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Giant Mystery Candy Dispenser Mix Up!!

Giant Mystery Candy Dispenser Mix Up!!

– Oh, hey guys, come on in! Today I’m showing you a compilation of my favorite videos with the candy dispenser. Let’s jump right into it! Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys & Games let’s have some fun! (laser beams zaps) So we have our giant gumball machine here. You spin this and then whatever color
of gumball that comes out like orange, I got orange, which is hit three targets with a Nerf blaster. Hey guys, I can’t wait
to see what game I get. – [Luke] Ready? Go, go, go. – Purple!
– Purple! Which one is this, let’s see here. – Purple is race on the hover board. – (gasps) yeah, let’s do it! (upbeat music) – You ready? Okay guys, we’re here
at the starting line! We gotta race to over to the cones. Let’s do this guys, let’s see who wins. Three, two, one, go! I think you’re gonna win Luke! I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning! Oh! Oh no. Oh no. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah! – No! Oh man, you won Kyle. – Whoohoo! – Let’s go back to our table
and, draw more gumballs. – Okay. Okay Luke, it’s your turn. – ‘Kay that was so much fun Kyle. – What am I goin’ to get? (gumball rattles) – [Kyle] Oh. Green! – Green is – (gasps) eat a Warhead! – Oh no! – You get extra sour, it’s lemon. – (laughs) no! – Yay! – These are the sourest ones. Aw, my mouth is already ugh.
– Watering. – Yeah. – Oh that’s so, that looks so sour. – Ha, yeah, look at that you guys. – Yeah.
– Three, two, one. – Just wait, if you keep
it in there for a while if you run around a lot, then
it will get sweet faster. – Ah, so sour! – Just wait, if you run in
circles really, really fast then it will get – Ah!
– It won’t be sour. – Ah, it’s so sour!
– (laughs) Here I go. – Okay. (gumball rattles) Let’s see what you get.
– Blue! – Blue, what’s blue, what’s blue? I wonder what blue is. Jump in the hot tub with your clothes on. – No!
(laughs) – Woohoo!
– At least it’s warm. – At least it’s warm, yeah, kill it. – It’s warm. – Okay, go in, ready? Three, two, one. (water splashes)
– Oh haha! I’m in the hot tub with my clothes on. This is crazy. – Does it feel weird? – Yeah, it’s warm. I have my socks on too (laughs). – You’re gonna have squishy feet today. – Yep. Okay, I guess I have to come out. – Okay, I’ll get your towel ready. – Okay. Oh, my socks are so squishy.
(socks squeaks) – (laughs).
(socks squeaks) There you go. – This is weird.
– Okay, let’s go finish this. – Okay. Alright Kyle, here you go. What are you gonna get? Oh your blue one’s still there. – I got a blue one? Oh, come on! – [Luke] We’ll do it together! Come on Kyle, let’s go, go. Come on.
(socks squeaks) – Get in the hot tub.
– (laughs). I don’t wanna take them off! Aw, my socks feel so weird. Yeah, this feels squishy huh? And I’m wearing normal shorts. – Aw, this is weird. – Yeah. My socks are really, really, really weird. – Yeah, they’re so squishy huh? They’re like SpongeBob feet. – Yeah (laughs). Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. – Alright, we’re going to get out. – [Kyle] Ugh, oh, I slipped. (socks squeaks)
– [Both] Ugh! – [Luke] Look at that. (socks squeaks) – [Both] Di, di, di, di. – Alright, let’s go finish. – Now we’re all wet. Luke, it’s your turn. Let’s see what you get.
– Okay. Here I go. – Please, don’t get yellow. You got, what’s that one? – Red. – Red is – Spin around 10 times. – And hit, a ball off of a tee. – Oh no! – Oh yeah! – Ready, I gotta spin around 10 times and then try
to hit the ball, ready? – [Kyle] ‘Kay, go! One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight nine, ten. – [Kyle] (laughs). (applause)
(laughs) – Dude, that is weird. – I really wanna try it. – You wanna try it? – Yeah. – Okay. – ‘Kay guys, I’m gonna see
if I can go extra dizzy. I’m gonna go 10 more times. – 20? – 20 times. – Okay, you ready? Go. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 18, 19, 20, go. (laughs) (fail trumpets plays) He’s really dizzy. Let’s move onto the next gumball. What’re ya gonna get? – Okay, orange! I got orange. – Kyle, orange is you
need to hit down a tower with a Nerf blaster. – Okay, let’s do this. – Three, two, one, go. – Ah! – Wait there’s one more
tower, there’s one more tower. – You made another set. – [Both] Ah! Yeah! – Get outta here cups. – Whoo! – I blasted that, so cool. – Yeah.
– I made two towers. – My turn. Here goes, three, two, one. – Ah! – Orange! I get to use the Nerf blaster! – I’m gonna make a tower for Luke. – [Both] There! – Okay, ready? – Three, two, one, go. – Whoa! – Ready? (fail buzzer) (bell dings)
– [Both] Yeah! – Today we’re playing the
Mystery Candy Dispenser Roulette game, are you guys ready? – Yeah. – Let’s have some fun! – This is how the game works. We have all these different
colors of candies. – Pink, blue, red, green orange and rainbow! – But within each color of candy there’s a white candy and
a mysterious black candy. – If you get a white
candy, you getta pull a key out of this mystery roulette game. If you get the correct key there will be a fountain of
candy coming out of the bottom. – But, if we get a black candy something mysterious will happen to us at the end of the video. So make sure to stay tuned you guys. – Who’s ready to play? – Me! – Okay, so I think Luke should go first. – Okay. – What color do you wanna pick? – Hm, these are really awesome. Um, there’s pink,
there’s blue, there’s red there’s green, there’s orange and rainbow. I think I’m gonna go with orange ’cause I really like orange. – Okay.
– I’m kind of nervous hopefully if I get a
different color it’s white and not a black one. Here I go. Three, two, one. Oh, the candy’s not coming out. Is there like a plug? – [Kyle] Yeah, there’s like a plug. Wait, drop the bowl real fast. – Okay, I got a bowl right
here, let’s see if the orange. (glass bowl pings)
– Oh! – Let’s go over to my plate and let’s see how many black ones I got and how many white ones. – Oh, I see you already got a black one. – Oh no! – Oh you got a black candy. – (laughs).
– Oh no. – We’re off to a little bit of a bad start but that’s okay. Okay, who, do you wanna go? – Yeah, I’ll go. I’m gonna pick my favorite color, blue. Here we go, three, two, one. (glass bowl pings) – Okay, oh, I found a white, I found two! I found two white ones. – White one, that means you get to pull two keys
from the roulette game. – Hey look, I’ll even prove it. Two, one. – [Luke] Awesome.
– [Kyle] Right there. – [Gage] Nice Kyle.
– [Kyle] Yeah. I have two white candies so I get to pull two keys
at the end of the game. – Gage, do you wanna go now? – Yeah, I definitely wanna go. I think I’m actually
gonna go for a rainbow ’cause I think there’s
a lot of colors in there that there’s a tiny chance
that I’m gonna get black. – Okay, go ahead Gage. – Three, two, one.
(glass bowl pings) – [Kyle] Okay, that’s good, that’s good. Whoa. – Whoa, I got a white one in there! – [Kyle And Luke] Whoa! – I don’t know if I got
any black ones though. We’re gonna have to wait. – You got a white one.
– I got a white one and no black one! So that means I get to pull
a key at the end of the game which is gonna be awesome. – Okay guys, so first
we’re gonna start off with our white candies. I have two, so I get to
pull out two of our keys. I’m gonna go for one in the back. Oh!
– Oh. – That was one. – Oh! – Nothing. – Okay, so it’s Luke’s turn. – I have three pants, so I get to pull out, three of these keys. Let’s see, I’m gonna go for
this little robot one here. – One. Two. – Two. – Three. (laughs) – So now it’s my turn to pull some keys. Hopefully I pull the magic key on our Mystery Roulette Candy game. I have 10 so I can do two entire sides which is awesome. But I don’t think I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna spread it out, and
pull this one right here. – Oh!
– Nothing. – Oh! – Okay. – Oh, I thought that was it. I thought that one was it. There.
– Oh! – ‘Kay, that’s four, that’s four. Six more to go.
– Six more to go. – Now, let’s go there. – Oh!
– That’s five. Oh no.
– That’s six. – [Kyle] Seven. – Eight. Nine.
– Are you even gonna get it? Now I’m gonna go for the one
in the middle right here. God, please be the magical key. No!
– Oh! Darn it, I wanted to get
some candy out of here. – ‘Kay guys, we’re gonna
take all of the keys out one by one. We’re gonna go like this, so
it’s gonna start off with Luke here you go. Do one, just one.
– ‘Kay. Just one. – Oh! – I’m gonna go, this one. Oh! – Ooh! – Oh!
– Oh no! – I’m gonna go again. – Oh! – [Luke] Okay. – Oh! – I’m going for this
lonely one right here. – Oh! – Oh, okay. – Here you go, here you go. – (gasps)
– Whoa, did you hear that? – I hear something move. – Oh!
– Did you see that? – Oh it fell out, I think we’re close. – Okay.
– I’m gonna go now. Three, two, one. – Oh!
– Nothing. – Ooh! Okay, I’m gonna go for this bottom one. Nothing. – I think we only have four left. – Wait, did you see that? – Another one fell out. – Like three.
– Another one fell out. – There’s one on this little star here maybe that will give me good luck. – Oh. – Whoa!
(laughs) – Yeah! – Candy! – On the floor. – Candy. We got Laffy Taffys, Tootie Fruitys and we got suckers, that’s awesome! – Wow!
– Oh my goodness. – Yeah. – There’s so much.
– Yeah, wow. (cheerful music) – Guys, don’t get too excited. ‘Cause it’s time for
the black candy segment. – Oh no. I forgot about that. In the mystery candy
dispenser roulette game for every black candy they get they get a water balloon
popped on their head. – Oh no.
– Oh no! – So I got three black
candies and Gage got two so that means that he gets two water balloons popped on his head and I only get three water
balloons popped on my head. – That’s still really bad
but, okay, let’s do this. – Okay. First up, it’s Gage, are you ready Gage? – Yeah. – Here it goes, three, two, one, go. – Oh!
(laughs) Surprise!
– Oh! (upbeat music) – It’s time for Gage’s last
balloon, are you ready Gage? – Yeah. – Here we go in three, two, one, go! – Yeah (laughs)! (upbeat music) – Now it’s Luke’s turn,
are you ready Luke? – Yeah! – Here we go, in three, two, one, go. – Ah!
(laughs) Oh my gosh. Wow, that is so wet Kyle. – Yes! – And I still have two
more to go, oh jeez. (upbeat music) – Balloon number two, are you ready Luke? – Yeah! – Here we go in three, two, one, go. Wait I didn’t pop. – (screams)
– (laughs) – Oh jeez, that’s super wet and
I still have one more to go. Let’s do this. – I’m glad I have no black ones. (upbeat music) The last balloon for Luke, are you ready? – Yeah! – Here we go, three, two, one, go. – Wha!
(laughs) – Oh jeez, that’s
actually kinda refreshing. (upbeat music) Welcome back, and today
I’m suprisng my brothers Gage and Kyle, with the
Mystery Candy dispenser but for ice cream sundaes! Now it’s time to call in Gage and Kyle. Gage! Kyle! Surprise! – Whoa!
– Whoa! It is a mystery ice cream dispenser. – Yeah, these are really cool bowls too. It’s like a ice cream cone,
and then some ice cream inside. – Pretty cool.
– Oh yeah so we have two types of ice cream we have Neapolitan ice cream and we have Cookie Dough ice cream. – I’m gonna go for Neapolitan. – So you’re going to put the
ice cream inside your bowl and then, see what’s in the dispenser. – Okay.
– Let’s do it. I love cookie dough ice cream. What’s your favorite ice cream? Tell me down in the comments below. – Ooh, that looks good. – I have actually never
tried Neapolitan ice cream. – That’s a long name isn’t it? – Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. So it’s technically three flavors. – Yup, three in one. – We got all the ice cream
scooped up in our bowls. Now it’s time to see what toppings are in the candy dispenser. ‘Kay guys, I’m gonna see what toppings I get, in this green one. Whoa, marshmallows!
– Marshmallows! – There’s a ton! Oh, I love marshmallows on my sundaes. – Awesome, Gage – Let’s see what’s in
the next yellow color. – Go ahead Gage. What’s in the yellow one? – [Kyle] That one looks a little – Whoa! They’re like red candies. – Wait a second, these
don’t have the S’s on them. – So they’re not Skittles. – Try. – They’re Red Hots! – Oh!
(laughs) – These are actually
really good, I love those. – Yeah, they’re like cinnamon candies. – Mm.
– I don’t really like ’em. I think they’re really spicy. – Really, I love ’em, they’re so good. – ‘Kay, let’s see what’s
in the orange one. Three, two, one. – [Gage] Whoa! (laughs) Sprinkles!
(laughs) – Look at that! – [Gage] It made such a big mess (laughs). – Those come out so fast. – What the heck? All of them are gone
there in the dispenser. – Really? – That’s all of them.
(laughs) – I need some. – There you go. – Get a couple Red Hots in there. – Yummy!
(laughs) – Wait, wait, ready, ready? – Aw yeah.
(laughs) Our ice cream sundaes look pretty good. Mine looks kind of fancy. – It looks so fancy, so fancy. – ‘Kay Gage, it’s your
turn to do the red one. – Okay, lets see what’s in there. – Three, two, one, go. – Whoa. – Yellow wafers? – Yeah!
– Yellow wafers? – I know you guys love yellow wafers. – Oh yeah. – They’re cookies. – My favorite. Okay guys, I’m gonna go
for this light blue one. – [Luke] What is in it? – I don’t know. – [Luke] Three, two, one, go. – Oh, mini Oreos! – [Luke] Mini Oreos? – Oreos.
– Whoa! – That’s so cool. I can fit four in my palm. – They’re so small.
– Isn’t that crazy? – They’re like tiny ones. – Yeah.
– That is so cool Kyle. – Here you go Gage. – Oh, thank you. You guys need to tell us
down in the comments below what topping you think
is in the last color of candy dispenser. – Which is normal blue actually. – Like the darker blue. – Yeah, three, two, one, go. – Whoa, wait, what? – Gummy Soda? – I thought that this was Coca Cola first. – These are Gummy Orange Fanta. – Whoa! – Those are good! – I totally need some of
these on my ice cream. – Guys, comment down in the comments which sundae you would eat. Would you eat Gage’s sundae,
or would you eat Kyle’s sundae? – Probably mine, ’cause
mine has the most sprinkles and stuff on it. – I’d want mine, ’cause mine
has the most gummy soda. – Gage’s looks pretty good. – Yeah. – Gage and Kyle, did you like
the mystery candy dispenser for the ice cream sundaes? – Yeah!
– That was so delicious! – I hope you guys enjoy your sundaes. – Yeah this is gonna be really good. – They look super good. – Look at how cool these look. – But wait, there’s more. – Wait, what?
– There’s more? – What?
– Chocolate syrup. – Whoa!
– Whoa! – And marshmallow. – Yeah! – Marshmallow syrup? – Awesome, put that on there. Ooh, yummy! – It looks like melted marshmallow. – That’s what it is.
– Yeah. – Whoa! – Gage, you get some of
that marshmallow on there. – I don’t wanna make a big mess. – [Kyle] (sings)
– Oh my gosh. That looks so good. – Whoa!
– Whoa, gummy! – Taste some chocolate syrup on there. – Look at that, that looks amazing. – Man, look how fancy mine looks. – Oh, it’s really cool. – That looks amazing, awesome! Now it’s time to take a bite. – I wanna try to get everything on there but there’s just so many toppings. – [Luke] (laughs) oh, whoa! – I think I’m – [Luke] Three, two, one. Is it yummy? – Oh man!
– Mm. (laughs) So we found this candy dispenser that Kyle made and we have a bunch of mystery candies that he doesn’t know what they are. And we’re gonna place them,
with all the other candy. So he’s gonna get a nice surprise. – We have a surprise for you. – It’s a candy dispenser. – Ya, and it’s full of mystery candy. – What? – So you have to push the candy dispenser get the candy, and you have to guess what candies are in there. – Blindfolded? – No, not blindfolded, you
just get to taste the candy. It’s just basically gonna be eating candy. – ‘Kay. Huh this is a mix. These are Sweet Tarts Mini Chews. – Oh, you’re correct! – But you still gotta eat ’em
remember, you gotta eat ’em. (laughs)
Eat ’em, eat ’em. – Yup, I’m right. – Oh, he’s right, good job Kyle! – ‘Kay, this one, next
up, what is this one Kyle? – Jelly beans. – Yup, try ’em. – These are Beanboozled. – (laughs). – Oh, he guessed right (laughs). – Which one is the worse guys? Tell me down in the comments the worse Beanboozled jellybeans. The skunk spray is pretty bad. – I really did not like
the canned dog food. – Warhead. No, I don’t wanna eat it.
– You have to eat it. Okay.
– I don’t have to eat that. – I guess you don’t have to. – I do like Beanboolzed though. – You’re crazy man. Hi. What are those? – Skittles. – Try ’em, those are
like the Halloween ones? Are they pumpkin flavored? – Oh god!
(laughs) – They’re Skittles, spicy Skittles. – [Gage] (laughs) – Yeah, they’re spicy
Skittles, we got you. – Tell me down in the comments have you guys ever tried spicy Skittles? I haven’t, they are so spicy! Huh what are these? – Try ’em. – Gobstoppers. – Yeah!
– Yeah, you’re correct. You’ve gotten all of
them right so far Kyle. – There’s one more. – [Gage] Oh.
– Whoa. – Whoa, those came out fast. Try ’em.
– Nerds? – Yep, oh, you’re correct!
– [Gage] Oh! – Mm! – Sugar! – Thanks for watching Kyle’s Toys & Games. Make sure to check Luke
Fully Loaded and Gage1Up. And, click any of these
other videos to watch more and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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