys. PHOEBE FURCHESTER FUZZ:
And check right in. FUNELLA FURCHESTER
AND FURGUS FUZZ: Let your furry stay begin. ALL: Welcome to the
Furchester Hotel. FURGUS FUZZ: Welcome
to the Furchester. [LAUGHING] ELMO: Ta-da! Oh, boy, oh, boy. [DING] Elmo’s so excited. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
Oh, me too. It’s not every day we get to
star in our very own video. [CHUCKLES] [GASP] Oh, Elmo, hair. ELMO: Huh? Oh. [CHUCKLES] That’s embarrassing. FURGUS FUZZ: Hm, hm, hm, hm. Yeah, it was a great
idea that your mum had. ELMO: Yeah. FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
Oh, Furgus, let me. FURGUS FUZZ: Oh. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Ooh! When people see
the video, they’re going to want to stay
at our lovely hotel. MR. DIRECTOR: Oh, fine. Yes. Oh, yes! Yes! Get the camera set up, Carol. CAROL: Right. MR. DIRECTOR: I
can work with this. [GASP] FUNELLA FURCHESTER: You must
be the director of our video. Welcome to the Furchester
Hotel, Mr. Director. Ha. MR. DIRECTOR: Well,
you’re– you’re monsters. [LAUGHING] FURGUS FUZZ:
Through and through. Ooh, uh, this is our daughter,
Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ: Hello. FURGUS FUZZ: And
our nephew, Elmo. ELMO: Oh, yes, hi, hello. MR. DIRECTOR: I
mean, I just didn’t know that this was
a monster hotel. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Oh,
with a half-star rating. [DING] ELMO: Ah! [CHUCKLING] FUNELLA FURCHESTER: But it’s
not just for monsters, you know. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
Yeah, yes, we’ve got guests of all kinds. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Oh, yes. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
Animal, vegetable, mineral. MR. DIRECTOR: Oof. CARROT: Hi. MR. DIRECTOR: Oh, so I see. [LAUGHS] Well, I guess a
hotel is a hotel. So why don’t we get started? FURGUS FUZZ: Ooh,
Funella, my sweet, why don’t you show Mr. Director
how you welcome the guests? FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
Oh, no, no, no. MR. DIRECTOR: Well,
this is great. Well, it’s just great. [DINGING] FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Oh,
here comes a guest now. MR. DIRECTOR: Go, go,
go, go, go, go, go! [HUMMING] GUEST: Oh, charming. MR. DIRECTOR: Carol,
quick, the door. The door. The door. CAROL: Right, right. CHICKEN: Bok, bok. Oh, oh. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
The revolving door is speeding up again, Dad. DOG: Whoa! CHICKEN: Bok, bok. MONSTER: Ah! FURGUS FUZZ: Uh, don’t worry. I can solve the problem. Watch, Mr. Director. [LAUGHING] OK. [GROANING] CHICKEN: Oh, bok, bok, bok, bok! Oh. [LAUGHTER] MR. DIRECTOR: Ah. [YELLING] GOPHER: Oof. CHICKEN: Bok, bok, bok. GOPHER: [GIBBERISH] DUCK: Quack, quack, quack! DUCK: [GIBBERISH] MR. DIRECTOR: Yeah,
yeah, but perhaps there’s other parts of the
hotel that we could show. ELMO: Let’s show Mr. Director
and Miss Carol the dining room. MR. DIRECTOR: Ah, perfect. Are we recording, Carol? CAROL: Yep. MR. DIRECTOR: Excellent. So let me get this straight. You’re a Cookie Monster? COOKIE MONSTER: Yep, that right. Me love cookies. Yeah, yeah, when me see
them, me got to eat them. [LAUGHTER] MR. DIRECTOR: Ah. MR. DULL: Waiter? COOKIE MONSTER: Excuse me. dum de dum de dum. OK, sir. Oh, you going to enjoy this. Here are your cookies. MR. DULL: But I
didn’t order cookies. I ordered tomato soup. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh. MR. DIRECTOR: Aw. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
that me mistake. Sorry. MR. DIRECTOR: Well, we better
not put that in the video. Cookie Monster got
the order wrong. And that’s a problem. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
excuse me, Mr. Director. Yeah, me can fix. MR. DIRECTOR: Ah. COOKIE MONSTER: Om,
nom, nom, nom, num. Om num, om, num, num,
num, num, num, num. Ah, ah, ah. [LAUGHING] COOKIE MONSTER: Num, num, num. [CHEWING] [SLURPING] Ah! Problem solved. [MUSIC PLAYING] FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
Mr. Director, you must get our guest
rooms on camera. [LAUGHING] MRS. ICEBERGER: Excuse me,
but my room is too hot. I’m a penguin. And I like it cold. FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
Oh, dear, we have a penguin with a too-hot room. MR. MAINBRE: Brr. Uh, pardon me, but
my room is too cold. [GROANS] I’m a lion. I like it hot. Brr. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: And a
lion with a too-cold room. MR. DIRECTOR: Hey, that’s
OK, Miss Furchester. I’ll just show you
switching their rooms. FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
Switching their rooms? MR. DIRECTOR: Mhm. [LAUGHS] FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Why
would we switch their rooms? FURGUS FUZZ: Oh, we know
how to solve this problem. ELMO: Ah. FURGUS FUZZ: Don’t we, Phoebe? PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ: Yes. FURGUS FUZZ: Let’s go. Let’s go. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
Back in a minute. ELMO: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. [LAUGHING] [GRUNT] FURGUS FUZZ: There you
go, Miss Iceberger. This fan should cool
you down a treat. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ: And
here you go, Mr. Mainbre. MR. MAINBRE: Brr. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
This lion neck warmer should heat you right up. MR. MAINBRE: Why thank you. Ha. I’m feeling a little
starting to feel cooler already. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Oh, you see,
Mr. Director, we Furchesters are great at solving problems. [DOOR OPENS] MR DULL: What is all
this racket out here? I’m trying to take a nap. And all I hear is
talking, talking, talking. [LAUGHTER] ELMO: Mr. Harvey P.
Dull, Elmo will help. Be right back. FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
Are you getting this on camera, Mr. Director? [DRUMMING] ELMO: Here, Mr. Harvey P. Dull. Now you won’t hear the talking. MR DULL: Drumming? Really? FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Everyone’s
problem’s have been solved! MR. DIRECTOR: Yes, but
now I have a problem. FURGUS FUZZ: What did you say? I can’t hear you
because of the drumming. MR. DIRECTOR: I said,
I have a problem. ALL: What? [MUSIC PLAYING] MR. DIRECTOR: What
I was trying to say is that I’ve got a
problem with the video. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Oh. MR. DIRECTOR: I need to
show something that’ll make someone, well, anyone,
want to stay at your hotel. FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
[LAUGHS] Well, why wouldn’t they
want to stay here? ELMO: Yeah. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: The
Furchester’s so welcoming. FURGUS FUZZ: Yeah, but
most of all, the Furchester is relaxing. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Yes. ELMO: Mm. [GONG] MR. DIRECTOR: What was that? MONSTER: Tea! MONSTER: Time! [YELLING] FURGUS FUZZ: Ah! Oh, it’s the tea time. Ah! Oh! [LAUGHING] [GROANING] [GASPING] MR. DIRECTOR: Carol? Carol? CAROL: It’s OK. I’m OK. MR. DIRECTOR: Oh,
thank goodness. CAROL: I’m OK. MR. DIRECTOR: Look, I’m sorry,
Furchesters, but I give up. I’m done here. Done, done, done. I tried. But I cannot make a
video for this hotel. MONSTER: What? ELMO: Why not? MR. DIRECTOR: Well, because
everything is going wrong. You’ve got a door
that spits out guests, and a Cookie Monster
for a waiter, and monster tea time,
whatever that is. If we show all the problems,
no one will want to stay here. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
Please, don’t give up on us. FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
Yes, we have a saying. A Furchester never gives up. [DINGING] ALL: [SINGING] La,
la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la. A Furchester never gives
up, never gives up– OCTOPUS: Ooh! Ah! ALL: –never gives up. A Furchester never gives up. We try our very best. ‘Cause we are monsters
through and through. And so we do what monsters do. We ugh. MONSTERS: Ugh. ALL: And oof. MONSTERS: Oof! ALL: And oof some more. We oof even harder than before. A Furchester never gives up,
never gives up, never gives up. A Furchester never gives up. We try our very best. And a Furchester never– COOKIE MONSTER: Never! ALL: Well, hardly ever. PHOEBE FURCHESTER FUZZ AND
There must be a way to make a video
so everybody knows what a wonderful hotel
the Furchester is. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
We just need to put our furry heads
together and think. ELMO: All right. FURGUS FUZZ: OK. ELMO: How about– PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ: Uh. ELMO: We could try and– ELMO: Ya! FURGUS FUZZ: Ooh, what if we
only show things going right? FUNELLA FURCHESTER:
But then there won’t be anything
to show, dearest. [LAUGHS] PHOEBE FURCHESTER
FUZZ: [INAUDIBLE], that gives me a monster idea. ELMO: Yeah? PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ:
The video should show everything
going wrong. FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Oh? MR. DIRECTOR: What? Why would we want to show that? PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ: Because
things do go wrong here. But we Furchesters are really
good at solving those problems. ELMO: Oh, yeah. MR. DIRECTOR: Wait. This could work. Now I know just what to do. ELMO: Ah. MR. DIRECTOR: Let’s go, Carol. CAROL: Coming. MR. DIRECTOR: All
right, everyone, I know you’re all super
excited to see the video. So allow me to present– [INHALES DEEPLY] –the Furchester Hotel. [DINGING] NARRATOR: Welcome to
the Furchester Hotel. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ: Hooray! [LAUGHING] NARRATOR: Where the
staff are friendly. [LAUGHING] FUNELLA FURCHESTER: Oh. NARRATOR: The food
is irresistible. COOKIE MONSTER: Om
nom, nom, om nom. NARRATOR: And the guests
always come first. MR. MAINBRE: Ah. FURGUS FUZZ: Oh, there
you go, Miss Iceberger. This fan should cool
you down a treat. NARRATOR: We may have problems. DUCK: Wa! NARRATOR: But we know
how to solve them. NARRATOR: Quack, quack, quack. NARRATOR: So run, don’t walk,
to the Furchester Hotel. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ: Yay! [LAUGHTER] Yeah! FURGUS FUZZ: Oh,
that was fantastic. PHOEBE FURCHESTER-FUZZ: Amazing. MR. DIRECTOR: Yes, thank you. Thank you. You know, I think I’d like
to check into the Furchester myself. [GASP] FURGUS FUZZ: You see,
You really can’t be going. Oh, say it isn’t true. FUNELLA FURCHESTER
AND FURGUS FUZZ: The Furchester will never
be as furry without you. PHOEBE FURCHESTER
AND FURGUS FUZZ: Please, please, please,
AND ELMO: Don’t check out. COOKIE MONSTER: Don’t check out. ALL: No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, please, please, don’t check out! TEA TIME MONSTERS: [CHANTING]
Ugga wugga tea time. Ugga wugga clink. Ugga wugga tea time. Ugga wugga drink. Ah! [YELLING] ALL: [SINGING] Farewell
from the Furchester Hotel.


Mr. Mainbrie is a recycled version of Chicago the Lion while one of the generic Sesame Street penguins was used to portray Mrs. Iceberger.

It would be worthy to either have it as a segment on Sesame Street or be a separate spin off on PBS Kids!


Bugpope…. it's perfectly ok! I love these episodes! I'm a 19 year old woman… so…. it's perfectly fine

Can we please have Season 2 put up on youtube. My son loves the Furchester Hotel, but I really need some new episodes!

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