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Heelys Piper (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult) SKU: 8933337

Heelys Piper (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult) SKU: 8933337

Hello everybody, my name is Richard from and we’re taking a look at Piper from Heelys These Heelys are awesome You got that mid-cut style design up there with kind of a bootie style construction as you can see It doesn’t have an ordinary tongue You slide your foot in and hug your ankle like a sock, then you lace up You’re good to go It’s really breathable too thanks to that mesh You have throughout the top here reinforced with that sturdy faux-leather material But of course cools feature walls down here on that outsole She’s made out of a really sturdy material You have that panel in the back Take your trusty tool here, and knock that out, like so, pops right out, and you slide in your wheels You are good to go Don’t want to miss out on them, so add them to your cart today, from Heelys

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