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– Hi guys, welcome to
our family video today. Where every day is a new day
and we’re gonna make this one an awesome one with a
huge pool slide, whoo. (lively music) – [Carl] I think it’s cotton candy time. (laughing) (lively music) – [Jinger] We have Jared
and Luke and Gage and Ellie and Jackson’s, already, in the pool. Jackson, are you excited
for that big old slide? – Uh-huh – [Jinger] That’s gonna be so fun huh? You’re just floating there so good. – Yes. (Jinger laughs) – [Jinger] This, right here,
is an 18 foot pool slide that’s going to go into the pool and it’s going to be crazy. – 18 foot? – [Jinger] 18 foot. You know how big 18 foot is? – Like as tall as the house. – [Jinger] I mean basically. Ellie, are you gonna do all the slide tricks down the slide? – I would like to get one of your big bubbles out and get in it. – [Jinger] (laughs) Done, we’re doing it. You guys know where all the bubbles are? – [Boy] What, you’re not wearing green. – Ahhhh. – [Jinger] You’re not wearing green. – You’re not. – Yeah, it’s right here. (Jinger laughs) – Ahhhhh, ahhhh. – [Ellie] I’m still
gonna pinch him. (laughs) – [Jinger] We have the
cotton candy machine out right here and the snow cone machine and the pool slide and it’s going to be a little family carnival. – How awesome is this? A little carnival on the weekend, whooo. – [Jinger] It’s gonna be so awesome. I am as excited as a school
kid right now. (laughs) – It looks like so fun right now. – [Jinger] We’ve been plotting this for a couple of days and
we’ve just been stocked. – [Carl] This is going to
be, absolutely, incredible and I think we’re gonna
have to not stop here. I think we need to get
the giant bubble ball out and we need to get the
other inflatable balls that you climb inside and we’re gonna have a whole crazy pool party. Whooo, Kyle, are you ready
to hit that big slide? – Yeah. – [Carl] I am, it looks amazing. (air blows) It’s starting to get really
exciting around here. – Oh yeah. – [Carl] We got the cotton candy machine and we got the giant slip and slide. We’re getting the big bubble balls to climb inside and run
around and jump in the pool. I think today’s gonna be a super fun day. – Awesome. – [Carl] I think it’s cotton candy time. Who wants a cotton candy? – [Boy] Me. – [Carl] You want one? You want this one? Alright, sounds good. What color do you want Jared? – [Jared] Blue. – [Carl] Blue? – [Jared] I want blue. – Alright, here we go. Oh gosh. Barely caught that one. You have to make your own
cause this one’s mine. Nice technique, excellent form. – Doesn’t that look great? – [Carl] Looks delicious. We’ve got all these bubble balls and pool pit balls and floaties. We even have an inflatable shark. And our giant water slide is
all deconstructed right now. Tell em why Gage. – Because the slide wasn’t going as fast as we want it too, so we’re modifying it so it can go extremely fast. – [Carl] That’s right. We’re gonna give it some
excellent speed here. – [Teen] Twirl, twirl,
twirl, twirl, twirl. – [Carl] Twirl, twirl,
twirl, there you go. – Ahhh. – [Carl] You got to move it around too. You got to move the
nose around in a circle. Down inside, down inside like this. Twirl, twirl, twirl. Pick it all up. You broke it Luke, I’m just kidding. (laughs) That face, got ya. – It’s going still. – [Carl] That’s huge Luke. – [Teen] My gosh. – [Carl] How much sugar
did you put in there? – I don’t know. (laughs) – [Carl] That is a
giant cotton candy ball. That is way cool. Is it good? – Yeah. – [Carl] Whoo, is that
your first one Gage? – Yeah and my bug and
there’s little bugs in there. – [Carl] You caught some bugs? If you were gonna die, I guess in a giant mountain of cotton candy would
be an okay way to go right? – [Teen] Oh my gosh, there are. – [Carl] There’s bugs in there. – [Teen] That’s protein for ya. – [Carl] Gross. Did you get the bugs out? – Yeah, do you want em? – [Carl] No, that’s disgusting. – You want em Kyle? The little bugs. – [Carl] Edible insect candy right? – Ewww. – [Carl] Disgusting, gross, candy, ew. Are you gonna jump in little bubble boy? – Yeah. I got to turn on my turtle shell powers. – [Carl] (laughs) Does it work? – It works. – [Carl] It, totally, works. Like sumo suit. (laughs) He’s in his little bubble turtle shell. – Hello. – [Carl] (laughs) Ahhhh, ahhhh. You got him. That was a good one Luke. You were waiting for that one. (lively music) (Carl laughs) (lively music) (Carl laughs) Gage you’re crazy. What is going on over here? – He’s lost all control. – [Carl] Ahhhh, watch your
fingers in that spinny thing. There you go. Just put your face over it and make a cotton candy helmet. Where you going Jackson? – I’m going up the steps. (boy laughs) You’re going up the steps. – And go get my cotton candy. – [Carl] And go get more cotton candy? That’s sounds like a good idea. As if cotton candy wasn’t enough, Jinger is busting out
the chocolate fountain. – If we’re gonna go big, we
might as well go real big. – [Carl] That’s right. – [Jinger] What in the world? (laughs) I mean, that is such a huge slide. – I think we have a high speed slide now. – [Jinger] That is just crazy. (laughs) Carl, what is the contraption
underneath the slide? – It is cinder blocks,
some sort of pallet, cardboard and a bunch of tie downs. – [Jinger] (laughs) So that we can get the momentum we need
to shoot out the slide. – Right, slide slope. – [Jinger] We’re getting everything ready for the chocolate fountain. Alls I got to do is put
the chocolate in there and it’s melting in the
microwave right now. Who’s ready for a chocolate fountain? – [Boys] Me. – [Jinger] Whoo-hoo, step away. – [Girl] I want the one
that turns your poop pink. – [Jinger] Yes, yes, yes. Supposedly, these Oreos,
that have the peep filling, turn your poop pink so. Of course we have to try it. (laughs) So far so good? Poop pink, operation pink
poop (laughs) under way. – [Girl] Do you like Peeps? Either you like em or you don’t. – [Jinger] I think they’re okay. I think they’re pretty good, I don’t know. I like marshmallows, so I guess yes. Gage knows how to do it, right on the top. Dip it in there, yummy. – [Carl] Good job. – [Jinger] That was really good. Oh yeah. Kyle is a master chocolate fountain man, aren’t you buddy? (laughs) – Oh no, what do we do? (laughing) – I’m the one eating the chocolate. Save the chocolate. (Carl laughs) Please stop, I want to eat it. (Carl laughs) – I don’t know what to do. Hurry Ellie, hurry. – The wick is not even that strong. – [Carl] That’s so funny. Oh my gosh. Delicious cotton candy
and chocolate fountain. What are you dippin in there, a cookie? – I was dipping the pink
Oreo unicorn poop cookie. – [Carl] That’s awesome. The slide is done. We’re just testing it out now. But that looks so delicious except for the big mess it made. – Jackson needs a chip. Get a chip Jackson. – [Carl] Are you getting a chip? – [Jinger] Oh, I thought
you were gonna dip it? – Nope, he’s good. (laughs) Bubble boy cannon ball go. (lively music) (laughs) You did it. Did it work? It totally works. Close one, that was pretty close. – That didn’t work out how I wanted. It looked really cool though. Are you ready Luke? – [Luke] Yeah. – Are you ready to go
first person super slide? – [Luke] Yeah. – [Carl] Okay, take him for a ride. – [Luke] Okay, this feels
like a straight drop you guys. It’s tough to climb up it too. Look how deep that is. It’s like a straight drop. Ready, set, go. – Can’t let my kids show me up. Gotta go down the slide too. Oh, oh gosh. This feels, extremely, unstable. Okay, go, whoo. I don’t know about this guys. – [Boy] Go. – [Carl] That’s a long ways down. – [Boy] Go. (laughs) – [Carl] I don’t know. – [Boy] (laughs) I’ll push you. (lively music) – [Carl] Whoo. – Me and Sharky doin our thing. – [Carl] Wow, your flyin. – [Jinger] Okay, I’m ready
for your back flip Ellie. – I’m nervous. I love you (mumbles). – [Carl] Wow, nice. – [Jinger] Alright, whoo. – [Carl] Jinger’s gonna come down riding the inflatable shark. (Jinger screams) – [Carl] (laughs) Nice. – [Jinger] That was horrible. – [Carl] It worked. – [Jinger] I felt like I broke him. (lively music) – Here we go. – [Jinger] Jackson’s turn, bye-bye. Go, go, go. – [Jackson] Bye. – Jinger’s turn. – [Boy] Bye. – Here I go. My whole body at once. (laughs) – Here’s the end. That stinks, that stinks dad. – [Carl] I know. – Two, three, ahhhh. (lively music) – [Carl] Hey you. Are you having a fun time? Yeah, are you cool? (laughs) (yelling and laughing) That was hilarious. (lively music) (laughs) (yelling) That was crazy. – [Jinger] Did he hit his face? – [Carl] You okay? (laughs) Are you gonna go down in the bubble ball? – I’m gonna try it. – Oh you’re crazy dude. (lively music) Whoo, that’s fun. How are you doing? Are you having a good day? (lively music) Did you go down the slide? – [Boy] Uh-huh. – Was it fun? – Uh-huh. It’s way fun huh? – [Jinger] How many
times have you gone down? – Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. – [Carl] That’s a lot of times. Giant bubble ball inflatable slide. – [Kyle] Go. – [Luke] Go. – [Carl] (laughs) Yes. (laughing) – [Luke] That didn’t quite work how you wanted it to. – [Carl] It’s a boy. – Ahhh. (lively music) – Oh my gosh, that is really steep. Look at how steep that is. Looks like a straight drop. – [Kyle] Stay, here I go, ahhh. – [Gage] I’m gonna go down head first. That is a straight drop. – Don’t be a wimp. – Okay, whoa. (lively music) I like belly flops, ouch. – [Boy] Yeah. – Whoo. (lively music) – I wasn’t ready. (lively music) (yelling) – [Carl] Here goes Jinger. Whoa, that was a huge splash. These guys are in the bubble balls. Are you guys doing a new trick time? – [Boy] Uh-huh. – [Carl] (laughs) Whoo, yeah. (laughs) This is such a fun day. What an amazing time this is. (lively music) You did it. – [Boy] I did it. – [Carl] You totally did it, good job. Whoa, hello, hello Luke. Whoo, you did it though, good job. (laughing) Looks like a giant battery
man coming out here. Oh no, chocolate fountain disaster. You did it, you caught the handles too. Nice work. – [Boy] Oh no. (lively music) – [Carl] Yeah, whoo. Dude, Kyle, you look like you’re the cool kid that’s got
everything figured out. – Yep. – [Carl] I think you
just need a cotton candy in the pool to complete the equation. (whistling music) There you go. Is that good? (laughs) Yeah.

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