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Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen today we are attempting to make a giant hanuta now if you have never
heard of hanuta before but you like Nutella you are in for a treat it is basically paradise
wedged between two wafers and by popular request we are going to try to do some giant foods
using standard household items so ultimately you guys can have a go too, so without further
ado lets get cracking and show you how to make a giant hanuta. As always boston is here
keeping an eye on proceedings are you mate stand to attention and my forrest gump shoes
in the back lets do it. So going in to this bowl are bags of roasted chopped hazelnuts
we need a kilo of that it is quite a dry mixture we are after. We are now sprinkling in 130
grams of cocoa powder and just give it a little stir through like so it now looks like coco
pops cereal anyhow lets grab that Nutella and a cheeky 1 kilogram �family� pack
of Nutella that has been slightly warmed in the microwave we are just going to push that
in there by warming it like that a lot of you have suggested that in the past too it
makes it so much easier to spread in there, we get this in looking for the right texture
I have got some more nuts just to make sure we get it right so just stirring this through
we do want it to get quite thick so do not worry all that Nutella will cling to the nuts
and the cocoa sorry the dog just knocked over the cardboard cutout I use for focusing the
camera but he does think it is real after all it is not the queen mate, Boston it is
not the queen alright. Cheers mate. That is really coming together now but there
is still a fair bit of nuts and cocoa powder at the bottom just want to keep working it
through pressing it in there getting it so it is as thick as we can. So I am now pushing
that mixture you can see how tough it is and firm oh my gosh huge slab of it going in there
so we just get our spatula and press it down into our tin really get some good pressure
on it make it nice and even and of course the pressure will help hold it really flatten
it down and press it all around, hey presto so we will stick that in the fridge while
we work on our wafer layers which might be a little tricky.
So here to one side we have a bowl of chocolate over some simmering water that is just going
to melt in a moment but right here is our wafer building station oh yes. To replicate
the square wafer on a standard hanuta I got some ice cream wafers these are rectangular
ones and made them into a square shape so we will use the melted chocolate to join these
together and then like a bricklayer build it up to add some thickness and we will see
how this works out so this is pretty new to me I am just going to try it I was going to
use sugar syrup but I am just joining the seals to add strength trying to get the wafer
as tight together as you can too. And a couple of random lines just to add a little extra
grip we will just repeat those steps now by doubling up the layers placing some more wafer
on so we are being builders right now ok second layer done and the chocolate from the first
layer is already gripping it I am going to repeat that twice more so we have four high
for our first square wafer let me skip to that. I am happy with that so will stick in
the fridge for the chocolate to firm up and the bad news for me is I have to repeat that
all over again. We have fast forwarded in time there is my other square done to one
side again another 4 layers this one has had a longer set and I just want to show you it
works, amazing. All that is left to do is take our base square
and this is optional I guess and put a little chocolate on there to act as a glue to grip
it so on goes oh it is working I was worried the wafer would crack the wafer has spread
the load check that out so we can now shape it a little bit getting it out the tin was
easy but I would recommend greaseproof paper next time. So again more chocolate just on
top to act as a glue for our top square. And here we go lets push that top lid on top
amazing it is held in place I am going to put it in the fridge just for ten minutes
to firm that chocolate up and I think we will have a taste of our giant hanuta. There we
are then folks out the fridge probably looks no different to you now but our standard size
hanuta there for scale I am going to dedicate this video to all my german subcribers thanks
for introducing me to hanuta lets give this a go. Oh my gosh I am loving that could easily
go through the seams but want to cut through the wafer. So good, oh my gosh, wow, I want
to say loud noises like in anchorman then amazing.
I am so pleased with how that turned out I love making giant foods I know how much you
do too but I want to start doing more instructional ones like this so you can actually make them
rather than just going wow that is huge, I want you to have a go because this for a party
would go down a storm. I have some friends no doubt that will turn up to try this. I
will still be doing the crazy ones with james but james was at work today other times I
will rope in ashens or chloe like last time but anyhow lets have a good old taste and
oh shiver me timbers indeed that took 3 minutes to take that one bite got a bit emotional
but it was paradise between two wafers it would go down an absolute storm at a party
so please give it a go and if you do do not forget to send me a picture @myvirginkitchen
do not forget to subscribe and of course let me know down below any giant food suggestions
you have for tutorials or big scale stuff check out the playlist and I will see you
again next time.


Do a giant scotch finger ( it's pretty much a kit Kat but a biscuit made from shortbread) don't know if you have them

My friend invented a name for this last winter: It’s called a HANULTRA!
(Yes, we came up with it before you. But this is not a contest.)

you need to do one from total scratch using only the basics stuff like the wafers you make yourself the chocolate peanut butter you make yourself use no premade parts

putting the melted chocolate in a piping bag or a ziploc bag with the corner cut off may be easier than spooning it on. love the recipe, i love hazelnut chocolate 😍

omygod! I want to taste it! I enjoyed also your big Snickers. But were do you get the Recipes? Do you try or what? thanks for your videos and Greetings from Germany 🤗

the one I promise I will be making a decision on the way to work with the Pokemon Go green save earth P please consider the environment before printing this email her but I have no idea where the white top of the school year so I don't know if it is or isn't working just fine I just got that I can't see the yeah he's basically president thing I said u were first one do you have WhatsApp still raining I can go to the park this afternoon to discuss the details of the school year so I don't know if it is (^_^)/

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