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HALLOWEEN Floating GHOST PRANK With Segway Hover Shoes!

HALLOWEEN Floating GHOST PRANK With Segway Hover Shoes!

(lively music) – Good morning. Tommy has ahold of his favorite toy, and I forgot to buy eggs yesterday. So the boys all went to get eggs, so we can have pancakes for breakfast. And we’re gonna sit here
listening to our music. (Jared grunts) (Tommy laughs) (Jared grunts) (Tommy laughs) (Jared laughs) (Jared grunts) – Oh he’s like, squirrel, distraction. – You’re just taking my turn. – Oh, you want a turn? – Yeah.
– Okay, try it. – It’s your birthday. – [Jared] It’s your birthday. (laughs) Ready, my turn? – Yeah. – Okay. (grunts) We are so close to getting Tommy to laugh. Like really laugh, he’s done
some cooing here and there. Like a little (coos), but
what would you even call that? A little chuckle? We are so close, Tommy. We are so close to getting
you really to laugh. Oh, you’re so smiley. Grandma and, was it Brooklyn
or Bailey, and Ellie have been the three people to get Tommy to do that initial laughing coo. But we’re looking for a belly laugh, and the first person to get
Tommy to do a belly laugh is the ultimate champion
of the whole entire world. Now, what I want you to do is
leave a comment down below, who do you think is going
to get Tommy to belly laugh for the very first time? Is it gonna be Ellie, is it gonna be me, is it gonna be Jackson,
Calvin, grandma, grandpa? Who knows, let us know in
the comments down below. – It’s me!
– It’s gonna be you? Okay, we’ll see. ♪ Who’s it gonna be, Tommy ♪ ♪ Who’s it gonna be, Tommy ♪ – The boys have requested
an obstacle course today, so they are going in their
room, they’re closing the door, and when they come out, there’s gonna be the coolest, biggest, fun obstacle course for them to do. That’s what we’re doing
to entertain them today. Alright, who’s ready? You’re gonna fall asleep, buddy. Ready? – The floor is lava! – [Ellie] The floor is
lava, hurry, Calvin! Jump on the red pillow! – Is there two ways? – [Ellie] This way first. – Look how far it is. – [Ellie] Jump really far. – I can’t. – [Ellie] Try super hard. Wow, good job. Jump, Cal! – I’m just walking. – [Ellie] You’re just gonna walk? You go under here, you
go under the tunnel, and then you have to put
your race car suits on. You have to drive around over here, and then hop on the
pillows all the way back. We’ll see how good they do. (lively music) Hop on the pillows, hop on the pillows. Calvin touched lots of lava. Hop on the pillows! – Whoa! – [Ellie] Whoa, you fell in the lava. – Whoa. Whoa! – [Calvin] Someone is calling me. – [Ellie] Here, I’ll help you out. – Oh!
(Ellie laughs) – I don’t want my suit on. And then you take your suit off here? – [Ellie] Yeah. Is that a cool obstacle course? – [Calvin] Yes. (Ellie laughs) – I just had an idea that I want to try and execute today with you. I had something arrive in
the mail a couple days ago and I’m just now thinking,
oh, this will work perfectly. This will be great, hopefully, we’ll see. What I got in the mail, were
these segue hover shoes. These guys, right here. You may have seen them around town. You know, different
various places and things. What you do is you stand
on them, and you roll. And it’s just like the
hover boards of the past. These are what I call hover shoes, because it kind of looks
like you are hovering when you are on top of them. Now, this is October,
we’re in October right now. It is Halloween, and I thought, oh, if I put those on, and put a sheet over my head like a ghost, and cut some holes out,
that might look pretty fun. Especially for Jackson and Calvin. They might like that, or find it amusing, or something like that,
so that is my idea. Come with me as we make this happen. Ellie might freak out
about this a little bit. We just got new sheets on our bed. Hey, do you mind, I don’t know, Maybe if I take this sheet,
you know, the old one, And I don’t know, cut
two holes in it for eyes, and turn into a ghost, is that okay?
– What? – Can I do that? – You are cutting my sheets up? – Is that a bad idea or a great idea? – I think with the amount of kid spit up and other stuff that has been on it, like child poop and whatever, absolutely. – Okay, maybe we should wash it first. – Oh, it’s clean. – [Narrator] More moments later. – One of the more
difficult parts about this, it might be finding the right placement on where to put the eyes. I have a permanent marker
and this very large sheet. Let’s see if we can make this work. Okay, we want even
distribution, arms for balance. Eye hole number one. (Ellie yells) You okay? Number two, I haven’t cut it yet, I’m just putting permanent
marker all over it, is all. Can you even see that? Oh, there you are, okay, okay. Got a nose, and then a mouth. That way I know which side is up. Okay, it’s starting to
get a little fumy in here so I’m gonna take this off. Oh wow, oh jeez. I don’t know if you can
see it through the sheet, but this is freaky looking. I’m glad there are holes to be cut. This is like a freaky face. (laughs) Boo! Alright, so we’ll just cut right there. It’s hard with one hand,
but I’m gonna do it. So I can see. Well, I think I succeeded in one thing. I think I made it scarier
than it was before. And it was pretty scary before. (laughs) It looks like Jason, is that right? The guy with the hockey mask. It’s not gonna look like
that when it’s on my face, because you’ll see my
bright and smiling eyes and mouth in here. Alright, now for the big reveal. Ooo! (laughs) I can see that actually works pretty good. How do I look, do I look scary? I think I need to make the
eyes a little closer together. It helps to have my hat on. (laughs) Ooo! (grunts) So what do you think? (laughs) – They’re gonna flip. – Is this gonna be funny? – That’s a little scarier,
it’s different, like the… Your eyes are not quite as
circle, they’re like rectangles. – It was hard to cut with one
hand, but I think I’m ready. Let’s get the hover shoes on. The kids are outside playing right now. I think we’ve got a sufficiently
good charge, luckily– – [Ellie] Oh, those look intense. – Don’t those look cool? The batteries on these lasts forever, just like the other segue. The question that I have is, do I test them out and try them first, or do I just put the sheet
on my head and go for it? – You gotta go right for it. – Just go for it? Okay, lesson one in segue
hover shoes, just go for it. – Is daddy crazy? Is daddy crazy to do this? He’s a little crazy. – So what do you think is
an appropriate ghost sound? Like, ooo! Or, ooo! – [Ellie] First one. – Ooo, like that? – Totally.
– Okay. – [Ellie] Are you gonna keep your hat on? – [Jared] Yeah it kind
keeps it out of my eyes. – [Ellie] Pfft. – [Jared] Should I take it off? – [Ellie] No, I love it, I
hope you don’t trip over it. – [Jared] Here’s hat off. – [Ellie] No, keep hat on. – [Jared] Okay. – [Ellie] Okay, Tommy. Your brothers went and
played with some friends. Let’s see if we can go find them. I see them at their friends’ house. – [Jared] Just a little tap on, oh! Nice. – [Ellie] They sound like a ghost. – Look at that.
– Oh my gosh. That is so weird. We’re in the future, guys. – Tell me, is this like NASA? – [Ellie] I’ll try them later. That’s intense.
– I feel so fluid. – [Ellie] If the neighbor kids
come over to use our segues, they’re totally gonna
come over to use this. – Oh, they’re totally gonna want this. – [Ellie] Okay, hurry and put it on. – Alright, are they coming? – Yeah, I see them. They’re over there at
the neighbor’s house. Oh my gosh, they’re gonna love this. Just don’t trip on it. (gasps) – I’m rolling over it.
– I knew that would happen. – [Jared] I’m right next to the Tesla, what do I do?
– You have to… No, grab it with your hand. Pinch it with your hands and lift it up. – [Jared] Okay, is that better? – [Ellie] I can’t believe you, okay. – Is that better?
– Yeah, that’s better. They’re forever away, it’s
gonna take a minute to get. (laughs) – [Jared] Oh, here comes
Jackson, here comes Jackson. – [Ellie] Oh, he’s running. – [Jared] I’m doing the splits. Am I doing the splits? – [Ellie] Jared, he stopped, he stopped. He’s dead in his tracks staring at you. Calvin’s running down the street. Hey, bud. The neighbor kids are following him. – [Jared] Okay. – [Ellie] Jared, he’s
running, Jackson’s running. Okay, go forward, go forward. – [Kid] Oh that’s cool. – [Ellie] Go forward, Jared. Did you just get like a sheet? – He did.
– Ooo! – Hurry, Jacks!
(Jared yells) – [Jared] Ooo! It’s not dad, it’s a ghost. I’m a scary, scary ghost. – Dad, take that off. – [Jared] It’s who I am,
I’m a scary, scary ghost. Ooo! – Take that off, take that off! Take that off! (Jared screams)
– I’m running over my… – [Ellie] Calvin, hey, you came home! – Daddy, no. – [Jared] Ooo! – [Jackson] Take that off. – Take that off. – [Jared] I’m running over myself again. – [Jackson] Take that off. – [Jared] I can’t take it
off, it’s a part of who I am. And it’s my real identity. – No!
– I can’t see anything! – Dad. – [Jared] Ooo! – Take that off! – [Jared] Okay, you
gotta take it off for me! – [Ellie] Hurry, rip it off, Calvin. – [Jared] Ooo! (Ellie laughs) – [Jared] He’s under. – [Jackson] Dad, you’re the dad! – [Ellie] You’re the dad! Oh no. – [Jared] Oh no, he’s the ghost now. – [Jackson] Where did you get those? – Aren’t these cool? – [Jackson] Yeah, could I try? – [Ellie] Jared, that’s funny. – [Jared] These are actually really cool. Whoa. – [Kid] Here you go. – [Jared] Thanks. – [Jackson] No, no! – [Jared] Wear it again? – [Calvin] Yeah. – [Jackson] No, I wanna be the ghost. – [Jared] You wanna be the ghost? – [Jackson] Yeah. – [Jared] Okay, here you go. (screams) (Ellie laughs) – [Jared] It’s a scary ghost, run away. They’re pretty quick too. – [Jackson] Ooo! – [Calvin] Ooo! (Ellie laughs) – [Jared] Calvin’s a scary ghost! – [Ellie] Calvin! – [Calvin] Ooo! – [Ellie] Jacks! – [Jared] Jackson just
stiff-armed a scary ghost. – [Ellie] Jackson! Oh, oh my. This is more work on the dad. – I wanna see Tommy.
– It feels like a sheet. – [Jared] It feels like a sheet? Well, this is a real ghost, Jackson! – No, it’s a sheet. – [Jared] Where would
we possibly get a sheet? – You cut that sheet out like a ghost. – [Jared] From where?
(Ellie laughs) – [Kid] It’s a blanket. – [Jared] No, this is a real ghost. A real ghost in real life. – [Ellie] I don’t know what
sunset’s more beautiful, Hawaii or Utah? It’s beautiful. – There’s one more ghost that we can make. Let’s see if this’ll work. I’m tripping all over the place. Being a ghost is hard. – [Jackson] Is that the other new ghost? – A new ghost? – [Ellie] We’re gonna have another ghost. – [Jared] We’re gonna see
if this ghost will work. – [Ellie] Aw, a cute little smiley face. This is a friendly ghost. – [Jared] Okay, come over here, guys. Let’s see if this’ll work. – If it falls over, dad? – Ooo-eee-ooo! – [Jackson] The car’s a ghost! – [Jared] The car’s a
ghost, the Tesla’s a ghost. – [Ellie] Whoa, driving from his phone. – [Calvin] Ahh! – Ahh! Alright, boy’s I have a question for you. Was that whole ghost
thing, where the ghost, not daddy, obviously, where
the ghost was flying around, was that scary or was that silly? – That was you. (Jared laughs) – No, was it scary or silly? – When you were in the ghost? – When the ghost was there,
I mean, may or may not be me. Was it scary or silly? – Yeah, under that, you put that car. That was a pretend costume. – Okay, let’s assume that
it was a pretend costume. Was it scary or silly? – Scary. – [Jared] Scary? Calvin, was it scary or silly to you? – Scary. – It was scary? I thought you guys would
think it was so silly, because, well, it was actually me. I hate to break it to you guys, but it was actually me under the sheet. Did you know that? – That was a sheet? – [Jared] Yeah, a sheet. – Yeah, it was a sheet. – Why did you cut the sheet? – [Jared] So I could be
like a ghost, is that silly? Was that silly of dad? – It’s scary. – Oh, so scary, Happy Halloween! (laughs) Those little hover
board seque hover shoes, if you guys wanna check those out, I’ll have a link to them down below so you guys can try them out. If you guys wanna do
your own Halloween pranks or anything like that, they’re pretty fun. Surprisingly easy to ride. – [Ellie] Hashtag not sponsored. – Hashtag not sponsored, right? I’d love to see what you guys come up with for your Halloween
costumes, Halloween pranks, and all of that stuff. But that’s where we’re gonna end the vlog. Thank you guys so much
for watching the video. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up. If you have any Halloween
recommendations for us, let us know in the comments down below. And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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