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oh we got pizza mmm it smells so good
let’s open it up gummy pizza whoa and check this out we
got gummy hotdogs and gummy hamburgers too
oh yeah Sharer’ss you won’t believe what I got for dessert! What is
going on Sharer’s welcome to the blog welcome to another awesome day now yes
Sharer’s there is still a snake in the pond somewhere we have still not been
able to find it so if you see it come right now if you see the snake it is
somewhere in the pond still and remember last fall when we said we had a surprise
few wool shares yes we have a surprise for you
check out what we got in here shares if you don’t already know what this is if
you ever get this box in the mail that means you want a swag pack that means
you got first comment on one of our videos and your swag pack came in but
shares we have a new swag pack you’ve got to check this out here come on
inside I’ll show you oh there’s otter hi baby otter I see you you’re all clean
yes shares that’s right I gave otter a bath and he’s all clean say hi to the
shares hi baby oh and there’s Liz whoa whoa hi Liz
what’s going on what are you wearing is that what you’re gonna be for Halloween oh it’s so epic I’m ordering pizza for
Carter because he’s trying to snack again do you want pepperoni on yours oh
yeah I love pepperoni yeah oh yeah shares pizzas on its way okay let’s go
down the basement let’s show Carter what came in oh did you see the new swag
boxes that came in all right come down to the basement we’re gonna show Carter
shares something super special or is in these five packs and there’s a bunch of
noise in the basement what is going on Carter what is all that noise down there
harder Carter what are you doing you’re making so much noise welcome to the vlog
check it out I may take a little box or village we have
to box four and then we also have the Lego box were making like a little
village and it’s all in front of the fans oh oh this looks so good you could
pick which house you want to do 24-hour challenge in I don’t know if I want to
do it in the Haunted box for because it’s kind of scary yeah I’m like scared
to go in there and it’s like daytime we’ve been in here at night and it was
super scary if you haven’t seen that vlog you gotta check it out there was a
haunted box where 3 a.m. challenge is so scary by the way Carter guess what came
in the mail the updated swag packs what yes the shares Carter has not seen this
yet but inside is something Carter and I designed it’s so epic and it finally
came in so you ready to check it out who is this so awesome so this is the
official new swag pack so shares the cool thing about a swag pack is they’re
totally free they’re super rare because they’re made by Carter me and the only
way to get it is by getting first comment on one of our videos so if you
haven’t already subscribe turn on post notifications is that your alarm because
our videos go live at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time so Carter you ready to
open it wait so does that mean if you got first comment on this video you win
the swag pack yeah the new swag packs are out so you’ll be winning this okay I
can’t wait to open it up ready careful oh it looks so good shares you ready
Carter this is the official new swag pack card check it out it even says and
fine print official swag pack winner this is super official and you flip it
over and check it out it’s signed by both Stephen and me and it’s got to
share the love logos and the best part about this thing check it out Oh spin so
hard yeah and it’s metal so it’s super rock
solid super sturdy and super official yeah major shout out to Roman whitey
Alex Trent and Kevin Roman because you all got first common in our last videos
so you’ll be getting the updated play button all this thing is so awesome look
at the back I love how this spins boom oh so that’s
cool I love this thing that straight shears Eve not erase subscribe hit that
subscribe button Turner post notifications isn’t that
right corner yeah and win a swag pack whoa Oh Steve you know home in charge of
lunch today hi Liz just ordered pizza Liz ordered food that’s great I worded
food too you did yeah what’s your order super delicious food I can’t wait to
show you when it comes in the meantime let’s sit up a little table so we can
eat in the box where village I’m thinking if you can put like a little
table here a little lunch in the box reveals Oh perfect let’s grab a table I
would grab the tablecloth oh sure check this out here is a Lego nerf gun here is
the world’s smallest low it’s so little it’s so little
here is a mega Lego nerf gun oh that thing is huge
the dart that goes inside it oh my gosh that’s way bigger than a regular Nerf
dart yeah it actually shoots too and shares check this out I didn’t see last
vlog check this out whoa the world’s biggest Lego nerf gun
yeah this thing is so big check out the missile of a dart that it shoots it’s
this big it fits in there and then let’s go back to the world smalls this is the
world’s smallest it actually shoots and this thing is so small that it could fit
inside here too like the whole gun is so tiny
this gun is massive so yeah we got quite the collection of Lego nerf guns comment
a hashtag Lego if you’ve seen one of these blogs they’re awesome
now let’s get these off the table we can remove this oh this one is my favorite
by far and it’s just enormous I don’t think any think it’s gonna fit on this
other table gosh barely gonna fit oh it just fit you want to see a magic trick
yeah now you see it now you just pulled it off the table you’re not a magician
oh yeah you want to see your cool magic trick huh yeah I do
let see what you got check this out now you see me whoa Steven where are you woah that was screams I did not she was
gonna work that was scary yeah how did you do that
go go in a Honda box for those too scary okay little box I’m all ready to go from
lunch today make this really nice and gourmet let’s
pull this in half a little big oh yeah Dada wallah that’s a nice little dining
table and the little mini box for village oh yeah let’s go you’re gonna be
the one that’s hungry so let’s go let’s go I’m so hungry are you ordered so much oh my gosh
sure is why don’t we let card to order food he ordered so much are you really
gonna eat all this oh yeah I would be snacking all day that’s definitely more
than just Pizza Carter oh yeah I got like wanted everything on the menu
hungry yeah sorry the pizza oh I am off at the gourmet food counter okay yeah we
are gonna be starting with the pizza today who smells so good doesn’t it ah
smells good a bit car what kind of did you order oh yeah I guess what do you
think ah I bet you ordered cheese the kind smells like cheese shares what do
you think what flavor a pizza did I order cumin hashtag Carter and what
flavor you think I ordered I’m guessing cheese hashtag Carter and
cheese okay let’s see what you guys see what I got let’s see what it is
Oh gummy yeah it’s a gummy pizza what oh my gosh it smells even better than
regular pizza I know we got to cut it up we need a pizza slicer I got the pizza
slicer right here oh yeah world’s cool yeah it looks like a saw that’s how cool
this thing is let’s see if it’ll cut the gummy pizza oh here we go you ready oh I
think it’s work is it working no this is so gummy it’s crazy what can’t wait to
try a slice oh yeah fresh cut slice pizza it looks like real pizza give it a
bite and see how it is to you it is like multiple flavors are coming is so good
what kind of flavors like cherry or what mmm orange
and lemon you think it’s vanilla look at the pizza so maybe the red pepperonis
are like sharon cherry and then the white cheese is vanilla and then what’s
the bread like the orange on the bottom is orange oh that’s the orange one no
good the best thing about this piece I’ve even tried it yet is that it smells
so good oh so good I can’t wait to try it you gotta try something so amazing
nothing nothing the pizzas for you I got another one for me you ordered yourself
another pizza no not another pizza I got something else entirely for me I’m gonna
sit down you’re gonna serve it to me it’s right there in the tinfoil this
thing yep what is in here is my cheeseburger your cheeseburger
yeah it’s open this thing up I’m so hungry I need to eat something well put
it on oh yeah wait that’s a gummy cheeseburger yeah do tell it’s gummy it
looks like a real looks real whoa you can see the cheese though meat patty the
lettuce oh my gosh even the tomato looks like you’re dripping out this time
lookit that looks real and it’s got the sesame seeds on top of the bun oh wow
that’s so cool this definitely looks like a real cheeseburger I can’t wait to
try it should I start with like the cheese yeah start with the cheese what
flavor is it okay what flavor is it cheese right hmm
lemon Pullman hmm it’s weird because I’m thinking of cheese yes lemon taste so
good I take a bite of the whole burger I just bite the whole thing oh I’m so
excited I’m so hungry this is like the perfect snack ever find if I to fight it
Oh mmm it’s it hard to eat it’s probably hard to eat because it’s a giant coming
what’s it taste like so many different flavors it’s definitely like cherry and
a green apple and this one’s like orange and this is the lemon Oh green apple
that’s so cool so it’s like all the best flavors mixed together into one gummy
cheeseburger this is so good Sharon’s would you eat this comment right now
hashtag gummy if you eat this whole thing
oh yeah sure is if you love this gummy lunch that I ordered you’re gonna love
dessert just stick around and wait till I show you what I got for dessert
uh whatever card I got for dessert shares is going to be crazy Oh cards you
getting for Liz oh I almost forgot yeah hey Liz I got you some lunch come and
eat what’d you get me write this down a little mini cafe this is our gourmet
take Oh mom hungry oh that’s but close your eyes this is
gonna be a surprise it’s a special kind of fruit you ready for it okay here we
go in three two one giant gummy watermelon I know I can smell it from
here so good I wonder if it’s gonna taste like Waterman home let’s look at
this real quick it actually has seeds on in everything
it was the best part is that this is lunch I bite ready and go oh oh it’s so
gummy oh what’s it taste like there’s like a watermelon so really oh it’s so
oh my gosh mmm hey don’t need it all I want to try some here have a piece I
want some of the green yes you try fusili green what flavor is that mmm oh
it’s too big he’s like watermelon the Greens watermelon oh this is the best
lunch ever I love water below is so good Wow I didn’t know so many people are
gonna be joining me for my delicious lunch we’re gonna need more seedings and
more tables oh yeah let’s expand in three two one whoa this is much better
now I got enough room for all three of us we got a bigger table now we can eat
but we have more food we have the second course coming out is everyone ready okay
the second course we got hot dogs oh yeah check it out open them up oh my
goodness these looks so cool
I got an open mind oh no way look at this this is an edible gummy hotdog oh
my goodness oh this looks so good Steve it smells like cherry orange and maybe
lemon yeah my guess is that the hotdog part is gonna be watermelon flavor what
do you think mm I think it’s cherry you think it’s cherry
take a bite on the count of three you both ready yeah okay here we go three
two one and hmm what’s the flavor you’re having troubles
come on bite it fight it Liz what flavor do you think it is mmm
definitely cherry it’s definitely orange and that this is cherry and lemon it’s
so good oh I wish I had a hot dog that’s okay sure is because for my second
course I got something a little better than just a hot dog is it in this box
right here Carter yeah it’s in this box oh okay I need you to guess before over
this right now guess what you think my second course is because I promise
you’re never gonna guess this one so crazy I promise no one’s gonna guess it
Oh chicken leg mm-hmm you gotta get this crazier than that I’ve no idea
rym so even crazier than that I don’t know Cher’s if you know coming right now
hashtag gummy and what you think’s inside that box my second course here we
go let’s open it Oh what it’s corn on the cob that real corn yeah it’s real
gummy course oh it looks like real-life corn it does look like real corn whoa
yeah that’s crazy Cordy you gotta try it what’s on the back and the back is the
best because it’s green oh it’s probably watermelon on the back yeah I’m trying
to be healthy sure so I got myself a vegetable I’m gonna eat it like a piece
of corn to corn on the cob oh my god can’t eat it go go go mmm Oh what flavor
is it mmm yeah what’s it taste like I’m so good at lemon watermelon what is it
it’s two flavors mixed together I can’t sell let me try a bite of the yellow and
then a bite of the green and I let’s try to figure it out I would try the green
first let’s see what is the green flavor mmm the green is green apple on the back
oh no way it tastes so good and I wonder what the yellow flavor is
mm hmm hmm only yellow is definitely lemon oh that’s so cool lemon on the
front and green apple on the back it’s so good Liz you gotta try
oh it’s so gummy Oh listen yuge buy it yeah that’s a big bug this is eating all
my candy food all the shares we have so much got me through cards it’s time for
dessert yeah it’s almost time for dessert but
one more thing it’s again this is the third course and it’s for everyone
third course for everyone yeah this is gonna be a good one here comes a third
course for the gummi lodge here it is it’s shish kebabs shish kebab
marshmallows oh it’s all assortments of different kind of gummies and
marshmallows oh my gosh it would smell so good a little
cheeseburger on there oh yeah oh wow krabby patty I love my gosh Steve what
and you won’t believe what’s right there look there’s a fried egg oh my gosh our
Friday I’m gonna pull that off so we can see Oh check out the Friday it’s so cool
you gotta try it see what flavor it is yolk and everything mmm tastes like egg
no I’m just kidding it is like pineapple so oh that sounds so good Liz what did
you get on yours my a pink marshmallow Oh perfect that’s so good oh that’s so
cute Oh check this out I got a pickle on mine Oh a pickle
let’s see what it tastes like yeah what flavor is the pickle mmm it’s green
apple who hurt your eyes they’re so good okay I can’t wait to try my third course
okay I’m gonna try this one right here this looks good Oh got a lot of weird
stuff on it too I’m gonna take off the marshmallow and
then immediately like what is this a mini pizza is this a little mini pizza
slice cuz it’s like brown it looks kind of gross yeah you think this is gonna be
good Sharon’s what do you think he thinks is gonna taste good yeah I’m
gonna try this gonna be good mmm what whoa what’s it taste like it
has no flavor Oh little egg oh look I got a little cheeseburger it’s a little
krabby patty oh it’s got the bun and then it’s got a
pickle and what is this yellow one just oh it’s the cheese and I’ve got the
burger and then the bottom bun so it’s a full cheese burger look at this share
this is awesome I can’t wait this Oh mmm whoa there’s so many
different flavor this one’s crazy Cory you see we still a desert sand I’ll
need everything oh I almost forgot we have desert oh it’s dessert time
shares come on let’s go get the dessert I can’t wait to show you what we got
there it is yours Stephen listen here is the dessert what
is gonna be this dessert it’s big I’ll tell you that much right now it’s a big
chairs what is this let’s open it up you’re ready whoa look at this it’s a
giant gummy bear what how big is that thing yeah it’s pretty big let’s open it
up and see just how big it really is what flavor do we get I have no idea oh
it’s sherry flavor oh yeah let’s see whoa it’s so big Stephen hold it up well
we got to open this thing whoa heavy it’s the heaviest gummy bear ever yeah I
think I said it’s five pounds whoa I can smell it from here it’s so smelly it’s
just no good yeah it’s definitely cherry Wow oh it’s such a funny little cute
belly button he’s got a good nose and eyes and everything oh it smells so good
this is the best dessert ever you ready to try some yeah let’s do it
ready yeah three two one go whoa cherry giant gummy bear Oh lookit
are you so cute sure I don’t want to bite him oh but you gotta try this
dessert I’m gonna name him Tim oh it’s in the giant gummy bear oh very cool
yeah I know it’s a that’s why shake it so good I don’t want to bite him he’s so
cute I’m gonna take him home before Liz takes Tim home shares check out all the
food we saw leftover we ate so much of these gummy foods but Carter Sharer, there’s
still so much left over you ordered so much yeah I think I ordered too much we
eat a lot but there’s still so much food so what we do with all the leftover
shares comment right now a hash tag gummy and what we should do with our
gummy leftovers oh yeah sure as well this was our yummy and delicious gummy
food vlog we hope you liked it oh yeah I know I like this one there’s like where
Sarah vlog over hmm I love the pizza and tomorrow’s vlog
goes live at 3 p.m. and first concert gets a swag tag
oh yeah sure isn’t until next time you know what to do
stay awesome and share the love, peace!


I never got a snack pack😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I never got a swag pack😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I been wana a swag pack sense for ever please because I like the channel and subscribe please can I get one

Best winter time in the world and you all the best youtubers in the world that I have ever seen and I would really like to meet you in real life

okay well fans I did all of your worlds you tell me to I hope I can have a shout out and I hope I get the new fan mail box whatever High


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