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Goodwood Roller Marathon Track Marshals

Goodwood Roller Marathon Track Marshals

Due to numbers this year we are introducingtrack marshals to our event Your lesser spotted track marshal will be in a High Viz vest In the CENTRE of the track. Not on the verge, or the sidelines, we are sticking them in the action but they will have whistles! The marshals will effectively divide the track in two. The outside, right hand line will be for fast speed skaters and the inside, left hand line will be for the slower skaters The marshals are there to keep you safe by ensuring the speedier people are kept away from the slower people If you are a slower skater, it is your responsibility to skate in a controlled manner Do not change direction suddenly and always look behind you before changing course Please stay on your path of travel should you hear someone coming up behind you It is their responsibility to navigate their way around you If you are responsible for young children at our event PLEASE make sure they know this They have a habit of not looking behind them before changing direction If you are a faster skater, it is YOUR responsibility to overtake safely and stay to the right As you will be skating slightly further we have opened up the chicane to give you a fast track avoiding a crunch point We know that you want to take the inside “racing line” but hope you can live with this challenge in the nature of a fun event like ours Marshaling will start on the second lap The chicane will be closed at the start with the two track system starting after you have completed your first lap For the first part of the race the track marshals will be stationary and will then rotate slowly in the opposite direction to you If a track marshal shouts at you or uses their whistle please listen to what they say and don’t be offended they are just trying to keep you safe Water will be on both sides of the track so there should be no need to cross over each other. So… Slow skaters, Inside, Left. Fast Skaters, Outside Right We would like to point out that while this is a race it is not a speed event It is a fun family event to try and promote skating, enjoy ourselves and raise money for charity We hope you agree Thank you very much and see you there.

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