HAMMER Road Trip /// Hamburg to Munich – 800km on an electric skateboard

When I was younger I got
a skateboard and I skated a little bit but not much
and when I got my first longboard in Australia I didn’t use it much but when
I got back home to Germany I used to do get to work and back and I’ve seen this
documentary about adventurous people and they were doing some kind of push bike
trips through countries and I thought I’m not good with push bikes but I’m
certainly good with longboards so I planned out a trip from Stockholm to
Hamburg on a longboard. I met people from Mellow Boards in Hamburg City and we
were talking about my trip from Stockholm to Hamburg and eventually
thought about a new idea which would be a trip from Hamburg to Munich on a
electric skateboard. This morning I got up early and went to
the Rathaus and I met up with my family who we’re all there to say goodbye. The
people from Mellow were there to film a bit. bit. We eventually started
moving down south to Munich and it’s probably gonna take 9 to 10 days to get
me down there. So, what have I go to my bag? I’ve got clothes obviously. I’ve got toiletries, I’ve got camera gear to film.
I’ve got spare batteries and it all weighs a bit more than I thought it
might do. So it’s about 20 kilos I reckon I started in Hamburg I went down south
and 5kms into my day trip I eventually bailed down on the concrete
when I was trying to go forward. The push-start was going forward but the
backwards motion of the board was going backwards because I accidentally hit the
brakes and so I fell over I landed on my side. I hit my knee. I hit my life and my
shoe ripped open, the backpack got wrecked a little bit even though it was
brand new. We kept on rolling and the people from Mellow boards got me a bit of a medicine kit and we fixed all my wounds and now this is
what I look like!

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