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GoPro: Chicago Skate – SLS Hometown Challenge Winner

GoPro: Chicago Skate – SLS Hometown Challenge Winner


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Hey guys. I'll be very happy if you wanna check my channel out. I make GoPro Films which i really want to share. I know it's dumb to promote my channel here, but it's kinda the only way to find a huge amount of GoPro viewers. I hope you still wanna check'em out 😉

Hollywood grade editing and filming. Definitely amazed at how well this video was edited and put together.

I have recently purchased a GoPro hero 4 session and after a week of having it, it won't turn on anymore? Does anyone know how to fix this problem if so please comment thank you .

I love combining my GoPro Session with my main cameras for my daily vlogs. Most versatile camera I could ever need. Always waterproof and ready to go! These guys created an amazing video.

This is a really nice video. Keep making more skateboarding videos.
And perhaps Classic cars videos too.

The Barcelona 2016 hometown challenge just went live today!

went to Chicago to skate last summer and it was amazing! Especially me coming from a place where there's not even a handrail to skate and a shitty park with metal ramps. it was like am entirely different world. It was all pretty cool except for almost getting robbed a few times and shootings happening just a few blocks from where I was staying hahaha

I skated briefly when I was like 12 and broke my arm then stopped. But I love skate boarding. I wish I stuck with it. Street skating is so sick

I love skating but I'm just so awful. I can do the smallest Ollie and every once and a while a pop-shuv it

My friend did that nose manual in a trench video in 98. He was on the first gear team they may have even used it in their video

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