His First Teen Crush Music Video

– Okay, today’s gonna
be a behind the scenes of Lincoln’s first ever acting job. I’m calling it, that’s
what I’m calling it. (laughter) How many lines do you have today? – I have a grand total of zero. – That’s pretty good! Alright, you guys know
about The Ohana Adventure. – What’s up!
– They do a lot covers of music videos and stuff. This one’s gonna be unique where it’s not just a
music video, like a cover, but it’s like they’re
having a conversation, talking about stories of different things and then the music just
drops in and they… I think it’s all gonna
be about Taylor Swift? Is that right?
– [Chase] Yes! – As of the time of this video dropping, we are gonna drop it the
same day as their videos, so you can click on it
somewhere around here and go watch it. – Probably, like, up there. – Up there. Okay. – Maybe on this side. – Yeah, we’ll choose one of those. – [Lincoln] one of those.
– [Chase] (Laugh) – So first, let’s see what it’s like to be behind-the-scenes. – Richal busts into the scene. Mom and Claire sitting on the couch. And she says this: ♪ In the middle of the
night, in my dreams ♪ – Okay. – And she tells her mom, the boy I’ve been dreaming of, like a whole bunch, was playing basketball in the park, mom, today. I walked past him. It was amazing. (Whisper) That’s you. – [Host] That’s Lincoln? – You are the man of her dreams, bro! Whoo! We are going awkward. It’s not, It’s not even, the most awkward part hasn’t come yet. Don’t worry. Then all of a sudden,
you are standing right in front of her, and she stands right in front of you and goes, Huh ♪ Nice to meet you where you been? ♪ – Nice to meet you, where have you been? Where you been all my life, Lincoln! – [Host] And you are, like, in your dreams. – [Woman] Ah (Laugh) – It’s so awkward. I’m so excited. – (Laugh) – I, like, I have so much
fun filming these things. Just because it’s so funny. – [Host] Did you girls all like practiced your lines all night? – Yeah. – [Host] You are ready to go? – Lily, Lily found out like an hour ago. – [Chase] Lily did one so far. – [Woman] Yes. – [Chase] Okay, good, okay. Well, i’m excited to see how this works. So stay tuned. Now we are walking down to the place where we are gonna film, where the basketball court is. – I’ve already taken a
picture of one of these – And check it out.
– and posted it to my Instagram before. So I’m doing it again.
– [Girl] O no! Don’t take a picture of this one! – [Host] No pooping. Right here. – There’s a really funny
one down the street. And it’s like a cutout of a dog. And they have a wood chip underneath it. – [Host] Must be a real
problem in your neighborhood. – I’ve no idea. – [Host] Have you noticed
it’s a big problem in your neighborhood – the dog pooping? – Down here to the left,
they have two Pomeranians. But that’s… And that there’s a stray dog. So I don’t know. – [Host] Oo the stray. – So what she’s saying
is, yes, it’s a problem. There’s a lot of these types of people. They can’t actually get down
and take care of business. – [Host] Ah gotcha. Yup yup yup. That means old people can’t… – Oh! – [Host] But you know
the world senior games is going on in town right now. Yeah. – They’re canceling my basketball practice cause they have to do their shuffleboard. – Is that what’s going on right now. – [Host] Shuffleboard for 3
days on his basketball court. – The other day in the
Walmart, and it was like, It was like a parade. – [Host] Yeah? – It was like a senior citizen parade. – Yeah, I should try to get
you guys some shots of it, but we went by the golf course today, and every single hole
just had old people on it. Which is great, old people! Good job! Get outside. Don’t just sit inside and
just watch Golden Girls, or whatever you watch these days. That is great, but it is kinda
funny to see it around town this week. (Comical music) – And… go. – [Host] What were you
saying about old people here? They don’t just have dogs. Look at those little ponies. This guy’s riding mini ponies. This town is something else. – He’s street legal. He’s got the orange sign on the back. – No way. – That’s legit. He’s full on, like, horse-drawn buggie right there. – This is the scene where
Lincoln needs to say, hey, this is his one line, and he’s gotta get the right look. – [Chase] Go. – Hey. Hey. Hey. (Laugh) – That’s so funny. – [Chase] Go. – Hey. Is that? – [Chase] That’s good. – [Host] What are your
comments about his “hey”? His acting skills? – Hey. – Ready. – [Woman] And go. Hands reach out. Now. – Just cause when their
lips are perfectly on. It’s so authentic. – [Host] Wait, they’re kissing? What? – No. (laugh) – [Host] What? Where is this going here, Chase? – With the words. With the words. Right?
– [Host] I got you. And it matches perfectly in the song.
– [Host] Oh the lip syncing. Yes, okay that makes sense.
– Yeah it’s so good. – [Chase] I think that’s a… Is that a rap? – I think so. Oh here comes a little dog. – [Host] Uh oh, hi dog. – [Chase] Here’s what we are gonna do. – [Host] Look at this little dog. – I rate Lincoln’s acting job a 10. – [Host] 10 out of 100. Good job, Lincoln. – 10 out of, yeah, probably 10 out of 100. – 100 out of 100 10 out of 10 1000 out of 1000? – [Host] Alright, you did awesome. Good job. – Thanks! – [Host] Is this your
first awkward music video with talking? – No. – [Host] No. You’re a pro now.
– I’ve had to do many. Especially the awkward embracing. That’s really awkward. – [Host] The awkward embracing. That was a good one. I did see that one.
– Thank you, Lily, bye! See you later. – [Host] O bye. If you can make into
the one 3 with one try. There’s no wind. Then I think you did a 10 out 10 great job today. Oh, ouch, ouch. That was a lot of fun watching this. I mean, I wasn’t the actor in it. So I’m sure it’s a little awkward. But fun? – Uh huh. Yeah it was fun. – Thank you, Ohana Adventure, for letting us be part of your video. The video drops right now. So you can click on the
link and go watch it and see how Lincoln did. And make sure you leave
comments in their video that you came from What’s Inside and tell them what you think
about Lincoln’s performance. – Let’s go see Tesla. (Upbeat music)

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