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Giant Water Wubble Bubble Super Wubbles Balloon Bubble Ball Never Pops Adventure 2018!!

Giant Water Wubble Bubble Super Wubbles Balloon Bubble Ball Never Pops Adventure 2018!!

– [Carl] Kyle, what
are you doing up there? – I’m riding a horse! – [Carl] You are riding a horse. That’s awesome! – Also known as a pony! – Oh! Hey guys, welcome to the
Carl and Jinger family video where ever day is a new day. And we’re making it an awesome one. And we’re gonna go that today by riding horses and
Jinger’s parent’s house and doing a whole bunch
of really fun stuff. (laughter) (player piano music) Does this one have a unicorn horn on? – He does! – [Carl] It’s a really unicorn! You’re riding a unicorn, Kyle. How does that feel? – Umm, different. – [Carl] Do you want
to fly over a rainbow? – Yeah. (laughter) – [Carl] Me too. Jinger, are you gonna come ride the horse? – I mean, I suppose I could. – [Carl] You could? – I’m dressed for it. – [Carl] Would it turn into a rodeo? You’re wearing like Birkenstocks and– – My mom just comment on how nice my cammo shirt looks
with my floral jacket. – [Carl] I think it looks awesome. You look great. – Somebody told me that
cammo was the new black, so. – [Carl] Does she look great? Tell us down on the comments. Or do you think it clashed? What happened to your face, dude? – Umm, I got a mosquito bite and I’m allergic to
mosquitoes so it swelled up. – [Carl] Let me see. It totally looks like somebody
just smacked you right there. Oh, I can feel the little
skeeter bite right in there, huh? That’s so funny. Ever since Luke was a baby,
he’d get mosquito bite and his whole forehead would go like and swell up. Right? – Like a golf ball’s in there. (laughter) – [Carl] Yep. Kyle, go faster. Woo-who! Just say yee-haw! – Yee-haw! – [Carl] Yee-haw, unicorn. – Give me your hat! – [Carl] What? – Give me your hat. [Carl] Okay, hang on. It’s not a cowboy hat,
but you can pretend. – Yee-haw! – [Carl] Oh, there you go. Now you say giddy up! – Giddy up! (laughter) – What a fun day. Aside from all the
awesome horseback riding and all that stuff, we
brought some fun stuff to do. We actually have like four
super wobbles that we brought. And I’ve been wanting to do
this experiment for a long time. I wanna have this special hose attachment and hook it up inside the super wobble and see just how big you can
get one on the trampoline before it pops. What is this horse’s name, Jinger? – This is Alena the unicorn. – [Carl] Alena the unicorn? – Alena! – This is a real unicorn horn. – [Carl] You hopping down? We should go do the
merry-go-round at Pappyland. We’re gonna go do Pappyland. But tell them what Pappyland is. – Pappyland is a magical
place made out of things. Stuff made our of things
that have been repurposed and I don’t know how to– (upbeat hold music) – [Carl] It’s the PTO driven horse walker that’s been repurposed
with children’s swings into this crazy farm, uhh. – Pappy’s a magical man. – [Carl] Whatever, I don’t
know what you call this thing. These are actual kid’s swings that have been attached and tied up. But this is a horse walker. So you tie the lead rope
of a horse up to there to walk them in a circle. But this has all been repurposed into some kind of a fin carnival ride. (grinding noise) Oh my gosh! (upbeat hold music) All the kids want to go on the swing ride. Look at ’em all. No fear, just buckled in. Look at Grannie’s beautiful garden and flower gardens and everything. It’s so pretty here. Oh! Jinger decided to go on a ride too! Oh, Kyle’s going for the spinny twists. (laughter) Whoa! That thing’s hauling! (joyful screams) (laughter) That looks very fun and a little dangerous. – [Jinger] That’s what makes it fun, Carl. – [Carl] It’s gotta be at least as safe as like a regular carnival ride. They’re not that much different. Oh, I missed it. I missed that Kyle almost
fell out of the swing. He was hanging by the seatbelt. Okay, you’re good! It finally happened! – It finally happened! I get on Facebook all the people are flying off the carnival. – Oh, I know, right? We’re over here, hanging
out with Jinger’s family and everything for a couple of days. Then we’re actually going to
go up and visit my family. And we’re going to be in the belt, in the path of the solar eclipse. Is it a solar eclipse? – [Jinger] Yes. – Or a lunar eclipse? – [Jinger] Ah, solar. – It’s a solar eclipse. And so we’re gonna go up and see that with my parents and family
up there in a couple of days. It’s gonna be way cool. Hey, are you ready to go? Yeah? Say, go like this. Say, ready, set, go! Can you do that? Say ready set go. Try it. Ready? Here, we’ll try it. I’ll help you. Ready? Say ready, set, go! Oh, there it goes! (laughter) This is gonna make me sick, standing here. (laughter) Woo! Ah, there he is! (screams) I almost got nailed. High fives! – High fives! High fives! (laughter) – [Carl] Who’s coming over here? It’s Tad! It’s the one happy pupader! Are you having a nice day in the sun? Yeah she is out here with
all this big green grass. This nice yard and a playground. What an awesome day. Jinger is everyone’s favorite auntie. You’re the favorite, Jing. – I do try. (laughter) – [Carl] What are you doing? – Let’s go! – [Carl] You’re gonna try
and stand up on this thing? – Oh yeah. – [Carl] You’re crazy. – It’s happening right now. – [Carl] Gage is on the other side, trying to help counterbalance the weight. This looks dangerous. (joyful screams) I love my family! You’re crazy. Oh my gosh, I really
wanna get in the middle but it’s kind of sketchy. (joyful screams) I don’t know if I can
make it into the middle. I made it! How you doing there, Gage? _ I feel like I’m gonna throw up. – [Carl] Do ya? Let’s see how Mom’s doing. How you doing, Jinger? Are your arms tired yet? Oh! What the? You’re crazy! Okay. (joyful yells) I’m gonna get motion sickness if I keep watching them
go round and around. Hey, should we do super
wubbles on the trampoline now? – Give me five minutes! – [Carl] You’re gonna
barf over in the weeds? – Probably. (laughter) – [Carl] Let’s see how
many wubbles we got. We have one, two, three,
four, five different wubbles. That’ll be fun. Don’t forget to subscribe
and to turn on notifications so you can be part of
our notifications squad. And right here, above my finger by these super wubbles is the
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Instagram follower of the day, or the Twitter follower of the day, just make sure to follow us
on Instagram and Twitter. The names of our channels and social media is down in the description below. These are the special nozzles that I have. So this one’s meant for
filling up water balloons, and these were actually
used for filling up these plastic watermelon
things that we had. But I thought it would fit great down inside the super
wubble and be a perfect fit. Oh, that thing looks so heavy. We’re gonna bring the trampoline out into the sunshine out there. So it’s nice and warm while we
fill these super wubbles up. All the way out in the sun. – Yeah! – [Carl] I’ll just, I’ll just work from over here, watch you guys. (laughter) And now there’s just a random
chicken running around. – Hi, bock-bock. – Hey, there’s your bock-bock. Can you catch that bock-bock? $10 to anyone that can
catch that wild chicken. (laughter) Without hurting it. These bock-bock chickens they’re all hiding. They’re smart. Oh, yeah, look at that. They’re back in the trees there. I guess we can’t get them now. Whoa. This one is a power pink wubble. Look how bright neon pink it is. I think we’ll start with
this one and the blue one. Alright, we’ve got all
these little kids here. Gonna help today. Here’s what we’re gonna do. It’s only like a one person job but any kids that are brave enough have to go
underneath the trampoline and lay down to see when it pops. – Ooh! – [Carl] You’re gonna get soaking wet. Oh, Kyle’s already got his shirt off. He’s going for it. Here is the nozzle. And we’ve got this bright blue
and bright pink super wubble. Here’s the game. – Okay, kids let’s hear the game. – [Carl] We’re just
going to do an experiment to see how big a wubble
can get before it pops. – [Kid] How big is it? – [Carl] Here we go. We’re gonna see how big this thing gets. – [Kid] Here we go! – [Carl] You might need to move into the middle of the trampoline. – I’m just making sure that I got it. – [Carl] Trying to get that
nozzle fitted inside there. It never works very easy. You gotta work at it. Well, we thought that nozzle
was gonna work better, but it’s really not, is it? – No, it’s just too slow. – [Carl] It’s too slow. So, should we try this one? Swap it out? Let’s try that. Is it in now? – It’s working. – [Carl] Here we go. This might take a while, huh? – Oh, totally. (kids cheering) – [Carl] They’re all, yay! – Live studio audience! (laughter) (cheers) – It’s going a little bit faster. – [Carl] There we go. It’s getting bigger, guys. Are you guys gonna get
soaked when it pops, huh? Are you all coming back out? Okay, but once you get
under there, you gotta stay. Cause that’s the whole challenge. – Can’t chicken out. – Okay, I’m going under. – [Carl] Is it gonna break? It’s gonna pop! it’s getting bigger and bigger, isn’t it? – Oh yeah. – [Carl] Oh no! There water on the top? Oh, gotcha. Watch this. (shriek) (laughter) – Ha ha, gotcha! – [Carl] It would be really funny, I don’t know, I wanna see how
big it can get before it pops. But at the same time, I would like to get two of them up
there and filled up big. – Oh, yeah. – [Carl] We should do that. It is getting way bigger. (screams) How much bigger do you
think it’s gonna get? – I think double this. – [Carl] Twice this size? I think it’s gonna be double this. – [Carl] We’re gonna push the limits all the way past the breaking point. Literally. – It’s not even, it’s not even tight yet. – [Carl] Oh really? It has a ways to go still. That’s awesome. I think we’ve been
drastically underestimating how many orbies will swell up. How big we can get one of these things. (kids laughing) We’ve only done it like half, we’ve done it maybe this size. But if it gets way bigger than this, then we’ve got more potential in store. Oh, yeah, look at that. – Right here. – [Carl] It’s right around
that ridge right there. – It’s stretching out. – [Carl] It’s kind of stretching apart. Should we stop here for a minute and do the pink one up to that size? – [Teenage Boy] Yeah. – [Carl] Let’s do that. And then we’ll top them
off until they pop. Look how bright pink this one is. It’s gonna look awesome. That’s the new one called power pink. Oh, here we go. Don’t let your toenail scrape
the blue one or something. Careful now. – That would be
anti-climactic, wouldn’t it? – [Carl] Especially if I wasn’t filming. That would be a shame. That’s happened more than once on our channel, unfortunately. They’re getting way big, aren’t they? – Yeah. I love this color of the pink one. – [Carl] The pink and the
blue together look awesome. I don’t know they’re very
complimenting colors, aren’t they? – Yeah. – [Carl] It’s so bright! The other ones are usually
just like a dull red. This is actually looking like a significant amount of
weight at this point. – Yeah. – [Carl] I’m a little bit worried. Maybe we’ll change the challenge and we have all the kids
come out from underneath. Cause it’s starting to
get a little sketchy. Hey, yeah, let’s have
no kids under the tramp. It’s not safe. Better move, little dudes. Come here, little dude. Better get to safety. Look at these kids. Kyle’s got a little army of toddlers hauling him up the zip line. Okay, let go. There he goes! Woo! Careful, careful. (laughter) that’s so cute. You’re funny. I really thing this is
gonna take a little while. Don’t you? – Nah, I think this one’s
gonna survive the longest. – Sounds like a building breaking down. – [Carl] Like a building’s breaking down? Kind of sounds like it. Someone’s got the Hershey squirts. That’s what it sounds like to me. Do you know what Hershey squirts are? What? – Farting. – [Carl] Diarrhea! Woo! What if this, one of these
springs just went doing? And then they all went
ding ding ding ding ding? And then the whole thing fell? I would hit record and
start laughing at you. – It would be funny. Let’s all be honest. – [Carl] It would be so funny. They look so awesome! – Okay, I think the pink
one’s as big as the blue. – Oh really? Let’s just go for it then. That’s the commitment. It we gotta go all the way. The hose keeps going until
it can’t take any more. And then we find out what happens. They’re getting translucent,
like see through, aren’t they? Look, when you get up close. – [Jinger] Yeah. Can you
see my foot through there? – [Carl] I don’t know. – [Jinger] From that side? – [Carl] It’s blurry. Maybe not from this side, but from the top we totally can see your
toes down through there. Look at that. I don’t know, Jinger. I feel like we’ve been standing here for like a half an hour. And it’s still going ang
going and going and going. I cannot believe how big this thing is. – [Jinger] The pink one is
bigger that the blue one now. – [Carl] Oh, it totally is. And it’s looking resilient, like it can just keep going and going. – I keep kind of like grabbing
it to see if it’s super tight and it’s just not that tight yet. – [Carl] It’s still going. There’s gonna have to, eventually some defect
will give out or something. Which one’s your favorite color? The pink one or the blue one? You have to say down
in the comments below. What’s your guy’s favorite color? – Blue! – [Carl] Blue? – Pink! – [Carl] Pink? (laughter) – I like pink! – Okay, team blue raise your hands! Team pink raise your hands! – [Carl] Oh! Team pink and blue. Vote in the comments below. It’s like trying to
catch Bigfoot on camera. It happens so fast, you could miss it. Not even get the shot. – Leave the camera rolling. – [Carl] You gotta just
keep the camera rolling. Even if you get a ton of footage. We’ll edit out a whole bunch, but we gotta keep the camera rolling here. So we don’t miss the pop. I feel like it’s getting close. I can’t tell, but. – Are we just gonna let it
go until it pops by itself? – [Carl] That’s the idea. – I just wanna jump on it. I just wanna jump on it. – [Carl] Do you really? – Yeah, I do. – [Carl] I think we should
jump on the blue one. But with this pink one, we definitely need to just put the limit. And find out how big a super
wubble can get with water. I don’t know if anybody’s
ever done it before. Maybe they have. For all we know, it’s only
halfway there at this point. What if it’s only halfway? – I’m gonna give it a few more minutes and I’m gonna jump on it. – [Carl] You’re just gonna do
a front flip onto the thing? – Yeah. That’s the problem with
our ADD problems here. It that we do these experiments and before we actually follow through, we end up just– – We’re like, okay, let’s
get some action here! – [Carl] Someone pile drive it. (deep sigh) are we gonna have to just
John Cena this thing? – Yes. – [Carl] Should we? Okay. – I volunteer. – [Carl] Hand on. Let’s try one person
doing a big jump on it and see if survives first. – Are you ready? – [Carl] Gage? No little children! When we get back home, we’ll
save the other super wubbles. And if this video does well, let’s say if it gets like 10,000 thumbs up we’ll do this on the ground. So we don’t have to worry
about destroying a trampoline. That’s what we should
have done to begin with. Right? Alright, Gage. Gage I up first. He’s gonna test it out. Let’s see what happens. – John Cena! – [Carl] It survived! Did that hurt? – Oh, that hurt! Like someone slapped me. – [Carl] That was amazing! Okay, here goes Kyle. Kyle said he’s gonna try a front flip. – It’s so heavy! – [Carl] It looks awesome! – John Cena! – [Carl] Oh! I don’t think that’s even anywhere close. Look at that. – What if it popped? – [Carl] It might. Here you go, Luke. Ready? – Yeah. – [Carl] Go on your knees
and see if you can do it. – One, two, three! – [Carl] Nothing! That’s amazing! Ginger’s turn. Ginger’s turn. What are you gonna do? What’s your plan? – She’s gonna pop it. [Carl] She’s gonna pop it? She’s gonna pop it. Oh! Nothing! I cannot believe that that survived. – Can I do it too? – [Carl] That is unreal. – Can I do it now? (laughter) – [Carl] Yeah, okay. Whatever kids want to get on there and jump with them, go for it. – Everybody on! – [Carl] Everybody on the tramp! Look at that. It’s still going. – What? – [Carl] It hasn’t popped yet. That looks crazy. Jinger, you gotta take the camera. That looks– (screams) You gotta take the camera, ooh! (screams) Oh no! – See? – [Carl] Look at that! It totally split out
on the side like that. But I wonder how much
bigger it could have gotten if we would have just filling it up. Okay, let’s try to lift it up. Ready, set, go! – That’s it. – [Carl] Oh, there’s a big hole! (screams) Oh no! You got it. (screams) Yeah. – We did it! – [Carl] You did it. That’s awesome. Yay! That’s it for today’s video. Everybody click on the link in order to subscribe
or to watch more videos. And we will see you guys next time. – Bye!

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