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Gustavo Ribeiro displays Winners Mentality – Street League Finals

Gustavo Ribeiro displays Winners Mentality – Street League Finals

Gustavo Ribeiro Portugal A trick machine That’s what Gustavo Ribeiro is Ahhh That was… Hit a rock Got pitched You know that Unfortunately that does happen. I mean… With a brand new course. There’s concrete that gets chipped away! When it’s brand new The cracks, you know… They’re not worn in yet! Everything is not worn in… He hip-checked the top of that wedge Seems to be okay! Good recovery! Yeah, that was unnecessary roughness for hitting a rock in a skate park… And it shouldn’t count against him necessarily but it cost him time and tricks. Huge finish! I think in some way that’s gotta count in his favor To see that happen and then come back and put that run down. I mean that was pretty sick! Come on… Way to roll through! Now the other pros are… You know… Checking it out, making sure everything’s solid out there on the course! Yeah, that was a wild one! 7.9. Yeah, so he’s hyphed! It could have been higher but it’s okay. There is a look at our judges Apparently, there’s some sort of protest happening. Let’s see what happened! Okay, Gustavo Ribeiro. We saw it! Screech, pitch, slam! What did he actually hit? Hit a rock! There it is… There is the rock! To be honest I don’t know the rules about a rock on the course and what what it means… Is that interference or is that just skateboarding? No, I think that that’s just skateboarding and I think that uh, I mean personally, I don’t… Danny Wainwright says peace! Yeah, I think that that’s just skateboarding You know P Rod always does the P Rod sweep at the top of the stairs… Because he’s prepared for that Maybe we need a Gustavo sweep Okay, so we just heard from the judges he’s granted a rerun if he wants it That puts the pressure on him now! Wow, that’s gambling! If you want one, we will do that! If you want to say no and keep the rest of your run you can do that but you are entitled… I want everyone here to know if he chooses yes! There’s no pressure… If you want a run, you can! I just wanted these guys to know because they are, you know, they are competitors! Yo, what happens if he fucks it up though? He still gets 7.9? No, that’s the risk! So, you either keep it or you go “fuck it, I didn’t fall and I’m gonna risk it to get a bigger score”. It’s up to you! You either do another one to get a bigger score or stay with 7.9! And we apologize for any language used in the heat of this intense moment on the course If it was you, what would you do? With these guys… I would take another one! A new one? I would, knowing how they are gonna skate That’s me though… And I know how good you are, so… But if you like the 7.9 stay with the 7.9… Okay, fuck it! I want to redo! You are going to? Okay! Just why not? I mean you want 8’s, you want 9’s. That’s how this is gonna win. You see what Kelvin does and what Nyjah does and what Shane does You know what they are capable of. I would take that run again.. That is a great point I was gonna say just let it ride and save it for the next one But it’s so true… A 7.9 might as well be a zero in the final of any SLS event with these other skaters out there which is so mind blowing but it is… I mean it is Yeah It’s unfortunate because that run… He was on his way to.. Like , the whole run could have been a 9 run without that. So he’s listened. He’s going to give it another go! Gustavo Ribeiro! From Portugal! Back in for run number one! You know, he was probably nervous rolling through that section I was worried that his tre flip wouldn’t go off because he would be thinking like “am I gonna hit something”? Until he was halfway up the bank and then he would be like “okay, I didn’t hit it” In some ways, he may have worked through a bunch of nerves too. Because he’s like ” I just did this, I can do it again” Well, also… Right after you slam you are the most warmed up True Wow And you know what? He is coming for wreck right now. 360 flip lipslide.. to push To push… that’s what he was trying, right? Now, do the judges… The crowd is loving it… I mean, that was great, that was awesome! That was a great moment! Does that score higher than a 7.9 and if so… I mean, that’s tricky because that tre flip lip was an integral trick What if they give him another 7.9? It might be an easy out for the judges. Just call it a wash and move on 8.1 ! The gamble pays off!


Chris coles dumbass take on this incident "yeah hes hyped" "this is skateboarding" lol. If this is skateboarding lets sprinkle some death pebbles all over the course at the olympics.

''We apologize for the language spoken in the heat of the moment'', cmon man even my grandma curses more than that… !?

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