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Grocery shopping on an electric skateboard in Christchurch, New Zealand

Grocery shopping on an electric skateboard in Christchurch, New Zealand

[Music] right now the idea is to go grocery shopping with the board like I did last time when I broke your GoPro only this time I won’t break the GoPro so yep just I know that I can do it it’s just the only issue with going shopping with a skateboard is that you can you can spy much which in a way is good you have to like be efficient and take the only the necessary which I anyway I’ll just having time have fun on the board come back up so with that camera I used to shoot in 2.7 K with 25 frames per second I think here I’m in 2.7 K with 60 frames per second so it should look not better I should also be able to shoot at night with better quality I had 4k here but the 4k was very shitty you saw it a couple times probably in the video if you watch the other videos but I have the wrong configuration here I have 4k with 30 frames per second which is great the only thing is I’ve dealt with 4k on my Mac my Mac is powerful but it like premiere is pretty laggy when you deal with 4k and I still have a lot to learn in editing so I’ll keep using around 2.7 I had to do some time lapse may been for a key or something like that but another good thing about is that the previous one didn’t work anymore here or on the motorbike or the sound so the sound might not be that great right now it’s better than with only the GoPro but maybe not as good the GoPro 3 plus with a mic except when my mic was up but anyway so I currently have an email a couple accessories that are coming including the cable which is pretty expensive for a cable but the cable to plug a better mic in the GoPro which is also way of way better quality than the previous cables that were not done by GoPro and so it should last longer – so yeah and that will be fun to do I’m gonna go the thing is I like to do my grocery shopping during the evening because there’s less people and sometimes there’s better sales so maybe I’ll do that but what do I do until then have to find some people to see I was dating on what to do I want to make me to go to Sumner but I don’t think it’s a good idea for the sunset so I’ll go up the hill with the skateboard and [Music] I came up here a couple of times at the beginning of my trip and that’s the reason why pretty epic view [Music] so the view is the main reason why I came up here but another reason is because I wanted to see how high I could go from my place to upper on the hills with that board so here it’s saying 1% but it’s because it’s working a lot so it should be yeah I guess 50 25% when I’m not all the way up actually so there is a summit where which is more up but to go there I’ll have to go with motorbike because yeah like it’s it’s a bit too long I think and the good thing about going up with that skateboard is going down it will not be a problem which is why I didn’t go to summer because going to seminar I would have been too far not able to charge and to get too long to go and back so I’ll settle for here to me it’s that it’s high enough that I’m not sure we’re actually allowed to go there but yeah there are some higher better places to check the sunset I’ll do with what I have here which I think will be perfect see perfect I enjoy very much having a screen on that GoPro [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sorry the video didn’t really make much sense it’s basically me just wandering with the skateboard and going grocery shopping I thought it was fun to show you that I go shopping with my skateboard anyways thank you for watching remember that if it’s easy it’s not funny and see in the next video


Lool, you should try to do more little videos like this, more often, to keep the editing coming, though I know time is time and you can't stretch it so much. Was fun though.

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