Giant Lacrosse Challenge!

I didn’t mean to, it bounced Hello and welcome to the giant lacrosse challenge. We are team edge, and we’re on the edge space. Where’s Brian? Oh, he’s sick with a weak immune system like he always says I think it’s just allergies Guys for the first round guess what we’re doing? We’re doing floppy lacrosse. Where you flop and play lacrosse. Actually, we’re doing it with pool noodles not like that. He’s dragging his face on the ground. Dragging his forehead on the ground. Look at that wedgie. So this is floppy lacrosse. Whoa! The lacrosse shaft is, as you can see, made with a pool noodle I hope Connor isn’t messing with me, and I hope it’s actually called a lacrosse shaft It is it’s called the shaft and the lacrosse net. Guys. we have several rounds stay to the end for the last one to see giant lacrosse big ol’ giant lacrosse huge giant ginormous Edge Time! Edge Time is the time where we get a chance to get an edge by answering a trivia question Joey if you answer this question correctly you get one point towards round 2. What about me? It goes for your team. Lacrosse is the oldest sport in what continent? (whispers) Zimbabwe It’s not a continent. Zimbabwe is not a continent. They don’t even play that. Oh guys make sure you comment down below Let us know and I will answer it at the end of this round Zimbabwe is not a continent. This is great. I can pick my nose and no one notices. Whoa wait wait wait How do you play lacrosse how do you play lacrosse? What the Heck was that dude? Connor watch this game real close okay because Connor cares way too much, and it’s probably gonna lead to his loss 3,2,1… go (Cheering) Yes! What the heck dude? It didn’t go into his net Did I hit him in the head? No, you hit my arm. (Cheering) Bobby! No! Bobby! Alright, Bobby gets a penalty shot pick your goalie. I’ma pick Matthias. We’ll pick both of us. I’m going with Matthias. Oh Matthias he’s gonna go right for my no-no spot Was that on purpose? No! Look at how open they are. Oh! Did I make it? High five! Oh! Steal it! Is that it? Easiest game ever! Do I win? No… It went on the line! It went on the line! Hey, stop stealing it! Oh my god! You gotta scare ’em a little bit That’s to scary Did you see Joey in the play? He was like over here and was like Oh! Gotta do a little fake out, you know what I’m saying Distraction! Is that legal? I used my body. You’re not allowed to do body shots, you’re allowed to do Bobby shots Joey! Joey. Joey… AAAA! I thought we already… What?! Oh my gosh! I’m sorry! All right Let’s do the trivia question. All right so the question was the lacrosse is the oldest sport in which continent and the answer is… Europe. Incorrect. The answer is… North America. Zim-bab-we. Zimbabwe. I knew it. We are going to use these chopsticks To pick up little marshmallows and put into the bowl whoever has the most amount of marshmallows within one minute wins. I’ll do it. I use these. Do you think you’re actually more skilled than us with this? Yep. Oh dang it. oh mamacita oh mamacita twice! This is gonna be a good battle! Ballerina? This is gonna be a good ballerina guys. Oh! Wait why’d you do it? I don’t know. I wanted to see if it would pass. 3,2,1…Go! Oh, Dude my fingers lost Look at this guy! Ah! I’m trying to go faster than I’m able to, but What?! Dude! No way! You’ve done this before! I’ve never done this before. I’m completely honest. I’ve used chopsticks, but I’ve never picked up marshmallows with it. Bobby eats oatmeal with chopsticks. What?! I drink water with chopsticks! I can’t talk right now, I’m to focused. What’s the time? What are you doing bro? This isn’t even close dude Matt is just trying to scoop things. Bobby is going off! C’mon bro I’m doing pretty good Alright time Matthias didn’t actually do bad actually Yeah, because I’m cultured you swine! Hehe, you swine?! Alright, is it safe to say that I won? No count it. It’s dangerous. I’m just gonna say I won. I’m just gonna say we won then. Oh! OOOOH! Look, I use my fingers like chopsticks. Did no one just see that? He just did it before you. *Sigh* My ancestor! Literally. This is made out of my Grandma’s femur! One more quick game. This is pretty simple. I got to blow the ping pong balls into every cup. It’s called a minute to win it challenge And you have to blow this ping pong ball across to the Lasts Red Solo Cup guys make sure you click the bell icon down below on desktop and on mobile because for the first 30 minutes After every upload which is on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time! We will be commenting back to you. guys if you don’t have the option to click, that it’s because you’re not subscribed. Subscribe Now I will literally come to your house and kill you They’ll be like, “Yes! J-Fred’s gonna visit! Because J-Fred and Matthias are losing, we’re gonna let them go for another question. here We go Matthias if you get this question correct. You get to serve it in the final round oh good I thought I was gonna have to serve you as a butler or something. I don’t wanna do that Man goes out in heavy rain with nothing to protect him from it. Why why is he naked? Why would do that his hair doesn’t get wet? How does that happen? Actually you guys if you know the answer put it down in the comments below, and we’ll come back to it… at a later round I think I know what it is 3,2,1, GO! Why didn’t you scoot back dude? No, I got it first Joey got it first Joey got a first I mean I Committed man so for this round we play giant lacrosse with these giant fishing nets as you can see here We be using a regular dodge ball and then halfway through we’re gonna switch to a cheeseburger oh Whoa? Matthias oh-ho the question for you was a man goes out in heavy rain with nothing to protect him from it What’s his name? his name is Johnny. He- Johnny’s bald. Johnny’s. I know that for a fact his Johnny bald. Yeah, Johnny’s bald. You are… correct Yeah, I know Johnny. you know Johnny? Yeah. He’s bald. He’s the bald Johnny. all right Mathias. Let’s play good passing game Okay, no tha- that was bad (Cheering) Can we make a rule where it already has to past twice before you shoot. sure. oh nice catch. (Crashing) Can I look at your eyes for a second? No. I thought he was cross-eyed. that, that’s one once there’s ways three times a lady No. No! Good save. good save. It’s in! It passed the line! It’s in, it’s on the line One, Two, three! You made the rule Connor! wait you have to pass. You looked like a jedi Still good! What is this, golf?! Oh snap, I’m just trying to do some sorcery Alright guys, we’re switching from this ball to What’s the score? this cheeseburger. the score is three to two, let’s do it What are you doing? Really dude? Connor, don’t throw it over again, that’s not the goal. Dude, Connor is playing hockey this isn’t hockey Oh, No! That was crazy. dude that was giant LeCroix. yeah when I was invited to this challenge I thought we were just drinking Lacroix. All right these guys suck, so I get to punish him all right ready,set Wow! that was fast! next Mummy Returns! guys make sure you check out the food flip challenge that’s where we flipped food and had to land it on the Same side that it started on. there was a little competition. also make sure you check out the diet coke and mentos Roulette challenge where things got explosive. tell me about it? Peace.

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