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Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen today me and the girls say hello Phoebe and Chloe are helping me with
a giant chocolate rice krispy cake they really wanted to make one in fact I have done mini
size ones with both of these girls as they grew up memories on the channel so we are
going to do that we have to go to the shops and get our ingredients which we have just
done, this is how we got on. We are just about to head to the shops for our giant rice krispy
cake right yeah what do we need, some rice krispies and chocolate yes we do so shall
we go get them, yeah! Ching look rice krispies you alright, ok chloe yeah!
Hello girls we just got back from the supermarket as you saw and what have we got what did we
buy, we have 6 boxes of cereal rice krispies and 43 bars of chocolate she did just say
43 bars of chocolate right and are you going to eat all of that no, you going to share
it with people are you amazing we will also make a custom case too right we will get mrs
barry to help us with that so lets get started. What are you doing girls, we are snapping
up the chocolate and putting it in the bowl, yeah is that fun Chloe? Yeah, so we are going
to start to melt our first batches of chocolate and it is going to be over a pan of simmering
water here, Chloe what are you thinking right now, I am thinking it is going to taste delicious,
I am thinking all that hard work we are going to put into it is going to make it taste really
nice, what are you doing, I am doing what you are doing, but I am filming, I cannot
do it and take the chocolate off! Next step we are getting the rice krispies, you can
do it one by one if you wish just pour the whole lot out mate, yes you can, right mrs
barry want to help, I will come and help ready, so we have 6 of those wow where have your
hands gone, fill this pan up about a third of the way with water, ok thanks mate. That
is going on there like so, so we put this on a low flame you just want to carefully
put that chocolate bowl on top of there ok, ok just sit it I thought you were going to
tip it in then, just rest it in ok, it is not hot the pan at the moment you will be
alright, so that is going to melt up we have the rice krispies melting over there we have
I can feel them in the bottom when I touch my hands in the bottom, to make the case for
the cake to sit in we are going to use a cardboard box and some baking greaseproof paper and
for decoration phoebe what have we got, wrapping paper! Yes and it is not even Christmas themed
which is a bonus, so I am going to put you in charge of that mrs barry alright. This
little dude is helping me keep an eye on the chocolate which is melting away nicely over
here we have the arts and crafts centre cake boss centre kind of like cake boss phoebe
how are you getting on chloe I am good and watching mummy cutting she is trying to do
a circle I think phoebe may have to be in charge of the circle coming together mate
nice one we are getting there just wrapping the baking powder round the, baking powder?
Baking or greaseproof paper! For the base yeah around the base. This is an edge made
of cardboard that is going to hide the rice krispies in there, yeah, good idea mate, so
they will not fall out, ok the steps mrs barry have suddenly got a bit more adult they have
I am getting quite possessive over it , like wrapping a Christmas present now, so we are
putting an outer edge on it to give a nice cupcake finish and then it will be done right
are you confident, yeah I am it is looking good and almost done. Tada that is a nice
cupcake case I am loving that we should sell those, yeah I could make a fortune right the
whole family are in on this step even the pug is behind us we are going to pour the
chocolate in to the rice krispies oh wow that looks like a pizza a pizza with chocolate
and rice krispies she is just stabbing it, careful that is hot, she wants to eat it!
Phoebe get stirring mate, oh this is like a workout we have all had a go at this it
is turning into a proper family effort, let me give him some no we cannot oh even the
adults are making a mess. I am going to mix your fingers in! Ok so now we simmer up some
more chocolate, keep repeating in batches but for now this first batch, mum tried to
eat it push it in your cupcake tray then we eat the leftovers ok, there are not any leftovers,
this whole thing will be the leftovers, oh my goodness big big bum pants, big bum pants?
Yeah big bum pants. So you get the
general idea lets just montage this up Right then folks, girls tuck into this, it has taken a whole family effort we are going
to be giving some away to friends and family any other giant food suggestions let us know
below and check out the playlist for loads of other giant foods done to date, that was
a bit much! Enjoying that? Yeah! See you next time bye!


you should make them the American way with marshmallow and butter melt butter add bagged mellows and Mike with the rice cereal mmmmmmmmmm good

Your girls and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and funny, ''oh my goodness''. So sweet! Your a lucky fellow.

I thought it was minced meat at first, before I read the title :p a huge rice krispy treat is probably tastier then a huge pile of meat though!

You've bascially made a giant chocolate crackle – except with actual chocolate instead of copha and cocoa. I'm very tempted to give it a shot.

Your girls give me the giggles every time such silly jelly beans they are and the littlest one's face in the picture when it was all done priceless so cute!

@myvirginkitchen At the time I am watching this the number of views to the video is exactly the same as the number of subscribers to the channel..717k

dude. how about doing a giant donner kebab with all the trimmings for us beer drinking folk…a double dare it is…Hmmmm

I have a few ideas for large batches of Candied nuts, I made some of my own, 2 recipes I'm Particularly are called Rocky road Nuts, and A Cup Joe

Those bars was like 35p or something. Whats that translate to? Are they more then a dollar? I really enjoyed this video! You have a beautiful family!! I'm new to the channel and o normal like to catch up on channels I find and this is just to much to catch up!!

can I jsut say every time no fail when I see the girls in videos its hard not to feel good and happy and smile love seeing them so much in the videos so sweet

You could try the recipe with Mars bars, also in Australia, we make chocolate crackles with copha, cocoa and coconut instead of chocolate bars.

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