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Girls on Wheels // Skateboard and Wheelchair [CC]

Girls on Wheels // Skateboard and Wheelchair [CC]

*music* J: Ah, you’re in. Hello!
C: Hey! *kiss* That was fun!
J: It was! C: Apart from my epic falls.
J: *laughing* *music* [crash] J: But we’ve been having fun learning that we are both good on four wheels C: Yeah!
J: Yeah! C: I’m having a bit of a hair issue though
J: Yeah Actually no. It’s working for me. You’ve just got to stick your face into the wind and you’re good. C: Okay
J: There we go C: There we go
J: Beautiful! But you know, I really love my wheelchair. That’s what I’ve learned today. I’d forgotten how much I love my wheelchair C: Yeah, you’re really good on it. Better than I am on my, like, board. But then you did go around on your wheelchair for how many years? Maybe like three overall?
C: Yeah. I’ve been on my skateboard when I was like 13 years old for about six months And mainly I just sat on it and went down my driveway, which was on a slight hill, on my bum. So I think I did quite well today.
J: You did well. C: I’m fighting the elements and the wind.
J: Learning. She’s learning. Yeah, but it seems strange because people would think that being in a wheelchair would be really awful and wouldn’t be fun But actually it’s amazing because I feel so much freer and more independent in my wheelchair Because I can just go wherever I like.
C: Yeah. J: Move quickly at the pace of a human
C: Yeah I know J: And not just “Jessica speed” which is what I normally move at C: Apart from when people decide it’s their business to come over and tell you how to cure yourself [music stops] *angry hissing* *music* J: So, I just got stopped by a lady who asked me if my energy was blocked to my legs If my energy chakra was perhaps out of whack And maybe if I thought deeply about the energy in my legs they would be better. Oh my god.
C: Whateverrrr *angry hissing* J: That’s so unfortunately common. It’s so common. But I ju- thank you. But I just had a lovely day. C: Yeah! So did I and it’s really nice It was forecast to be a bit better than it is today, but it’s still sunny I mean it’s like….. nearly….it’s like nearly November so… J: My parents currently being battered by a storm called Brian!
C: Storm Brian! Yeah, we don’t have cool names like they do in the USA, it’s just like…..Brian. J: So we’re doing well. We’re doing well. Brian’s not got us. C: Aww it’s really really pretty scenery My hair is doing some awful- I’m getting some weird like center parting here now I’m sure J: Oh dear…. C: I can’t do the glamorous thing that Jessica does Anyway, it’s been fun J: Yeah
C: We’ll try and make some more like….. you know, California-esque…. skateboarding……. wheelchairing, like, tricks and slo-mo….. I’ll probably improve-
J: Yeah maybe not in England. C: Yeah we might have to improve our four wheel driving first. J: We’ll work on it. Well do that cool thing like the girl who dances on the longboard. C: Oh she’s awesome! Yeah! J: Her.
C: Check her out. J: That one.
C: We’ll put the link below of who it is I can’t remember right now, but she’s really cool. I don’t normally wear these gloves either although I’m kind of rocking them, I think. J: I think you look awesome!
C: They’re actually Jessica’s wheelchair gloves But I thought I better put them on just for my many epic falls to, like- J: And? What did they do? They saved you. C: Yeah! My hands are not grazed. I have a slightly twisted ankle but oh well. Now we can be like buddies.
J: Awww C: I can go round on your crutches.
J: Hop-along buddies. C: Yeah. Hobble-along buddies. Alright well, it’s been fun.
J: Hope you’ve enjoyed the video. *music* [inaudible] J: Okay. Let’s skate.


what is that wheelchair please?the footrests are frog legs right? those are mega expensive usually. i long for a decent sports chair like colours or rgk..x

the worst ones too are the "bless you".. i toy with mentioning im an atheist who worships satan in my free time :@)) wheelchair does not mean angel and nor does it mean you can demand my medical history!

Those unnecessary comments… ugh! I get stopped by strangers because I'm fat and they feel free to tell me things like "Oh, you're fat, you should lose some weight" (I have mirrors at home, I know) and give me "advices"… once a lady told me to stop drinking water in order to lose the "excessive fluids"! Unbelievable! Anyway, you two are lovely and I'm a new subscriber ❤❤ much love from Italy!!
P.S. I'm starting to learn some words in LIS (Lingua Italiana dei Segni = Italian sign language) ❤

I just found this channel and I'll definitely be a life long subscriber and supporter, keep doing what you're doing! I am disabled & gay and this gives me hope.

I love being in my wheelchair (tho i cant really push myself on my own) but I LOVE IT!! i love going down hills and ramps and being pushed along the beach and having the wind in my hair!! also WHEN YOU SEE A DOG IS THE BEST!!! Tho i need a cute person on a skate board to also push me at the same time!!!!

As an 18 year old lesbian with what seems like no other gay people in my town, you guys give me so much hope that one day I’ll meet someone who will love me as much as you guys love each other <3

I just so in awe of you. You are such an inspiration. To have gone through everything you have and be sooooo positive and happy with life is amazing! I am new to your channel and subscribed 1 min in to my first one I watched. I already love you both and can’t wait To see where your life journey takes you guys!

You two are too cute! At first glance, Claudia seems to embody the whole cool Hawaiian surfer chick aesthetic and attitude, so it's funny that you mentioned California/ skating =). You seem so different in every way at first, but to see you together, it all works, and you complement each other so well! It's really beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your day!

Nice edit Claudia! When I broke my ankle last year I was in a wheelchair for a few little months. It obviously sucked but I had a lot of fun getting my friends to push me down the halls at work! I also learned how to pop a wheelie but by then I got my boot off. Pop a wheelie soon if you’re up for it!

ha! One time I was in the checkout line in the hardware store, just in my chair waiting for my turn to pay, and a lady came up behind me and tried to faith-heal me. Yes, I'm still ill.

Why do people feel important enough to go up to disabled people and tell them whats 'wrong' with them and what they should do, like this energy blockage lady. Unfortunately it is pretty common, Ive had a few people like that and I hardly ever get to go out. Its so annoying ! But you two looked like you had so much fun, which is all that matters 🙂 (wheelchair question – have you ever managed to get onto the beach with a wheelchair or used one of those elusive beach wheelchairs for hire? )

I feel your pain . I'm losing my hearing and every so often someone will tell me to pray and god will fix my hearing and that I Dont need to go to my audiologist… people are daft.

I have a connective tissue disorder and POTS too, I have a blue badge which People seem to be fine with when I’m using crutches or wheelchair but when I’m walking , at a toddlers pace! I am constantly asked if the blue badge is mine, one couple commenting because I wear makeup and take care of my appearance that I was too glamorous to be a cripple ?!?! Loving your videos xx

What? Didnt you know that all disabilities can be fixed by unblocking chakras and breathing in incense?!
unimpressed sarcastic face
Yeah…think that one beats the "oh if you exercise more and lose weight your fibromyalgia and cfs will go away" that I get XD

I was born needing a wheelchair and I definitely need more videos like this in my life. I also hate getting those random people saying insensitive things to me but Im better at laughing it off now.

lol at the crazy chakra lady, maybe Brighton is just full of weirdos (like Glastonbury, which is also super odd). You don't get that sort of nonsense in Yorkshire XD (can you imagine "that there chakra's blocked right up luv"). You both look great in this video, adults on wheels are definitely sexier 😀

Then you also bring THE GUN SHOW when you use a wheelchair.
I have a friend that has been in a chair pretty much all their life and their arms are soo strong!!

Hello to you both!! My name is mellissa & my partner both use wheelchairs. I had cervical cancer at 22 which meant I had to have a radical hysterectomy & all the lymph nodes in my pelvis removed so I get lymphodema & cellulitus in my legs a lot so a wheelchair enables me to have more freedom etc. When you said about the persons 'chakra' comment it reminded me of a comment I had from this guy at a party who told me I had "caused" my cancer due to my job in finance. I was absolutely speechless & angry. Anyway, if you ever fancy a wheelchair race let us know! We are just near hove lawns. Mellissa x

I discovered this channel by accident maybe 3 days ago? And I can't stop watching. So excited to see how fast it's growing!

I’m very new to my chair, I use it at home a fair bit to sit at the table mostly. I’m kinda terrified to take it out where people are. Already quite frightened of everyone and very isolated here at home on the floor by myself constantly. I just messaged my man and said maybe I could try it a bit, taking my chair places, because this young lady on YouTube is inspiring me 😉 so thank you. I’m currently binge watching your videos and it’s making me smile. Now I’m rambling. Thank you so much for your content 🙂

If I saw you in your wheelchair I wouldn’t ask about disability issues, I would compliment your hair, makeup and outfit lol!

It is so uplifting to see how happy you are on your wheelchair and Claudia on her skateboard!! And you two are just so adorable 🙂

Some people are so awful! Might have been a bit funny if you had made a big show of "focusing on your energy" and then stood up. People should mind their own business! Love everything about your channel, keep it up guys!!

I love how Jessica loves her wheelchair. I'd like it because I'm lazy and I'm always telling my partner to carry me. I could just have him push me everywhere! Maximum lazy!

Came across the channel through another vintage channel and love your videos. Do you know there's a group of women longboarders in Brighton who get together? Sabina Edwards (who is one of the editors for Thrill Magazine and a Longboard Girl Crew UK ambassador) is involved and is totally lovely. Not sure when they are meeting but they're very welcoming and always love new longboarders getting into it if your wife fancies learning to dance on a big board 🙂

my mom had foot problems for a while was in a wheelchair when we were kids we had fun sitting in her lap going down mall ramps

When the energy lady came over you should have made a concentration face, focused for a moment, then stood up acting like it’s the first time it’s ever happened. Would have been great to see her reaction.

Oh sorry. Sent an email, zillions of videos before about an all natural anti-oxidizing free radical fighter detoxifying supplement. But based on 2 NASA Scientists with literally 10 degrees. Wasn't trying to clear your "chakras" Actually, maybe you would look at if only for Walter. It also helps pets enormously. Can help them live 1/3 or more longer….Claudia. Since you said losing him would be hard. Bonus, it might help your wife with anti-oxidative stress caused by chronic illness. Read the test papers on the website.

This is such a lovely video!! A shame about random people making rude comments but it looked like you guys had such a great time and you're so so cute together 😀
(i would also love to know what the music in the background is because i make videos in my spare time and it sounds v v catchy!!)

Hello Jessica! I was fortunate to buy a lovely wheelchair for $50 from a lady who was selling her Grandma's wheelchair. Grandma got a new one. It is so much better than the wheelchairs you have to rely on when you go to places like the hospital. I swear, they are trying to drum up business by providing the wheelchairs from hell. Well! The first time I went to use my lovely new wheelchair, we discovered that my husband had not picked up the legs for it. So I am trying to get ahold of the woman to see if she still has them. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Cheers!

Loved this vid, though it was hilarious what that woman said to you about your energy in your legs 😂 although if you used proper pushing technique you could save the energy in your arms, if you start pushing on the rims as far back as your hands can go and push the rim forward and then when you’re near the end of the push flick your arms away and coast you can go a lot further a lot faster without feeling as ache-y

my mum is 35 and uses a mobility scooter but looks completely fine so we understand the whole thing of people trying to cure her, but i think it is better then the cloak of invisibility she immediately dons as soon as she gets on and of course its always "her fault"

Just out of interest, how much does it exaust you do drive/walk (not sure here ^^) in a wheelchair compared to Walking? Because the one time (in Hospital) i tried to move that wheelchair with my CFS i couldn't do anything else for the rest of the day

Omg this is awesome and I feel the same way in my chair! I have been in and out of mine since I was little I'm also gay but I'm more self conscious when I'm doing stuff in the LGBT community events!

3:27 tell that "lady" to get some senstitifty training because she's in desperate need of it 😠.

Anyway, loved the vid Claudia&Jessica 👍-up.

Just saw this video. If you helpful stranger would work on her crown chakra she may not say such stupid things.

So I have a question. Since you have been in a wheelchair, have you noticed you have fainted less? I have POTS, but I need to ask my mom about a wheelchair but I don't know how to bring it up! I'm wondering if it will be worth it. I pass out 3-4 times a week, and I hate it! It used to be 7-8 times a DAY but medication has kicked in! Does the wheelchair really help you?

I'm so grateful for living in Italy. There is a wheelchair in my life, let's put it like this, and I couldn't live hearing those comments. I know that the 'Disable culture' isn't really know and considered in England. Italy does have her problems but at least people aren't that much rude and ignorant

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