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HiHo Kids Food Fight!! | HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids Food Fight!! | HiHo Kids

(laughing) (growling) (classical music) – All right, here we go. No peeking. Okay, stop there. Okay don’t look behind you. – Why is there napkins around us? – One, two, three. We’re having a food fight. (screaming) (laughing) (screaming) Okay, everyone freeze, everyone freeze. Everyone freeze. All right, you guys, that was round one. Round two, you get to go
and take two handfuls. – Yes. – [Woman] Now, everybody attack Austin. (screaming) (classical music) (screaming) – Oh, I stepped in a cupcake. (laughter) – [Woman] Now everybody attack Crystal. (screaming) (classical music) Okay, now everybody attack Helena. (screaming) All right, now everybody get Ethan, everybody get Ethan. All right, all right, all right, everyone freeze, everyone freeze. Who’s having fun? – I am.
– Me. – [Children] Food fight, food fight. Food fight. (classical music) (laughing) – [Woman] Okay wait,
wait wait wait wait wait. One, two. Three. (yelling) – This is the messiest thing we ever did. – And this is for you, Crystal. (classical musical) – Oh! Okay. (yelling) – Woo. Crystal. (laughing) (yelling) (yelling) All right, all right, all right. Let me out. Oh my God. (screaming) – [Children] Food fight, food fight, food fight, food fight, food fight. Thank you for watching. – Awwww.


I was enjoying watching then suddenly I remember those kids from Africa whose suffering a malnutrition…

Omg that boy with curls always kept attacking Crystal and she was like nope and did something worse to him instead

Wtf so there are people all around the world who don’t get to eat in the meanwhile kids are just throwing food thinking it’s a toy

Hey guys…no offence but please don't do this with food..there r small children even struggling for tasting bread !! ( No offence guys )

I'm sorry I had to say this. This is such a food waste. There are so many poor kids out there who can't actually have a proper meal and even struggle to actually fill in their stomach every single day. I think Hiho team did a wonderful job for the other vlog, but not this one. I'm sorry, no offense. I'm just voicing out what I felt.

Crystal is super
When that boy threw one pie at her head, she gave a nice return gift to him

wow ….this is the best use of food {which by the way is not available to eat to many of the poor people} i have ever seen… KUDOS team HiHo Kids…..for 3:39 sec you made be believe that there is no dearth of food on this planet….Clean water is another such thing which is available in abundance in world especially in third world countries…. You can make another video showing how clean water can be used for purposes other than drinking {why not show the creative ideas to the whole world when thing like clean water is so much in abundance}…..Way to go Team HiHo Kids….

You are wasting it,you have to give thanks to god for the food, did you know the other children dont have food

sorry. no offense. but i don't think it was a good idea:( food is supposed to be eaten. my parents always said that we shouldn't play with our food:(

If kids from poor countries in Africa and other places of this planet could be able to watch this video they wouldn't laugh at all. You can not through food down and waste it when people are starving on the other side. And that horible woman chief editor of the backstage the same one that said that Palestine is a state on an another video. ☠@✴# you ugly woman!

I enjoy most of video in HiHo, but sorry for this can you play with food like this when so many people's in the world still need food for survive to life? ( sorry for my bad english )

To be honest…

mY cLaSs woULD bE ScReAmiNG right Now. You know why? Because they are wasting foooooooooooooooooood

I appreciate you put these kids to do something really constructive in terms of imagination and teaching them different parts of the world. Koji is great too.. but dont you think this is wasting food and resources and teaching them to be disrespectful with it?

If they gave it to the homeless i would be happy… I mean its food u should not have to play with it.. You need to thank god that they give it to u…

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