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Hayashi Skateboard Co. Kickstarter campaign

Hayashi Skateboard Co. Kickstarter campaign

Hi I’m Gordon
And I’m Emre
And we are Hayashi skate co.
up up Hayashi skate co. is a start up ecologically based skateboard brand based out of Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Hayashi skate co. is a start up ecologically based skateboard brand based out of Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Our company has been a part of many steps to preserve and improve our way of life through eco friendly manufacturing and production. Hayashi is the Japanese word for forest, it consists of two kanji tree symbols put side by side. Our business model is based on this idea,
The idea is that When we get our company initiated we will promise to plant two trees for every item purchased thus giving back to the environment and leaving a smaller carbon foot print in manufacturing. here the idea is that when we get our
company initiated we will promise to By combining social and environmental consciousness with skateboarding and lifestyle apparel, Hayashi skate co. allows consumers to have a direct impact on the environment and communities worldwide.
we care about our planet and we have
done our best to research manufacturing process that himpact on the
environment some other steps that leadhe me to minimize it legal footprint
including the most energy efficient machine gamble as John
solution manages the what class the press that we manufacture
skateboards he’s 20 tons of hydraulic force echo press each claim it would act one by one it
all held together by environment the family life is good the concert and only include in any
fashion process a blender environment and materials give
this keyboard banal loader Billy in performance capability escape or
death surprised wall lightweight durable in
this translates to long-lasting power fitness and computer thing right are unit has Geico since day one was the
following company we only use water-based clues & Poor’s
environment we can clean up all where is half asleep we are located
in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia we work tirelessly to prevent tears the
library you think that from press the Finish everyday is made in-house using locally harvested
comedian I Brock we here hashes decal we’ve always made a conscious effort to
make decisions that will have a positive effect on the I’m ideal fifty years homework testing creatures he remained back it bass tax
round other cheese boys is very our index already official innovative shapes here’s why we need
your help right now get only produce a few decks a
week in new capital to settler production the money raised will be used
for mold raw materials tools delia practice Facebook facility with your contribution it makes product
to be out the engineering part be having completed and now we need your
help to make this happen please pledge in Sharon compete with
that thanks for your support so why choose fascistic Porco because it is me not 100 percent Kennedy
maple the best word for making skateboards
period it is made here in Canada read it’s also best who don’t cut any
corners this business plan is designed to give
back to the invite I’m I hope you’re excited we r share a


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