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HAUNTED ROOM PRANK!!! | Prank Academy

HAUNTED ROOM PRANK!!! | Prank Academy

[ School bell rings ] Hey, guys, today, we’re at
a huge Internet convention
in New York City. Louis Cole is going
to be pranking a lot
of his fellow creators. Today, he’s got
a very special souvenir to prank with. Yes, we’re gonna get them.
Shh! Before Louis got here,
we got our buddy Steve to rig up the room
with all sorts of illusions and scares to freak out
our unsuspecting YouTubers. So, this is your artifact, your souvenir that you brought
back from Morocco. It’s a real shrunken head. So, I’ll be, like, taking
this stuff out, and then I’ll be like,
“Oh, I got some crazy stuff when I was in Morocco. Some guy gave me this, said that
these shrunken monkey heads, like, hold on a curse
on them.” I make sure they stay in here,
and then I can come. Yeah, then you’re just gonna go
across the hallway and hang out with us. Hopefully, it works. [ School bell rings ] Jeana will control the props
under the table. Jeana, can you hear me? -Yes, I can.
-Here we go. He’s in, he’s in. Oh! I’m still playing around
with this concept. But have you done
any 360 videos before? -No
-I’ll show you the camera. The…yes.
Perfect landing on the couch. They gave you, like,
the cozy room. What is that head?
-Oh, perfect. The mark has asked about
the head, which is really good. I just got back from Morocco
two weeks ago, all right? -What?
-I was in a marketplace. This guy ran up to me.
He, like, puts this in my hand. Look at her face right now. But he’s freaking out, and he’s,
like, shouting at me, and I was, like, scared. He was, like,
freaking out. This is, like,
a cursed shrunken head. -[ Gasps ]
-Then, he, like, runs away. He, like, runs away, yeah?
Leaves me with this. I’m, like,
“This is a crazy souvenir.” He left that
in your hand? She’s buying everything.
This is really good. Give me two seconds. The battery’s, like,
really low on this. I just need to switch
the battery out. Okay. All right, here we go, Jeana. Okay, she’s looking
at the head, Jeana. She’s looking at the head. Knock. [ Knocking noises ] She’s freaked out. She’s freaked out.
She’s looking around. Do the charms, the charms. [ Chimes ringing ] All right, chill, chill.
-[ Laughs ] She looks very confused. She looks very confused. Wait for it. Now — picture. [ Gasps ] She’s freaking out,
she’s freaking out. She’s freaking out. Knock, knock. [ Knocking noises ] Fireball. Oh, my God! -[ Laughs ]
-Don’t let her out. Fireball.
Other fireball. Fireball.
Hurry up, dude. Keep doing it, keep doing it,
keep doing it. All right, come out, come out,
come out, come out, come out. -[ Laughs ]
-[ Screams ] [ Screams ] [ Laughter ] Oh, my God! I was so freaking out! I was like — “I’m scared! Where was
the fire coming from?!” -[ Laughs ]
-Ah, Jesse! Oh, my gosh! -Wow.
-Got you. Got you.
Got you. -Yes!
-She hugged me so tight! She’s like, “Yes, yes!” She got really scared,
and she was like… So, first off —
-These books freaked me out. Yes, that was awesome. Would you say
that Louis got you? Yes! And your
shrunken demon head! [ Laughter ] [ School bell rings ]


I unsubscribed a long time ago. I suggest you all do the same. They started to suck even before they broke up.

Someone pranked ME one day and i was like AHHUHHH I POOED MY PANTS!!!!! LOL!!!! XD i didnt poop my pants though! i just was scared! and THEN i screamed! and i was like dead! (+_+)

I came back to watch some new pranks on this channel and it's been 2 years since I've seen one of they're videos… wow they have all change 💔

▕╰╯┈┗┛┗┛┈╭╮▕╮┈ Spongebob says If this video wasn't Funny enough……

Am I the only one that wishes that they'd do more pranks on each other again? Like this is cool but I miss Jessi vs. Jenna

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