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Going on a Skateboard Date

Going on a Skateboard Date

Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of the Evolve weekly. In today’s episode it’s all about skate dates. There’s two things that’s awesome about skate dating. One is you get to carve it up on
your Evolve board and the second one is spending time with someone you enjoy being with. If you have only got one board to
use, great way to do it is go down to the
park or the beach and you take turns in using the board. And then if someone hasn’t ridden the board before it’s a great
opportunity to teach them how to do it. Often we see
people who have got multiple boards, what they do is they meet up
together, they go for a carve and a cruise to a location, could be like a restaurant or a bar. Charge their boards up while they’re
having some time together and then they just carve it on home. It’s a great way to get out on an
Evolve board and have fun at the same time. What we also see is guys who have an Evolve board and often they’re riding with one of their friends who are on
a bike or another skate board and I just saw it the other day I
was going for a cruise by myself and I saw this guy with his wife. The wife was on the bike, he was on his GTX and they were just having a late
afternoon cruise together. What a rad way to finish the day
off. First skate date I went on probably about six years ago with girlfriend. That was really cool. Changed the way we got around
particular we use to bikes, cruiser bikes and since the
skateboard comes along, a lot easier, it’s lot cooler, get a lot more
attention. Definitely changes the way we treat
weekends. So you know, a lot of cafes and stuff, you know, easier to skate there, leave the board beside the table and have your coffee and not worry
about parking or anything silly just the attention that goes with it. We love going on skate dates on the
weekend. It’s really good chance for my
partner and I to get together, spend some time together. When I first started at Evolve I
didn’t really know a lot about skateboarding or electric skateboarding. And neither did he. So it’s a really good opportunity
for us to spend some time together and just recently we’re able to go
to the skate date together which is something I never
would have imagined we could do but because we got to
practice up so much together you have such a
good time the event. Yeah we’ve been on quite a few
together. Obviously it’s very important to
keep the bromance alive. Get to hang with Benny. Yeah it’s more of a learning thing for me because Tyler’s pretty damn good on the skateboard and I’m
pretty bloody terrible so. Can I Can I just say for the record
that we go on lots of actual dates with females. Just the skating we like to keep it
between us. But yeah if we date all the time away from skateboarding. It’s probably the only time where I
actually go slow. So the missus struggles a little bit but she actually really enjoys
it. I think it’s a great way of spending a bit of time together without
anything to worry about. Been on many skate dates over the
years. Lots of things to like about them. I suppose a couple would be the fact that I tend to make them a little bit more interesting
from a perspective of where we go for a skate so we try and make it a either a beach
area or a boardwalk area around the
river. My wife tends to love scenery while
she’s skating. So we do a family skate date where we take the kids, they follow us on their bikes and we usually go to Surf Club. Have a couple of drinks and lunch and then head home. My big skate date tip is if you’re with somebody who isn’t very
confident. Just to pick a nice long straight
path. That way, there’s no scary turns, not too many things they have to
navigate and you know stop somewhere for
lunch or drink and then head back. Thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed the video and remember if you’ve got any
videos of your skate dating please send them to us we’d love to share them with our community. Until next time. Catch you later.


I have a Boosted Board great quality Has never let me down but boosted need to step up their game a little bit evolve Has a lots of options for their boards looking back I should have investigated Evolve a little bit more I probably would have bought one no I know I would have love your videos

I just want to buy bamboo gtx….but it is too expensive and I am just 14 yrs old
Also can we use these boards in india…bcz the roads are not so good

i fell off my GTX today!!! fuck yea!!! i covered my GTX in blood ): (Thumbs up if you want me to make a vlog about it)

I got fucked up.

Yes you make a good board but Skatedate? It's the middle of February and my R2 December pre-order still says "Unfulfilled", where's my R2 remote?  Come on guys put more attention where it's needed.

I own a carbon GT…. my wife generally will ride her bicycle and I'm on my board. Kinda seems like I'm the only person in this city w/ an electric board lol. O well… I love it!

Skate Date! Really enjoyed everyone going on there skatedates! I like the ideas for only having one, but I really can’t wait to own 2. It’s really nice to get that quality time together. Lol as well as hearing about the bromance dates!

I haven't been able to convince the Mrs into letting me buy an Evolve board, so I thought I would get some tips from this Skate-Date video. Now I have got some handy tips for introducing a Camo Evolve GT Carbon into our relationship. Thanks Evolve, you are awesome!! Nick (Taranaki, NZ).

This is my favourite weekly episode because it highlights my absolute fav aspect of long boarding, people and relationships. I met my boyfriend when he was literally on his evolve and skateboard dates are our summer evening staple. Plus you've got lots of hot guys at evolve😘

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