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GoPro hero 7 : Skate & Donate

GoPro hero 7 : Skate & Donate

ola youtube my name is ricardo lino and I’m
a wheel addict on huge wheels your wheels look like baby like so mine’s baby it’s
the first time I’m trying these nope let me just see I think it’s gonna be
way too realistic it’s slow to turn it’s really slow to
turn never to turn there’s a lot of traction every time you need to turn
they roll fast they’re all really fast but it’s like really okay now that we
know the music what are we doing today why what we’re trying to do raising
funds for animal shelter yes aster power which is the place where we
brought deco I’ve never seen like ten kilometers the whole idea is to get
people together we’re not too many but we’re good
that’s all these matters so we’re trying to get food and everything that we can
for this animal shelter which is where we cut back follow us on this journey
let’s see what we got show me okay so I’m really bad but I can’t turn
okay now see behind me they so hard to turn with these things oh yeah because
it’s really big and long and tall it is cool okay we’re going three two and it
actually rolls really fast it is built mommy can’t even pick up with me and I’m
not even pushing Jen is just looking at a duck yeah duckies mommy can you push a little
bit who who can really push that fat movements need to be really slow with
this case okay what an elf way is done I do a lot
of the fact is I’m not in really happy with us I don’t know why because we stay
on the left side which is the side that you draw here but you know some people
just can’t stand even if I have the biggest wheels we lost half of the crew
it went back and then I reckon see it but there’s these buildings over there basically we did I would say two-thirds
of it we’re like three kilometers away so their own music Michael you’re good I
feel fresh you remember the buildings where they’re here generally still awake
and enjoying your music and mommy stayed behind yeah feel styling good feel good
okay we’re like this one two three four five six survivors we lost four that’s
good we’re going we’re going okay see you in the end okay last stretch Michael is still fit I’m actually
feeling like I’m exercising these little one
is not that light it looked like to you I know I can imagine you want to try to
push her try watch out there on the left down the
left there’s the car behind us on the left a lot easier now
watch out don’t watch out with a sidewalk don’t take too close
who Jalen’s mommy and Michael’s mommy are back there it’s suffering now I
don’t know if you can see where that building is that’s basically the end so
we’re about 500 meters see you in five hundred meters and the
buildings are here which means we made our way as I told you in the beginning
of this video the goal was to raise some food whatever type of the nation’s
people wanted to do for these oops these animal shelter dogs cats pigs
parrots whatever they are they’re do we’re not a lot but everyone donated so
we got lots of bags of food and I’m pretty sure the dog shelter would be
really really happy with this so I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you guys
enjoyed this one well do not forget to subscribe to this channel it’s like a
way to support whatever we do and if you enjoyed this one give me the
thumbs up you did enjoy it thumbs down how was it
did you enjoy it yeah 10k the ice cream for everyone jaelyn you want ice cream
I guess you’re so tired anyway just to forget why we all started eating and
that is why mommy big shout out our lovely our fabulous skate community and
friends this is all the donations that we together it’s just really awesome and
I unfortunately the child was closed today to the public so we’ll go and drop
it off next Saturday morning very well done



Nice video! Do you think these wheels could be put under speedskating boots? Could the ankles support it? And if possible, should anyone actually want to do it?

The gaps between the wheels shouldnt be there for better maneuverability.

Would be nice to know the weight of a 150mm wheel.

Could that be the next step in inline speed skating?

Hey dude, thanks so much for your content. I stopped skating when I was about 17 and watching your videos has reignited the fire. I just got some Doop 100 trinity swifts to get me back on the road and will soon be in Barcelona for a few days to remember everything I forgot. So, cheers!

Man I've actually been wanting to try that setup on that frame, and also on the 2 wheel 150mm SUV trinity frame. Looks like alot of fun

I think the Edge frame's 2-wheel setup is a lot better for turning, by the by. I have the Doop Edge, and despite my shoe not fitting the boot at all, I'm still able to slalom pretty easily while casually rolling down slight hills. And I'm a total beginner with big skates – the vast majority of my experience has been either with ice skates or 4 x 80s. Although leverage still becomes an issue since you're basically a human skyscraper at this wheel size, an Edge frame paired with a proper boot (in my case a Kaze) should be perfectly fine aside from stopping and starting. Will be screwing on said Kaze boot soon!

Maybe cyclists are jealous cause they can't skate, not your fault bro haha. Dope videos, I enjoy watching them. Keep it up mate 👍🏻 cheers from Mexico

I really love the serounding area, the town, the lake. Its really nice place for skate. The town doesnt full of vehicles. What a perfect place for skating.. Is it capetown?

Question.. Unrelated to the video. I asked advice before buying my Tau Carbon 90 from the supplier and they said my weight (114kg) should not be a problem for skates as they are very strong. And they said they have never had a pair returned from breaking. Yet I set up my skates and the instruction manual says 40-100kg. Do you think they will handle 114 kilo and powerslide are just being safe with the limit? Happy Christmas by the way

The boots looks so cool, you are really enjoying yourself.
Would like to know whether i can get such a boot?

Hi Lino. Great vid, I just fall in love with your set up (3×150). I use to skate long ago, and I was kind of beginner or in the lower end of intermediate skater. Now that I'm watching your videos (and I tried ice-skating just recently) I wan to inline skate again, but I'm very interested in the megacruiser 125, but heard that people don't recommend such big wheels to beginners, still I want to try them. And now I have the goal of this 3×150, they seem fantastic and fun. Just wanted to share that I love this video, and it inspired me.

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