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what does up Sharers welcome to the vlog
welcome to another epic day on the most epic channel on YouTube today we’re
gonna try to drive this RC car on water the last time you saw me drive this one
across the pool and it totally worked it was awesome since then I came out here I tried
driving across this awesome lake and making it even more epic but it broke it
sunk in the water and it immediately fried the components and it broke the
car oh no I’m getting a warning so I got a brand new car this one is brand new in
pristine condition I’ve never even driven it but last night I waterproofed
all the components making sure that it’s completely waterproof so this should be
ready to go you should be able to drive on water we should be able to cross this
river and it should totally work another important announcement I just hit
200,000 subscribers so awesome you guys are awesome you guys Rock you guys are
subscribing one by one hump building the most powerful most epic channel on
YouTube woo here’s a little quick recap of how epic this channel has been so far
whoa whoa I told you we did some epic stuff on here and it’s only gonna get
more epic with your help without further ado let’s get to it let’s fire this RC
car up let’s turn it on let’s put it down and let’s see if we can drive this
thing across water woo what’s up chairs if you’re new here I’m Lizzy Liz hub and
Corey out with his most epic vlogs ever do you think if you don’t work harder
yeah I don’t know if this is gonna work because last time we tried this it drove
in the water and immediately sunk and it broke
first ride it broke this time it doesn’t break yeah
hopefully it’ll work we waterproof the components let’s give it a try let’s do
it just so we don’t break this first try let’s go over to sand do a little quick
test drive let’s show you how fast this thing is it’s so fast come on over this
way you got your RC car here too yeah we got
zippy this is Arlo see it’s awesome and super fast like a dune buggy what do you
guys working on what’s this pile of sand well while we’re trying to drive across
the water for life my channel we’re actually gonna try and jump across the
ocean wall with this huge sand jump it’s gonna be amazing
yeah that’s a long way to jump that is I really made you make it if not it’s
gonna get wet and splash huge in the water either way it’s gonna be crazy cuz
we got cameras and everything it’s gonna be super fun it’s gonna be awesome let’s
give this thing a test drive and see how fast it is here we go okay I think we’re ready to go we test
out the car we’re in the water we got four lifeguards on duty we got the whole
quarter lunge and your family so that means if this car sinks it’s still gonna
be in good hands hopefully it doesn’t break first try again oh yeah sheriff’s here we go we’re about
to drive this RC car in water if you think it’s gonna work
smash that like button right now here we go let’s do it let’s check in with the
left guards and make sure that they’re gonna save this car if it’s sink so you
guys gonna save this car yeah are you gonna save the car yeah yeah you gonna
sell me save the car oh yeah it’s good to know that the car legend your family
has my back let’s do this okay Sharers I’m ready let’s do this
coral are you ready I’m ready dude lifeguards are you ready okay here we go
in three two the water
hopefully it’s okay let’s try it out it was going so slow I don’t know what
happened let’s make sure it’s okay is it still working let’s see I think it’s
still working it didn’t really sink that deep I think we’re good for a try number
two let’s do it okay let’s do take two showers if you think this is gonna work
smash that like button for take two here we go in three it looks like the wheels
are spinning faster but it didn’t have any traction so I didn’t get any speed
okay so take two was not a success either it was a total fail let’s try it
again let’s hope third time is a charm I’m gonna give it even more run up this
time for even more speed start right here and get a ton of run-up I’m gonna
get a ton of speed I’m gonna go full throttle and see we can make it across
the water okay here we go at three two a little bit further but it still
doesn’t have the speed I don’t know it seems like it’s not quite working too
well this car just seems like it doesn’t have the power it should upon further
assessment it looks like the back wheels are broken but the front wheels are
working so something is wrong with the four-wheel drive I don’t know what it is
it’s a brand new car and the back wheels are not driving it’s just the front
shares it’s time to step things up a notch we are going to drive on water no
matter what out with the old in with the new
oh yeah look how big this thing is I think that’s totally gonna make it yeah
Liz do you think this is gonna drive on water I don’t know it’s super big you
might just say it’s like bigger than you is huge
let’s try this on water I have a good feeling about this one this thing is
super fast let’s give it a test run here we go in three two whoa that truck is
way faster harder yeah this thing is super fast I think it’s gonna work this
is definitely I worried that car is so fast if you think it’s gonna work too
common hashtag RC car okay let’s go out to the island and let’s see this will
work on water we’re gonna walk through the water cuz I don’t want to get this
car went before I can drive it on the water I really want this to work sure we
are all set up we got the giant RC car we got the lifeguard we’re all ready to
do this this has got to work we gotta drive on water come on Sharra’s let’s do
it okay here we go in three that was so cool that was totally
awesome I can’t believe it actually worked and check it out the car is like
still basically dried you didn’t get very wet I think it’s time to step
things up a notch what do you think Carl I think so I think you can make it a lot
farther across the deeper water yeah I think if we go up for real deep water
check it out we got the lifeguards out there in the deep water
look out deep in his own Kyle it’s all the way out to his waist yeah I think
you’re gonna need a bigger running start you better drag that thing back a little
bit farther yeah this is deep water so if it sinks it’s really gonna sink let’s
do the shares let’s do it yeah awesome so excited to do this is going
to be sweet and it’s the giant RC car versus the super deep water here we go
let’s do it let’s go are you ready okay here we go
sure are you ready let’s do it here we go wow that was awesome he went right
across the water I can’t believe it that was so easy it also looked like when I
was driving it was a little bit turned the whole time but had no problem
crossing the water I’m gonna drive it back across you ready ready woo no
problem she shares this is it this is the grand finale you’re gonna try to
drive the giant RC car all the way down the river all the way to the beach so
let’s give this a try this might be a world record I’ve never seen a car drive
on water for this far of a distance before this is going to be awesome and
if it doesn’t and it sinks we got our lifeguards on duty okay let’s do this Wow its dripping water I don’t know
if it’s still alive let’s see let’s make sure it’s still okay oh no it’s full of
water we got to get all the water out quick okay I don’t know is it still
alive CPR be a world record I’ve never seen one go that far across that was
super crazy didn’t make it all the way but it still was super far that was
awesome well the good news is the RC car is still alive and we also made it more
than halfway super far on the water major shout-out to Carl and ginger
family for being awesome and saving the day multiple times today you guys are
totally awesome today was totally awesome if you have any awesome cool RC
car ideas come in hashtag RC car and your crazy awesome ideas below and if
you haven’t subscribed yet you got to smash that like button and get this
channel to 1 million subscribers you guys are subscribe to my channel
right use your



The night e to me e to me and I e to me and e to me and I cannot I like to say that I love you and I hope you feel better and I

Tip: if u drive it on sand the sand might get stuck inside da wheels and if u drive it in water the sand will turn to muddy sand (a.k.a wet sand, so yeah~~~) Anyways I sub' to u guys… #bestchannle EVERY ONE SUB TO CARL AND JINJER + SHARER FAM… NOW!!!

Unspeakable drove a X-Maxx. through a 60ft deep lake 80m . It have to be straight run if you turn it will sink down

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