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GUMMY vs REAL Pizza Challenge

GUMMY vs REAL Pizza Challenge

Hey guys, it’s Karina Bro, we are doing gummy versus real [ah], I’m going to business yeah baby’s job [it’s] [based] [uh], we’re Gonna take turns picking a paper from The Paper Bowl and we’re Gonna fart just everybody faces cuz I forgot what to say yeah but for real, we’re gonna take turns picking up paper from Level and if it’s a gummy, I’m gonna get in gummy and Ronald’s gonna get real if you guys go man I’m gonna. [go] real. I’m gonna always get coming so count cow What does that mean I have known? every pizza, we’re Gonna need Pizza Sauce and she Oh, yeah first of all two years later Oh Daddy, no. Oh yeah Scores all over the place it’s hardened Now let’s matter and all open [Mm-Hmm] Okay, yeah boom those decide now. I can use the key creeper ladies where members Don’t be so delicious He might be right Okay models Together read that all over you’re going nuts with cheese adam of teeth me, too So let’s begin I am going to go first Mmm, baked up take you from state pools. I [know] this one Would you get it don’t you think I’m a pussy come easy to me ah? I hope it’s gonna be a real piece of [hopping] it will taste good a real this number one What is it I wonder when I get? [when] I get gummy naked Rainbow Gummy bacon [oh] Yeah, I got big I’m going to make this mike if the bacon is Gonna be the hair [I] got eyes and a mouth the Lord very [happen] to me just Bended [oh] My turn to pick a paper. I’ll be real I got real ah miss number two Okay Gummies these gummy um What did he call sour finger use silver dog real grapefruit and Romina got gummy trace through [alright]? These are Gonna I use Od with cool for the eyes [it] looks like sunglasses And I think I’m not [gonna] put on this last one because I don’t know where to put it well played a part at all No, I’m Gonna have a different note cucumber yeah Maybe [okay], it’s my favorite make the paper. I hope I get yummy Just really a real real real. Yeah Got me item number three Ice cream I got real ice cream I think it’s on Eminem’s not a minimum smarties and Camille goes gone me ice cream. [I] got two of them They look so delicious This one looks more better. How cookies on the ice Matter its dad my pizza Is okay now. It’s my turn to take a peek When we got me for me I do number four oh Yeah Totally made for me every time we open [at] [all] on every challenge. I get the real one Yeah, look at bananas oh mmM with better than a real one. [I’m] [just] [I’m] going to be dumb out Oh, that’s a good mouth Look, it’s a smile. This is – more happy Alright my sir What’s he gonna? Do please? [I’m] pray to God real Dummy show me something number five berries, I got Strawberry I got real job. [no] doubt of the strawberries. I’m too used to getting real things [already] see this is gonna be known and I don’t know if I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do that one I think [I’m] Gonna leave it Have to put it on but right there. No, you’re going to wreck my face No, chair [fights] over [-] eyes eyes a nose and a banana yeah mouth read it around That’s the whole time pizza. It is around turn actually [no] my turn to pick right no it’s my oh. Yeah, it’s your turn Yeah, will you get me swing it’s real I? Got get it, but yeah, I gotta make up [Mcdonough] jumping on this ticket What shipping is Gonna be rabbit? I think it’s gonna be boogers. Yes, maybe okay. Let’s try it [right] there what? lay lawyers going Lego So I got real Lego. Hey guess. I’m gonna eat it now for fact Cuz I’m kind of hungry okay, and yes I gonna put a piece on who I [just] meant a [melding] I’m building up. What you building. I don’t know And you’re gonna make [little] freckles too, right? Yeah Dad family all on us perfect spot is it [got] Melton dodging? Yeah, okay? I guess door turn to pick up a prayer, okay? I’m going to go up the one who has a little bit on it because I [think] it’s really lucky a little bit like pizza Sauce on it Something number seven okay. What do you make it is wrong? wrong [Sonic] I think it’ll [be] sprinkles, okay, let’s open a freezer what I? Love watermelon, but I do not know where I’m gonna put it so I got gummy Watermelon it looks so tiny. [I] think I’m gonna put my watermelon right on the forehead Beautiful right – watermelon does not look like a gummy, so I’m gonna take it’s my bike What is this is it good? Oh can I try? We try to not food Food [I] don’t know it’s weird it tastes weird. He’s like [seoul] Let’s put it Hmm right here Perfect. Thank you as well. It’s my turn to be I gotta [pick] This one this one something [numbered] [hey] Sorry, what do you think it is no [this] [time] [horses] guess the color? I think it’s Gonna be Lauren Okay, [I] think it’s Gonna be green to know what Do I got gummy grapes and Kareena got real right? I never liked Gregg’s at all Let’s matter it around my pizza, or it’s gonna be odd colored hair oh Korea is making a pizza dantdm oh Yeah, [yo] are you freckles? And ice cream long as I’ve known ozar spike don’t legendaries funny, okay create a short random [pic] a paper Is real please really? Don’t think number [9]. Oh okay. What do you think it is? Let’s go [guess] the shape to make it interesting. Oh, well hectic long okay. I actually forget. What shape it is actually oh It’s Nothin just like a trapezoid looking please. Oh my god get me meg, and I got real [lemons] first let’s port it around Mm-Hmm all right, I don’t know why you put these had to sour things already one of them is going to be tongue. Ooh, that’s Creative and the other is ganache tools or whatever loss trolls disservice, okay? That means it’s [my] [turn] [to] [pick] [a] paper [copy] number [ten] where did you get gum area? I got wheel okay? I’m getting at me. [I] [will] see what it is my carrots are perfect for him, and I like all carrots even get me when There’s where’s [your] beautiful face Where should I put these [butternut] nostril yeah in the dark, so these are going to be boogers in the nostrils. Yeah, definitely [dantdm] Okay, now yeah, there’s a pair of paper. I’m going to go for this large one here. I Got gummy, and I got [to] selfie number 11. Oh oh goodness Career Uncle Gummy cake and I got real cake no, I don’t know not real for this one Oh, that’s when we smell Tony’s on that Okay, I bet mine tastes better Which is so good it’s not as jello. Oh oh, oh ah Yeah, right in the middle and now this king Richard put these down perfect here so yummy My pizza [look] so what she looks even better So there’s a break right in the middle [what] you’re raising your face a human face no, [speaka] face [ok] my turn to take the paint or I’m gonna fix this one [ok] 3 sure what? Something I’m Miss clavel [ok] now what? What oh is that the foot it is? the verb foot it looks like I might [be] stopped oh When I got to tell me one luckily Yeah, I got you got feet with a big big toe huge. So yeah I Got big look Ganga We’re just gonna put these on my pizza, and it has real nails uh just from matter mom what? Maybe yeah, it kind of looks like it. You know she’s a monster. Yeah, she kind of chopped off her legs, maybe Cuz they grow back yeah [just] drop it on okay right under the mouth because they have something weird there mmm, my little guy Okay, [right] stick. Oh, yeah, could you start to take out fish? oh I hope this is probably real something number 13 Okay, right, so [you] got the gummy free dough what? Yeah I’m gonna shoelaces. I got shoelaces Computed from watch you. I wonder we’re going to put this all over we’re going to be tying the entire pizza – gasps It’s going to be the face it’s going to be the head [9] – I’m going to put it all around Wow, this is beautiful my turn to pick up paper Try which one I’ve been one [for] me yummy, yeah [toughening] number 14 oh no No, no this time [teasing] is your life can we don’t have anything alive? [yeah], okay innominate okay is Yummy, what is this? Gummy things I don’t think it’s a guava fruit Yeah, a gummy [whopper]. I’m throwing nothing like it my gosh. Just throw it on All right, these guys are gonna have so look like gumballs [eken] be are you guys don’t have green eyelashes okay, but it’s your girly pink. Okay? I? Think I missed this one. Oh, I think that’s real [pink] gummy gender real up in number 15 Okay, let’s open it yeah, I mean [ah] You’ve got real nice Ronald meehan ah anyways these are spinach leaves. Oh That means I got copies spinners Right it might taste like spinach, so I’m going to put my gummy spinach on my banana I Totally like spinach I’ll just put it on the nose. We need a note summit here. No helmet. Yeah last little bit Okay, I’m going to bring my paper [hMM] Which one should I pick our industry and I think [the] ones closest to me? Let’s see what? something number 16 okay Let’s open at 3:01. Oh Which way is mine this one um you got the real one so we got strawberries I go go run barry so I got the gummy raspberries and cream got the Real raspberry I’m Gonna put these on the eyes Or should ice and some on the eyebrows I’m going to put this on the spinach and now on the fake watermelon My [thing] so it’s really weird doesn’t look like a face anymore Yours must really like dark, and mine looks really nice. Yeah, I have great khans this one this number 17 alrighty I get the gummy oh I got oranges. No I got mad no. They’re Mandarin ah Mandarin so I got real Mandarins, but I also like the real ones, but yummy ones affair We all want to learn how sphere. I’m going to put me on these I’m going to put one on brofist and one on the cake and One on some Lego and a shoelace. I’m gonna make this one. Please be real be real yaass i love gummys You get wet our nose. We plan to be there doing stuff anything dummy on exactly to everyone put it? Hmm right at your mom [Mike]. [it] looks really awkward My little thing, okay, turia your epic paper grab number 20 yolo Real blackberries, and I got gummy [blackberries], oh yeah, I never really like blackberries at all I kind of like them. Can you trade? Yeah, okay my turn to pick one of these. I’m gonna pick this one. Oh All right, this is Gonna be our last top yaaasssss And I’m sorry when there wasn’t Gonna be oh Which ones we got me one? This is the gummy one. Oh, I couldn’t tell them apart Then stick on that one this one. That’s all okay, but wait here This is mel. Call me Let’s go music a lollipop [into] [glass]. No it isn’t oh, it’s a lollipop Okay, I put this all right rallo. You’re you because a stick popping out and I guess it has to be like this an egg the more yummy Really? Yeah, okay. [don’t] [hate] sticks for lunch [no], so this is how my picture looks [it] has to be disgusting see at the bottom because they’re Disgusting and everything else [like] so sweet [and] juicy and yummy at the top So this is how my pizza looks and has a cone sticking out of nowhere and a lollipop of a stick on it Which is not going to be diamonds now. It’s time to take the speak the [vidiians] and [maximus] dummy dummy dummy But if he took a man in the oven the cheese melted, but most of you dummies did not melt But it’s still looks yummy. So let’s try yum yum. I’m excited Mmm. It looks so yummy whoa Wake up. Oh I got ice [cream]. I know you could hold it [I] Can’t really I ain’t gonna wait for you Yeah Cake fell off, okay, right there what? Wait, what is that? Mmm. No one’s good [my] [kinda] guys [down] there, or what take something bad ah? Goodbye orange. I don’t really like it Not that good and make sure dummies and pieces not as good Let them know in the comments would be so you think is the best? I think it’s definitely mine, then Ronald has [two] not edible things Shoelace and Lego, but you have to compete and that’s much worse Yeah, you’re right So we’re pretty much even you guys decide who has the better stuff so guys sadly we have to [end] [the] video [here] We hope you liked it That [much] [fun] and will you all next time good? bye

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