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I’m going to skate my backyard with
something different which is ola youtube my name is ricardo lino and
i am a wheel addict today I’m going to skate my backyard we have a mini ramp here
I’ll show you in a second but I’m going to skate my backyard with something
different wait wait okay so one of the clients a
good friend of mine but he’s also client from the shop his name is Derek a few
months ago he went and he bought a pair of try skates the the power spot
Imperial Maggie Cruiser orange 125 and he said but I got something for you and
he gave me this and it’s been a while I’ve been wanting to try them but today
is the day so gotta put them on and kind of see what I can do them there’s no
grind blocks they seem like in a good state but we’ll see I hope that the glue
stays and I hope they feed me I don’t even know what the sighs so anyway by
the way Jalen is walking next step skating dude these things are really really
tight check this they look super super sick
but now I just think like I’m gonna skate them I think I need to this is
like really retro to use these clothes on yeah I think I might need to change
these clothes are too much 2018 to skate with this case so let me see what I can
do what just happened here now now I feel good now I’m ready
now I’m ready I guess these things are going to be too slow and something that
I just realized that one of them the glue is already coming out check
this I hope this works and now the mini-ramp
is not in the same condition that you might have seen it the last time because let’s just say there was a few days of
rain and even if I usually try to cover with a plastic I couldn’t always cover
it so enjoy let’s get a little bit with this I don’t even know and thank with you she’s gonna be harder
than I thought I can barely skate it scary thank you all right all right all right
let’s see what I can do here you stole that I’m happy this is so slow it’s so sketchy it’s
weird to explain but let’s have a trial one lady not a real hair just do a 180 not too bad they can do better I use this thing which is supposed to be now I’m gonna put this here just need to
tile it I might even take one of these to the studio ha ha damn it I got bad
news try to do still there’s two things I wanted this I don’t know if I can do
it like this I’ll try it well it was a little air and the backs of anis talk I
don’t know if it’s doable because I can’t really lose the skater as you can
imagine but and it didn’t really work I really wanted to skate it but this isn’t
helping I had an idea stirred me I’ll see if I
can do something up I don’t know if it’s possible but I’ll try sorry Derek
didn’t really want this to happen but well let’s try to take the most
advantage I can all of these things I think it’s gotta be cool so now the
trick is this one skate here the other one there the goal is I push from here
and then after pushing from here I’m going to try to put my foot in that one
something like this then I’m going to find the right position so that I’ll do
what I want to do and the goal is to bring this the goal is to bring these
things yeah both of them and I try to jump over I don’t know try it this was actually the second time that I
learned it because I didn’t film the first one but I’m really happy why
because we ended up making Plan B working plan a was this and I’m really
sorry to Derek who gave me these skates then I
couldn’t really use them the way I was supposed but hey I make the best out of
it and with these colors no one can be mad at AEP jump by the way before going
to the hand of this video thank you to Mari and Sons for the for the floor
colors for making me visible and if you’re looking for rollerskates don’t
forget that code lino li mo will give you 10% discount on
every roller skate product that you buy through blade will be el-ad ii-v i ´ll and that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give
me some thumbs up if you didn’t like it thumbs down but let me know what you
didn’t like about this video and more important than that subscribe to the
channel if you’re not subscribed subscribe it if you already subscribing
make sure that that Bell button sorry need to take these ones make sure that
the belt button has two things on the side that means that you’re getting
notifications every time I upload one of these why is that important well the
faster you see these videos the more Facebook is going to suggest these to
more people so the more popular we can make skating and
like I always say more important than anything else don’t forget why we all
started skating because it’s fun cheers guys
and see you soon


When your out riding. I really like seeing the camera behind you and to see where your going is really kool to watch that.

Sorry to see your mini ramp has water damage already. Looks like you used hardboard. I have been trying to figure out a weather resistant surface that is affordable. I have read some coat the hard board in spar urethane. The best solution is ramp armour or skate lite but that is very expensive.

Hello sir lino i uploaded a video
Roller blading riyadh.
Need your feedback sir. If i am doing it well or not. Thank you

Another great video. Love the retro skates! I just got my Karmas the other day they are so comfy! I went to an outdoor concrete park with them and boy are they fast! I'm going to try my indoor park today and see if I can feel more comfortable on them.

My skatepark skates are some obscure German skates build in the 80's. I had to restore the glue and created custom grindblocks with cutting board but they work well and look soooo rad!

Actually, your clothes are even MORE 2018 now. 😉
Should have gone for some 70s/early 80s colors – I get so nostalgic when I see that!

The shorts need to be shorter. The 1 colour kind with the white lines. But those skates are really really retro. Maybe one of those Halloween afros to top it off.

Hey man lovin your channel I've just started my own based around quad skates any support would be appreciated 😊

Can you do another video with vintage dollar skates? Like the ones you bought from the flea market? That was a good video!

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