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GEEKIEST HOUSE OF ALL TIME (8.25.15 – Day 1242) |

GEEKIEST HOUSE OF ALL TIME (8.25.15 – Day 1242) |

– Good morning clan, welcome back once again. We’re still here in Seattle, getting ready to leave our hotel room, got everything packed,
cleaned and in order, and getting ready to head back downstairs for the final time. Alright guys, a quick little Uber ride and we’re here at the Pirillo’s house, and immediately, right away
when you walk in the door it’s bam, mini-figs, Legos, he has a dedicated Lego room, check this out. – No, no, no, I got more Lego
stuff throughout the house, it’s just part of the experience here. This is like the
introduction to everything. – [Clintus] Yeah it’s the walk-in. – [Chris] It is the walk-in Lego room, I never thought of describing it that way. It was originally the library, and then slowly but surely
I’m getting rid of any– – [Clintus] The books are
getting out, yeah exactly, the books are being replaced by– Yeah, see he’s got the
new shelf workin’ on. What are some of the guys you guys see? You guys recognize? Seein’ lots of different Stormtroopers, there’s the Joker, some Ninjago guys. – [Bryce] Oh look it, statue of liberty. – [Clintus] Oh yeah. All kinds of guys, stuff you probably never even heard of. – [Sierra] Oh he’s got a creeper. – [Clintus] Yep, there’s a creeper, yep. – [Sierra] Captain America. – [Voiceover] Oh so y’all like Minecraft? – [Clintus] Oh yeah, big Minecrafters. Deadpool, and Magneto. – [Sierra] Look at the
Little Mermaid, Yoda. – [Clintus] That’s like Christmas Yoda, hahaha, he’s got a Santa Clause outfit on. Santa Yoda, there’s Batman. – [Bryce] Where?
– [Clintus] Right there. – [Bryce] Ooo, what the heck is that? – [Clintus] Pretty cool. So how many years of collecting? – I’d say probably from
the very beginning, but I really got serious about it, if one can get serious
about figure collecting, a few years ago, so I wouldn’t say much
longer than maybe six years, it exploded when I moved into the house. – [Clintus] Gotcha, gotcha. – I needed to do something with this room. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look guys he’s got all kinds of, all the different ships. Millennium Falcon,
Tie-Fighter, The Death Star. This is actually cool because it actually has
all the little rooms. There’s the prison – [Sierra] Oh yeah look it, here’s CP30. – [Clintus] C3P0. – [Chris] Ehh close enough. – [Clintus] (laughing) Oh yeah, so cool. – It took me about 24
hours total to build. There we go, if I press this button, what will happen is, stars will beam up to the ceiling, but it’s not very powerful. And this is the Star Wars galaxies, and if I remove this part– Wait no, this is our galaxy, and if I remove this part, it describes the Star Wars galaxies. – [Clintus] Ohhh. Seriously guys look at this, all the Ninja Turtles, there’s Shredder. – [Sierra] There’s Hulk back there. – [Clintus] There’s Hulk.
– [Bryce] Where’s Shredder? – [Clintus] Shredder’s right here. – [Chris] So y’all gotta
come up to Seattle again, because BritCon is happening. It’s an annual event, specifically for adult fans of Lego, and if we can find my
Rat Badge, there we go, BritCon. – [Clintus] Whoahoho, check it out. – So every year, at the same place where VloggerFair was, the room is filled with
Lego constructions, made by people who are fans of Lego, so I’ve been going for a number of years, and you can make like special bricks. – [Clintus] Ohhh very cool. – There’s a Quick Bunny, which I didn’t realize existed. And it’s very rare, or
not very well known, because it came along at a time where Lego was going through a transition, but I decided that as
much as I like Lego bricks and constructing things, there’s only so much space, and I really, really, really, have always liked mini-figures. In fact some of my first
mini-figures I ever have are in here somewhere. – [Clintus] Scattered somewhere? – [Chris] Yeah it’s a movie replica, and go ahead, you can put it on. It actually has a breather in there too, but, it’s perfect! I have a full uniform upstairs. It used to be custom because I got it, but it wasn’t cut for me, but I wear that sometimes. – [Voiceover] Now it feels normal. – I was going to drink this, – [Clintus] Ground control. – but it’s now a gift for you, this is a special stout
that has ale yeast, that went up into space. – [Clintus] Aww no way. – it’s chilled right now, but you can drink it,
you can hold onto it, – [Clintus] Imperial stout. – If you’re into the stouts
and porters like I am. – [Clintus] Yeah, we
had this conversation, I think the first time we were in Seattle, and you got them and I was like, “Nah I wasn’t into them.” And then I came home and
I did that taste test, and I bought like five or six bottles, and I even text him and I was like, “What’s the difference between
this and that and this?” So I picked em, that is so cool. – This is special they just released it, and obviously it’s going
to be a limited run, but you can drink it, not drink it, keep the box, throw the box away. – [Clintus] Thank you so much. I’m definitely going to drink it, I’m definitely going to drink it. – Well let me know because
I haven’t gotten yet. – [Clintus] Brewed with Oregon hazelnuts, star yeast, coco nibs, and
ale yeast sent into space. This picture here, was actually one of
Chris’s Instagram pics, I remember this picture, and he had it printed on vinyl,
and it’s actually on canvas. Printed on canvas, right above his mantle. – [Bryce] Daddy look it’s baby Groot. – [Clintus] I know and
he’s got two zen gardens, one with baby Groot and one with– This one’s actually like a
sculpture this is awesome. – [Chris] Yeah that is
a Funko Hikari Groot, limited run in the series. – [Clintus] He has so much
awesome artwork in his house. What’s the name of this artist again? – [Chris] Justin Pilgrim, – [Clintus] Yeah, this
kinda art work all over. All throughout the house, Oh I love this one, little
piggy back ride there. – This is all Minecraft. – [Clintus] I know he’s
got Minecraft sets. – [Sierra] There’s the Ender Dragon. – [Clintus] This is all Lord
of the Rings stuff over here. – [Sierra] Minecraft’s the best. – [Bryce] Hobbit
– [Clintus] Hobbit, yeah. Very cool, look he’s got
all The Simpsons mini-figs with The Simpsons house. Wow I didn’t even know they had all these. Ahh it’s Bartman, it’s Bartman! That was my idol back
when I was like 13 man. Had a Bartman shirt. – [Bryce] Where’s the bad guy? – [Chris] Mr. Burns? – [Clintus] No he’s
talking about Sideshow Bob. – [Bryce] Yeah Sideshow Bob. – [Chris] I don’t think they’ve
made a Sideshow Bob yet. – [Clintus] There’s the Ender Dragon, I’ve never seen on before
in real life, there he is. – [Bryce] I haven’t. Not in Legos, but I have in real life. – [Clintus] Very cool. – Nope, not in your
mouth, not in your mouth. – Well don’t give it to her. – Here Jedi, here play with that. – [Clintus] Alright
we’re going downstairs. – This is called the Awesome Room. – [Clintus] The Awesome Room
– Yeah – [Clintus] Oh wow look
at that art work, oh wow. Star Wars. What’s that day– – [Chris] Dia de los Muertos. – [Clintus] Yes, that is awesome. Look at the individual cards. Little Jabba skull. Greeted with Darth Vader himself. – [Chris] So many random
things that I get, sometimes go here, there, wherever. This has been transformed, this is the, as you
noticed, The Awesome Room. – [Clintus] The Awesome Room. – [Chris] And various things
that don’t go anywhere else. – [Clintus] Got the emoji pillows. Ahh man, all kinds of cool stuff. There’s the nutcrackers. Had many conversations with
the nutcrackers on the vlogs. – [Chris] After Jedi was born, I stopped doing a lot of
the stuff I used to do with the nutcrackers. – [Clintus] Iron Man
busts, those are so cool. – [Bryce] It’s ski-ball. – [Clintus] Little ski-ball action. Not too hard, nice, nice shot. – [Sierra] Mom it’s ski-ball look it. – [Clintus] iArcade, oh
look there’s a little kitchenette down here too. You can live down here, you don’t even have to come upstairs. And now upstairs, to the office, AKA Vader overload. Lots and lots of Star Wars action. Look at all these figurines, wow. It’s all Jabba’s whole setup there. Lightsaber and lightsaber lava lamp. – [Bryce] It’s a whole
army of Stormtroopers. – [Clintus] A whole army of Stormtroopers. Look at all the Vaders Bryce,
look at all the Vaders. – [Bryce] Holy cow! – [Sierra] Is that Santa Star Wars? – [Clintus] So many Vaders. So many Vaders. Vaders everywhere. Potato Head. Micky Mouse. So many Vaders, oh there’s more, there’s more! There’s more! Look at all these. Darth Vader milk chocolate, hahaha. – [Sierra] Daddy look it. – [Clintus] I’m coming, it’s so much. – It’s Chris as a Lego, in his office. – [Clintus] It’s what? Oh yeah!
– It’s Chris as a Lego. – [Clintus] Oh my gosh look at all these. So many Vaders, look at all the figurines. I think it’s one of those things where if he sees a
Vader, he has to have it. Even if he already has it, he has to have another one. – No, I have not gone that far yet. Some of these are gifts, though. – [Clintus] Oh I’m sure. – I’m very, very grateful
I have a community that empowers my passion. – [Clintus] Ahh it’s the famous– Does that still tell time? – [Chris] No, they’re all way off. – [Clintus] It used to tell time. – [Chris] I could probably reset it, right about now actually, well I’d be a half hour off. – So for years you guys, Chris live-streamed like 24/7, right here from this desk, and these lights, his famous iMac screensaver, for years, if he wasn’t sitting here, this camera was still on, and this was the backdrop, and there was just like, lights. And then he’d be sitting here working, not really talking to the camera, but the camera was on, and he’d just be working,
and you’d watch Chris work, and the chat was going on. – What is this camera for? – That’s his live-streaming camera. – [Chris] That’s what I shoot now, like the geek-parent tips I just posted, – All from that camera, right. It’s got the light, it’s
got the little monitor, got the microphone, it’s a good setup. But he’d be here working, and he would literally turn, and then boom he would just start talking, like from chat like from some chat. I spent many hours watching Chris Pirillo in this chair right here, hahaha. Oh that’s awesome, he’s
got so many cool things. – [Voiceover] Does the phone talk? It’s a silly phone. – [Chris] She likes it when
Siri goes off for some reason. That was the first one. – [Clintus] That’s your
first Star Wars character? – Yep
– [Clintus] Wow. And you went and bought– – [Chris] I still have, believe it or not. I try to take care of most of my toys when I was a kid. Most of em didn’t make it but, – [Clintus] Well you’re a collector, so. – [Chris] I was one as a kid, but it was just different back then, and talking to kids these days they don’t remember
before Ebay and Amazon. – [Clintus] Yeah, the hunt. the hunt for trying to find something. – Garbage Pail Kids
were probably the most, and I still have em, the most intensive collection that I had, so I just can’t, I
don’t want to let it go. It’s like, “I can still
do it, I can still do it.” – [Clintus] Oh yeah, for sure. – And it’s certainly a hell
of a lot easier as an adult than it ever was as a kid. Now here’s a little thing. You can get a customized Dave Prowse, autographed photo, and you can get it customized. It’s only like $20, $30
bucks on his website. You don’t need to go
to these fancy places, you can go directly to his website. – Alright you guys, so we’ve made our way
to downtown Issaquah, and it’s a cool homely lookin little town, like old school streets and stuff, and we’re heading to Issaquah Brewhouse, we got a full crew with us. Alright lunch is served,
look what we got here. We got some Sriracha stout tacos, mommy got the roasted veggie sandwich with a side salad and some chili, kids got some burgers
and they’re on frisbees. I know look at that, it’s a free frisbee, it says Rogue on it. And you got Jello? Everyone gets Jello. – I didn’t get Jello! – [Clintus] I didn’t get
Jello either, just the kids. You get Jello and a frisbee. – I’m a kid. – [Clintus] We’re all big kids, right? – I have more Lego
stuff than any kid here. – [Clintus] Haha, that’s
true, that’s true. Oh it looks so good. Issaquah Coffee Company. If you’re hanging our with Chris Pirillo, you’ve gotta have coffee. First you do beer, dark beer, stouts and porter beer, and then you do coffee, and so that’s where we’re heading next. And look at this coffee shop, it looks like a little house. Chris is over there hard at work. – Diane, she was Periscoping Jedi eating, dog pet stuffed
animals we got as a gift. – [Clintus] Kids are playing, they love hanging out with Katie. – Time to go home. You guys ready to take off? – Yeah
– Yep, we’re moving right now. – What did we do to daddy? – Made him sit by himself. – Yeah he’s not in the row behind us, he’s the very, very back row. – I’m feeling very popular and special, both kids wanted to sit by me, because I’m fun on airplanes, huh? – Yeah daddy just watches a movie and puts his headphones on. – Yeah on the way here, he had his earphones
on and watched a movie, so it’s was pointless
for Bryce to sit by him. – Now I actually feel bad for him. – So Bryce wanted to have
fun with us this time. – Ready? – [Sierra] Yeah. – [Tiffany] Bouncy. (imitating bouncy noises) Oh, that’s a little bright. A little bright for the eyes. (airplane engines roaring) – Mom this is my first
time on a plane at night. – [Tiffany] That’s pretty cool, huh? – Yeah. But I’ve been on a plane, wait, not four times because
I’ve been on a plane when I was a baby. – [Tiffany] Right. – So, – [Tiffany] Technically…
– Six? – [Tiffany] Yeah, something like that. – [Bryce] And we’re on the ground. – [Tiffany] Now we’re on the ground – [Bryce] Yeah. – Home sweet home once again, feels good to be back in Phoenix. We were met with moderately good weather, it was like 85 degrees, 88 degrees, I guess it had rained
today or this evening. Smelt like rain when we got here, smelt amazing it was like, “Ahhh, “that’s Arizona rain.” Love it. But of course we didn’t get any rain, it was already done and over with, but nice and cool for us
here in Phoenix for sure. Hope you enjoyed today’s video, and all of our Seattle videos. If you missed any of them, just go ahead and take a peek at the last five, six videos, we’re
basically in Seattle for almost a whole week, so
I hope you enjoyed those. If you did, be sure to
give it a thumbs up. Tap that “i” in the sky for
the last three year’s videos. See what we were up to, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow as we get back in the swing of things. Busy, busy day for me, I’ve got a bunch of
stuff to un-box and open, I got so many packages waiting for me. Tomorrow YouTube Gaming launches, oh my gosh I’m so excited
about YouTube Gaming guys, Ever since they announced
it, I’ve been waiting for it, and it launches tomorrow, the day you’re watching this video, Wednesday, it launches, so cross my fingers, if everything goes the
way I think it’s gonna go, ClintusGames will actually
be a featured channel, on the app, I’m so excited, I’m hoping so, cross my fingers. If not, either way, I’m still gonna be
rocking the live streams over on YouTube, so super excited about that. But like I said I’ve got a
ton of stuff to do tomorrow, it’s catch-up and it’s right back to work, so stay tuned it’s going to be awesome. Vlog on.

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