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Game Theory: Zelda Rupees are REAL?!? (ft. PBG)

Game Theory: Zelda Rupees are REAL?!? (ft. PBG)

MatPat: Today we’re going to touch on a subject that’s long overdue. So overdue, in fact, that I’ve “Been Drowning” In requests. Eh, Eh? See what I did there? Been Drowning in requests? Ben Drowned? Ugh, I’m talking about the Ben Drowned Creepypasta, OK? *All Echo-y*, The story goes that on September 7th, 2010, a 4-Chan user by the name of Jadusable, Posted about a strange “Majora’s Mask” Cartridge an old man had given him *Starting to get distorted* : Over the coming days, he began documenting it Like all the strange things the cartridge was doing, Including: Graphical Glitches Altered- *Illegible words* *Creepy Laugh* ???: You’ve met with a Terrible fate, Haven’t you? MatPat: What’s that? What’s going on? ???: You shouldn’t have made a Ben Drowned Theory… MatPat: Wait, A second, I know that voice… You’re The “GrapeJellyPlayer!” PBG: Um.. PeanutButterGamer… Actually. MatPat: Yeah, That’s Pretty much what I said. What are you doing here? Again. PBG: Well, I’ve been messing around with Skyward Sword Hacks, PBG: And I found a code that lets me hack into ANY video PBG: That mentions “Zelda” MatPat: Really? Is that like a part of YouTube Red? PBG: Uh… No? What are you even talking about? We’re doing a Collab Video, Remember? MatPat: *chuckles* Oh yeah, that’s right! Sorry, I ran out of Diet Coke and my brain’s been a bit Fuzzy Lately. PBG: Oh… That explains it! MatPat: Explains What? PBG: “Ben Drowned”? I mean, you’re really scrapin’ the bottom of the barrel here, man. PBG: Clearly, You’re not on form. I mean, I talked about “Ben Drowned”, like, 3 years ago, and even then, it was PBG: It was kinda old news. MatPat: Well, do you have any better ideas, Mr.”Butter Gamer”? PBG” Actually, I do! [Theme] MatPat: Hello, Internet! Welcome to GameTheory! Proudly Riding the Search Trends Of PeanutButterGamer’s “Zelda Month” Since 2013 And this year over on his channel, For the Top 8 Useless Zelda Items I make no small issue about the absurdity of wallets in Zelda games. I mean, Link can shove a slingshot, a hoverboard, multiple bombs, 2 grappling hooks and a giant ball-and-chain into his pants! But he has a limit on the number of rupees he can cram in there too? Huh. I don’t think so. PBG: But on the subject of rupees, one question the world wants to know is… How much are they worth in real life? I mean who wouldn’t want their very own rupee? They’re so… So SHINY! The value of a Zelda rupee is something I’ve wanted to tackle for a really long time. So long, In fact, that other YouTubers seem to have beaten me to the punch. But My Conclusions are going to be very different so let’s hop right in our first
challenge here is figuring out what exactly a rupee is made out of the first
hint as to what their real-world equivalent is comes from the first game
“The Legend Of Zelda”. Here, the games intro screen refers to them as rupees miss
spelled with an i however the manual calls them rubies as
in the red gemstone. PBG: but clearly that’s a localization error right? rubies are exclusively red and in Zelda
rupees come in all sorts of different colors green purple blue black so even
though the names are similar they can’t really be the same thing. MatPat: Woah-ho take
off your bunny hood and slow down there Nutella- Sportsman then the word ruby is actually just a
fancy name for an impure form of the mineral “corundum”, the second hardest
mineral on earth after diamond. Pure corundum is colorless but if an element like chromium is
present when it’s forming this otherwise colorless mineral adopt a nice red color this is what we know as a ruby but if
red jewelry is out of season no worries corundum is also available in orange
blue yellow purple green black pretty much any color of the rainbow or Zelda
rupee but Rubies are red I hear you saying and
you’re absolutely right they are these non-red corundum gems are actually
called sapphires wait what it’s crazy isn’t it we
normally think of sapphires as being blue gemstones right but they can also
be yellow purple orange green pretty much any color depending on the other
elements that are present when the stone is forming and get this a sapphire and
Ruby are no more different from each other than a blue diamond is from a red
diamond at the end of the day the red and blue diamonds are still diamonds
made of the same material:Carbon! just like how red rubies and blue sapphires
are still made of corundum we just call them fancy names based on their color ok mr. game hypothesizer see, I can play
the call the special guest a weird name game too – what makes you so sure that
they’re not made of any other mineral well the shape, minerals can fall into
one of seven crystal families depending on the way their atoms tend to arrange
themselves (their shape) things like pyrite and diamonds tend to form cubes so they fall
into the cubic family the other families are triclinic
monoclinic orthorhombic tetragonal and hexagonal depending on the game Zelda
the rupee’s are either shaped like a hexagonal bipyramids or hexagonal bifrustum either way you slice it Zelda rupees
clearly fall into the hexagonal family and guess which family corundum just so
happens to belong to that’s right Hexagonal! that’s another
score for corundum. PBG:OK so we’re limited to only members of the hexagonal family
that narrows it down but what about emeralds aquamarines and morganite they’re all fancier names for the
mineral barrel and they come in almost the same colors as corundum oh I had no
idea you cared so much about minerals that rocks pun definitely intended oh I don’t i was just reading of a
Wikipedia article i pulled up and I got bored listening to you oh well sure barrel is a fine candidate
but we haven’t brought up the last piece of evidence Pleochroism PBG:Liopleurodon? unicorn A:it’s a leopleurodon, charlie unicorn B:magical leopleurodo Pleochroism it’s an optical illusion that only
certain gems are able to create, where changing the angle you’re viewing the
gemstone from will subtly shift the color of the stone crystallographers not
only used to determine the price of a gemstone but also use it to determine
what sort of gemstone they’re looking at simply turning a gem in your hand can be
a really easy way to find out whether you’re looking at say a green emerald or
a green sapphire now if you look at any hi-res rupee found in ocarina of time
you can see that as they rotate their colors darken and lighten that’s
textbook pleochroism minerals like diamond and garnet don’t do this but gem
quality corundum does in fact corundum is one of the only minerals that not
only comes in multiple colors but also exhibits moderate to strong pleochroism
no matter what color it is barrel also exhibits pleochroism but
not at the level corundum is able to achieve and certainly not to the level
that we see it exist in the game in short from the name to the color
variety to the crystal structure to the refraction all sources . towards the
fact that rupees are indeed rubies and sapphires corundum-based gemstones alright alright rupees are rubies
discovery of the century oh how we marvel at how smart and insightful you
are but cut the chase how much are these guys worth well to calculate that we’re gonna have
to find their height volume and density in the majora’s moon episode i
calculated young link’s height of just over four foot two inches PBG:wait wasn’t
he 10 feet tall? no no that was wario oh my bad no not yours mine definitely mine so we
can use the links light to calculate the length of all the edges of the in-game
rupees and then use those numbers to calculate the area of hexagonal base and
use that number to calculate the volume of the entire rupee easy peasy PBGbies PGB:sounds super
exciting I’m just gonna be over here playing tri
Force heroes to help me concentrate so link measures in at four feet two inches
and the in-game rupees are almost half that size at just over two feet or 60
1.51 centimeters tall and measuring apex apex five inches or 12 point 7
centimeters wide since the base of the rupee is a hexagon with three sets of
parallel edges that makes calculating its area much easier it can be divided into two perfectly
congruent isosceles trapezoid so we only need to find the area of one
trapezoid and then multiply it by 2 reflexive property for the win so the area of the trapezoid is base one
plus base 2 / 2 x heights base one is 15.5 inches base 2 is 24 . 22 inches and
the height is 2.5 inches plug in the numbers and we get 49.6 five
inches squared and since as we said we have to trapezoids the total area of the
base of the rupee is 99.3 square inches or six hundred forty point six four square centimeters ho boy time for
the volume how can i read this part of the script
please I haven’t had enough speaking line yet knock yourself out the volume of a by
pyramid is to third space area times height we already know our base area is 99.3
square inches and our height from base to apex is 2.5 inches so plugging the
numbers in we get 165 . 5 cubic inches or 2712 point o five cubic centimeters that was fun I do this more often
anytime my friend since rubies are colored that means that they’re impure
forms of corundum the density of impure corundum varies because well it’s impure but the density of sapphire tends to be
around 65 . 22 grams per cubic inch or three point nine eight grams per cubic
centimeter that means get this we have ten thousand
seven hundred ninety three point nine grams or 24 pounds of green sapphire on
her hands for a single rupee jeez forget about Iron Boots just wrap
your giants quality your back and you’ll sink faster than a sack of gorons the
price for green sapphire is anywhere between 250 and seven hundred sixty
dollars per carat now using what we learned about crystallography from the
Minecraft a diamond armor episode we can assume that these opaque green rupees
are going to skew towards the lower end of that price range meaning that drum
roll please we’re finally able to get the value of a
single green Ocarina of Time rupee which is get this an astonishing 13 million four hundred ninety 2448
dollars and seventy-five cents no wonder link goes around smashing
everyone’s pots to find these things and really puts into perspective how much
you’re paying for that refill of bombs that you might competitor you truly are
a beautiful gem of a human being thanks for having me on cartridge
guesser and thank you for having me on your channel to complain about wallets
and other stupid items like magic armor which now knowing the value of a rupee
makes even less sense Oh give me upset just thinking about it
you should mention that they can go watch our other video by clicking the
spinning rupee right there I think you just did my friend I think
you just did but hey that’s just a theory a GAME theory thanks for watching but seriously click that rupee you’ll be glad you did we’re pretty
hilarious and while you’re at it subscribe to both our channel since
we’re cool guys to do cool videos about cool games or at least that’s what MatPat say anyway personally I’m not so sure about the
cool part well cool guys is a relative term we did just spend a couple paragraphs
analyzing the dimensions volume and density of fictional video game currency
and then nerding out over geometric formulas so cool by internet standards I guess maybe and speaking of excessive
amounts of money last time on the super amazing and card tournament when asked whether you wanted to find
your true soul mates or 10 million dollars in cash sixty-two percent of you chose true love
a soul mates where is everyone else voted for cash 10 million dollars though it’s still not
going to get you a single green rupee from legend of zelda crazy this time no
vote just check out the video over on PPG’s channel or if you want more zelda
math click over here to see me analyze one of my favorite Zelda items of all
time the hook shot and find out why it’s
perhaps the most deadly item in links arsenal but not to the enemy, to
link himself thanks for having me on, cartridge guesser


What about silver rupees?
They’re worth 100 ripped and gold ones are worth 300
Here’s a list,I think I got it wrong but this is based off of what I remember


MatPat, this theory was solid but, due to Breath of the Wild and how it is a cannon game, this theory now falls flat. It can be redone though since you can compare the value of rupees be comparing the value for gems in real life to the value of rupees. Not trying to be rude, just wanted to help you remake the theory due to info that is added through the new games.

i know this came out before breath of the wild but in that game you can sell ruby and sapphire as an ore and blue rupees are worth 5 green rupees but if you sell sapphire its worth around 200 rupees so..

But in both Rupees and rubies are very different.
A red Rupee is worth 20 Rupees
While a ruby is worth around 210 rupees

mat pat: ruby's and sapphires are rupys
Breath of the wild: bitch theres sapphires ruby's and rupys in breath of the wild!!!
( sorry about swearing just couldn't help myself )

GrapeJellyPlayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!!!! GRAPEJELLYPLAYER AND THE VIDEO GUESSER

Help me come up with a better named for TGT

Wait but what about the other colors? Because I’m the game there are different colors and they have different values

But what about those grey rupees that are worth negative money? (Rupoors)
Edit: especially considering its corrundum the pure form of rupees

I know that your right about this, but I used your calculation of the worth of a coin in smm2 and found out that according to botw rupees are about $0.17

2:39 I might have went to home and heard that paper crunch I thought a zombie thing happened so I replayed it

But what about the economics? The value of rubies is high primarily because they are scarce in the market. But in the Zelda Universe, if the markets are flooded with these minerals, the value of the material likely to plummet. ^_^

The intro about ben drowning legit scared me as a little kid because it was midnight and I just wanted to see if rupies existed, not get a jumpscare

Wait… In Zeda Botw rubies, sapphires, and rupees are all different items, so how come they’re all not in the same item slot?

Working out the value of the Magic Armour in the real world:
A real world Rupee is worth $13,492,448.75. The Magic Armour in Twilight Princess costs 598 Rupees. We already know everything we need, so if we do some simple multiplication, the Magic Armour is worth a mind-blowing
$8,068,484,352.50. Yikes!

Are you still think your videos are boring but when I saw this I thought well this is the content I like to see

If rupees are really rubies how are there silver rupees in the wind waker (I said wind waker I don’t know if they have it in other games)

It would be nice if they we look back at this theory with botw in mind cuz like sapphires and rubies are worth in rupees

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