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Girl & Chocolate Skateboards Present Pretty Sweet Tuesdays (Teaser)

Girl & Chocolate Skateboards Present Pretty Sweet Tuesdays (Teaser)

MALE SPEAKER: It’s pretty sweet
to be here with like, old school and new school. Sorry, crazy old school. Sorry, old– and new. No, I know the deal. You blew up off that first
video 5 years ago. And it’s been nothing but Rice
Krispies squares and like in Call of Duty. Do you play Xbox
or PS3 or what? MO: PS3. MALE SPEAKER: PS3. So Carroll, PS3’s
a video game. A video game is a thing. It’s a little– You wouldn’t know that shit. Take us back to 1995, Carroll. Or as we call it,
your good years. CARROLL: I can’t remember
those years. MALE SPEAKER: They were sweet. You were skater of
the year, right? CARROLL: ’94. MALE SPEAKER: ’94. Don’t mention ’94 around him. CARROLL: What year
were you born? MO: ’90. [LAUGHTER] MALE SPEAKER: He was 4, dude. [LAUGHTER] MALE SPEAKER: Holy shit. It’s been downhill
since he was 4. [LAUGHTER] MALE SPEAKER: Mo, I don’t know
what the fuck you’re laughing about, Jesus Christ. You got to hit the gym and
start skating, man. The fucking street league is
like, going to kick you out. What’s up with that? How we looking this year? MO: It’s my last year. MALE SPEAKER: Is it? MO: Yeah. I got kicked out. MALE SPEAKER: You did
get kicked out? [LAUGHTER] MALE SPEAKER: Look at me. I’m being real for the first
time in my life. Get your shit together. You’re a good kid. MO: Thanks, man. MALE SPEAKER: You’re
a lost cause. [LAUGHTER]


who said mike mo isn't filming shit? and how do you know he's not grateful? just assumptions.

Don't know dude, I don't decide who is pro or not, lol.

hes not a contest skater, and street league is made more for big tricks not tech and ledge tricks, and thats what he is, so its not for him anyways

go look at his fully flared part, all were pretty much ledge and manny tricks with a few gaps, street league rarely has just a normal ledge, they have like ramp to ledges but thats not the same, and shane usually did better on the big section than on the line section

I'm glad someone finally told Mo to get his shit together
he never uploads new vids and you can see him gettin a bit "bigger"

No its called "Acting" its his job they did a bit like that in "YEAH RIGHT" with Owen Wilson and they had Koston dress like him and blunt a handrail

not everyone likes to skate in front of big crouds, i dont think people understand that, thats the main reason alot of people dont do them

I don't understand these… does Spike Jonze write these or something? "These" as in this this video and the Owen Wilson/Koston sketch from Yeah Right!

how the fuck has it been down hill? once you get past the douche baggy kids who are all talk and the media its still great!

fuck street league that makes no sense. They are putting skateboarding on the map and making it more acceptable in today's society. Thats why somany new skateparks are being build.And people like Rob and Tony hawk are mostly the ones funding these new parks, Thats like a man going to jail for murder and saying fuck the police. Or a bad ass kid who gets suspended from school and saids fuck school. oxymoron….

this was the GIRL companies way of telling Mo to step his game up. Mo has been slacking HARDDDDD. the only way to get through to him is by embaressing him wit an actor by giving him dialogue.

I say mike mo. Is sponsored And won soty already . He can do watever the fuck he wants . He's still better then anyone here either way . And this is funny as shit and you know it

I guess all the kids watching this video are too young to remember Yeah Right! which didn't even come out all that long ago. fuck i must be getting old

Well he came second in Battle of the Berrics, he had a video part last year and he just released a HUGE part in pretty sweet so I don't really know what you're talking about…

No I think he released an actual video part last year, or not I have a shit memory for stuff like this but still his part in pretty sweet is mad..

I own Pretty Sweet on DVD and GOB was hired literally to come to the set and talk shit to the skaters. He fucking rages at the Trunk Boyz and Spike Jonze the guy who directed the video.First he fucks Koston, then Mike Mo then Alex Olsen and then the trunk boyz. I loved Pretty Sweet

He doesn't need to step anything up. Skating in a contest is still part of his career, why does it not count? He is still releasing big video parts and he is still entering contests therefor nothing needs to be stepped up.

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