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Futuristic Skateboard! | ENJOY or DESTROY?

Futuristic Skateboard! | ENJOY or DESTROY?

Geez, that SkateCycle was seriously so hard to ride! I mean… I can ride a Ripstik easily, but this was something else even more bizarre. Do you guys think you could ride it – or more importantly if it’s even WORTH riding?! Also be sure to check out this other DOPE or NOPE episode ➡

i pause the video for like 10 minutes then i unpause it and the first thing i hear is that 13 year olds aren`t smart. (im 13)

Matthias, about the socks they have nano hairs on top of the cloth. those nano hairs prevent water from touching the cloth. so basically you have normal breathable cloth with a layer of nano hairs


the footmask, you wear it for about an hour, about a week later, it loses skin, like it's a snake losing it's skin…, it's disgusting, but your feet are nice and soft after :p

Was I the only only who thought Matt looked like a smurf with the big beanie on? No disrespect, smurfs are awesome!

This is one of my favorite videos on your channel. But their was a Tik Tok ad before it. Sooooooo……..

Lol "Likes do basically nothing" The more likes you have the more Youtube will shove the video down peoples throat to view it. which views are what pay you. If they did nothing you wouldnt want them so bad. JS

In the beginning Tanner was ready to come on all happy until Matt said that isn't so tan than he said awww

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one."
-John Lennon

The foot masks are good for your feet but hurt in the process. Over a course of 2-4 weeks your feet peel and flake very intensely and they are bare and hurt to walk on but it is good for your feet

I’m jealous because you guys can buy like anything but then if you were us you wouldn’t be able to afford these motorcycles skateboards and other stuff that is expensive because we are not rich like you guys are

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