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hi alright guys I’m back in James
kitchen thank you so much for all the likes yeah for all the giant rolo love it was incredible it was great fun making it you guys have sent us tons of requests tons loads sack fulls of requests for giant chocolate so we pulled one out the hat and today we’re making a giant after eight that’s
right to make the giant after eight we have got ourselves some dark chocolate icing sugar so eggwhites and peppermint essence you also need yourself a giant after eight frame we made this by sawing up some chipboard into an equal square 16inch by 16inch measure your fridge right measure it first you don’t wanna make it 16 x 16 if you have a tiny fridge that would be awkward if you have like a mini bar so wrap in greaseproof paper yeah tape it round create a rim nice tin rim we’re always using rims we do a lot of rimming yeah rim of foil around there and that will help support the chocolate that’s all you need right we have half the dark choc on to melt over simmering water and really thats about it really pretty much just melt up the chocolate for now good times with the choc melting away in the background we’re gonna crack on with the middle filling bit so in a bowl get some icing sugar ok right so we’re getting some icing sugar into a big old bowl right down here is some egg whites in a carton you can buy them like this because we don’t like beating up chicks do we we don’t like to beat chicks no but you can separate your eggs out if you wish it’ll be cheaper so yeah those egg whites are gonna go in there with your icing sugar and also right there the peppermint essence we’ll chuck that in together and that’ll make our yummy little fondant so we just added our egg white in there and we almost created like a giant fried egg in a bowl anyhow mix it together and start to make this gloopy mixture thing it’s looking good now i’m liking it i’m liking it just beating it you might want your micheal jackson sequin glove on mate right that is starting to look just like it and will thicken up as it dries mate this is looking amazing feeling like Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory I wanna be Augustus Gloop and jump right in that how are you doing oh look at that you wanna get some mint in there are you excited like eggs – cited? no smelling minty already teaspoon of mint essence gone in there already that choc is cooling down want it slightly cooler and our mould is in
the fridge James and I just had a bit of a disagreement right he’s added another teaspoon of the mint in there just right it’s not just right guys the texture looks good but tastes like toothpaste need to brush my teeth with it it’s given us an idea perhaps next time we can split into teams do our own both version of after eights we’ve had disagreements how to make it let alone how its gonna taste like then you guys can pick the winner it’s perfect it’s not you look like a really dodgy chocolate pizza delivery man mama mia chocolate pizza shall we get it in the fridge now lets do it we measured the fridge so it should be alright oooh wow haha yep mate what we gonna do about making the cover we’re both rubbish at textiles mate i’m stumped I think we need an expert how about Frank yeah someone call Frank? thank God you’re here we tried to make it but it’s not quite right well I see the problem here well it’s five to eight damn
frank goodness for frank he actually drew Kate Winslet in the titanic film they just shoved leonardo di caprio back in at the end this is gonna look good oh yeah hell yeah boom chick a wow wow just wanna get it back in the fridge get a few skins on it what 1 skin just a few 2 skins no more than 3 no more than 3 just to firm up oh yeah look at that man so it’s completely sealed the fondant up and just wanna do a couple of lines to match the chocolate layout on a typical
after eight then we let it set baby
you may have some chocolate left over we’ve just made a giant well we more like
Frank has made a giant after eight pouch out of cardboard and black crepe paper you happy about that yeah in the zone confident amazing its got the little semi circle like this thing does the actual pouch and then there’s the stencil feeling good it’s coming on well yeah think its nearly time so while Frank is doing his stencil you guys asked us to give the chocolate away to a residential home so we’re gonna ring right now hello my names is James i’m calling on behalf of a cooking show and we wondered we live local and just made a giant after eight right yes it’s a bit strange we were just wondering if we could come to you in the next half hour or so and see if any of your residents would like to try it what do you think yeah that would be lovely would you be free in about half
hour yes if we pop down in about half an hour and see what you think of our giant after eight great yeah brilliant thankyou very much no problem no problem thank you bye right we’ve just taken it out and it is lookin absolutely stonking gotta work out how to get it in the pouch now so lets go this is possibly the weirdest car journey i’ve ever had although there was that one time yeah we can’t talk about that, yeah we can’t but there’s a giant after eight on my lap
and we’re now heading to the residential home he’s made a giant after eight do you like after eights? hows it’s looking yeah it good is it hard or it’s an after eight mint great you can’t have the plate no what do you think beautiful thanks very much can I askwhat you
thought absolutely delicious thank you very much it’s tasty yeah lovely okay very nice you but it’s going down well it’s going down very well yeah everyone enjoy that yeah can we have a thumbs up? whooo thanks so much for waching the giant after eight video really hope you enjoyed it if you
haven’t already seen the giant rolo video check it out it you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already share it on your social media of choice to all your friends and family and people you don’t really like keep the requests coming in we wannt know what you wanna see the bigger the better we’ll see you soon for the next video cheers good times


Oh my gosh, elderly people always get to me. TOO CUTE!! Nevermind the After Eight – which was amazing and is one of my favorite treats ever -, it's the ladies stealing the show :D!

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