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his Tesla got STOLEN!!

his Tesla got STOLEN!!

(laughter) – Welcome to another best day ever. Look at these cool
bathrobes that my hotel has. We’re late for some meetings but I really wanted to get this shot. Okay let’s go. That was a pretty cool elevator. I think Holiday is out here somewhere. There he is! Yo! – What’s up? – I jumped on that table and
it’s not meant to be jumped on I almost died. Oh it’s really bright. – Dude! – It was a bad idea. That’s a solid breakfast. Chocolate pancakes, eggs, omelette, bacon, eggs, Canadian bacon. That’s how you do it in New York. Look where we are! And we need to do our,
remember the tradition where we’re always gonna
play with these chairs when we come? Every time we come here
we’ll play on those chairs I promise. Holiday hop in the chairs! (giggles) – I want to get some of
these for the space station. – Ready, watch this. (giggles) – Let me try you. (giggles) – Welcome back to Utah! Hanging out with Jenni
and Adley here today. Adley’s taking a nap right
now and I thought I would do a surprise for her and set up her tent that she got for her birthday and it’s pretty cold so we’re
gonna turn on the fireplace, read some books, have some treats, it’s gonna be fun. (electronic music) Look! We got your tent out! We got some books! Do you want to be in the
tent and read a book? Look at his eyes. Whoa, even the sunflower has eyes! Adley, we’re going to
open up some packages! Since you never get to see
me and Adley do mail time, we decided to do a
little mail time at home! Hey, you excited to open some mail! This is from Lauren and
she loves the blogs! Tell Chicken he’s my favorite, I will! She gave us a Memphis
Grizzlies growl towel, so awesome, thank you so much! We got a Froot Loops with marshmallows, and they drew us a picture! Oh my goodness, and they
sent us something else. “Shonduras, we have a daughter,
Lennon, who’s Adley’s age, we wanted to share our favorite
clothing brand with you, the hoodie jumper is in
Jenni’s favorite color. Love Sean, Megan, Hudson, and Lennon.” Look at this cute beanie
we just got Adley! It’s so cute, you look adorable! How cute! Love it! Thank you guys so much! Holy! I think this is for the dogs. “Dear Olive and Koopa, my name is Willow, I am a pure breed black lab, and he wants to be our
pup pals @natejeed173. They send the dogs some treats! Oh my gosh that’s awesome! They made Shaun his own
cereal. Shaun Flakes. I think it’s from Robert, thank you. And he did a really cool
drawing on the back here. – You probably didn’t know it
but we left the other meeting This is Gary’s office! Remember Gary that came
to the space station like three weeks ago? This is his office, look how big it is! Look at this view. These boring people are
eating a normal lunch, Look what I got hooked up with,
I have cereal in the office! This one’s for lunch, and this one’s to snack
on the rest of the day. – It’s going, it’s going. – No! Missed it. – But the meeting was
successful so that’s okay. And we got free cereal. We’re going to the camera store. You know how my cameras are
broken and the dead pixel Dead pixel! You guys love the dead pixel. We’re going to go get a new camera so you don’t have to worry
about the dead pixel. (intense music) – That was way sketchy. (laughter) – Look at these cool cards,
you can see through them! Look at the cool card. Okay, let’s go! We need help picking out a new camera, this one has a pixel that everybody hates, and the other one I kind
of broke in the water. (“White Flag” by Dido) Not my fault, definitely not my fault. Adley, look, they’re playing Zootopia! See, even Adley would love this place. Yo, what’s up bro. Good to meet you. I like this, that’s the 80D. We broke our 80D,
unfortunately this is the 70. I’m not sure if we’re
gonna go 70 again or go 80. Awesome update: the B&H wants
to hook us up with a camera and I was like, “You guys
already sent us a camera, you guys are homies and
I appreciate it but like, we’ll buy it, we want to
support you, you know.” “We’re gonna hook you
up.” and I was like “K. What if I earn it?” So we are officially
working at B&H for like, I don’t know, 30 minutes? We’re gonna do everything
we can to earn the camera. I think my first job, I’m gonna hop back and be a salesman or something. Check it out, they even got me a vest. It’s official. Dude, look it’s official. I’m going to hover around
the Canon booth and help people out for a while. We got this. (electronic music) Guys, I just sold a lens. Well like, I started the small talk and then he asked hard
questions about lenses, I don’t know what’s going on I wanna be able to help him so. This guy started helping him but I think we’re selling a
lens, so mission accomplished. Let’s go to a different part of the store. So how does it work? We’re figuring out when
someone makes a purchase how you send it through
so the next purchase, I’m going to be the one
who sends it through the order system. Like that, got it. Alright, we’re putting it in! Someone’s order, you’re
welcome, courtesy of Shon Duras. Bye! Let’s do another one! I like it! Protip: they have candies at B&H Put them in your little
employee pocket for later We got another order. Goodbye! Dude, we are just cranking out the orders. We need more orders! I may go out front. I’m gonna high five people and get more people to
come in the store now. The entrance was chaos so I
came to the other entrance, the outtrance, and I’m gonna tell people, “Hey, thanks for shopping
at B&H!” High fives! I’m gonna do that. Thank
you! Enjoy your B&H stuff! Yeah, have a good day,
have the best day ever! Oh dude this guy knows
what’s up! What did you get? Look at all that stuff! – My company bought it for me man. – Dude, congrats! You got
hooked up! What is it? – I got a Macbook, and a Pro 15 inch, got a new Pelican case. – Wow dude! Do you need help? You good? – I’m good, thank you
though. Appreciate it. – Thanks for shopping here, later man. Have the best day ever. Thank you, thanks for shopping here. I’m just giving people high
fives. You’re the best! – Cool thanks man, thanks
for giving me a high five. – Yeah, see ya! This was awesome. alright I’m gonna go see
if I can get my camera now I feel like I’ve earned it. I’m going to go find those guys. – How’s the job? How do you like it? – What’s up guys? I sold a lens, I shipped three things, and I gave like 20 high fives. But I’ve earned the camera, right? – You earned it. – Okay let’s do it! I’ll trade the vest for the camera. Wait, hold on I have some candy in here. Okay. Thanks! Guys we got it! No more pixels! Holiday, look, new camera! Open the bag. Thanks! That was awesome, I hope
they’re not mad about that but I’m really hype. Really good news, not only
did they give us the camera, they gave us the square trade, I don’t know some type of warranty. Water damage, dropping, pretty
much anything in the world we can replace the camera
so no more being worried about broken cameras, no more dead pixels, we can just have fun with it. We’re back and B&H, we
almost forgot our bags. Alright, we’re going to
knock out one more meeting and then we’re going to the airport, then we’re going to go home and hang out with Jenni and Adley. Just kidding it’ll be like midnight. We’ll do that thing where
we turn on the monitor and look at Adley and go “She looks so cute while she’s sleeps!” – Alright guys, Shaun is out of town, but before he was out of town he was invited to be a judge at some competition where students
come up with business models. They get the opportunity to win some money for their businesses. So, with Shawn being out of town, they were like like, “Does
anyone else want to come?” And we we like, “Yeah, let’s
send Brandon! I’ll go!” It’s also at an aquarium, so I’m going to go look
at some fishes, I think, and then do this judging thing. Young entrepreneurs, oh it just went away. Young entrepreneurs! Uh, I don’t know where I’m supposed to go. I’m a lost toy! Oh, sweet! Look, it’s me!
Brandon from the space station! Thanks Maddie, you’re the best! Wow, that’s me! Judge. Oh and I get a drink! Okay, this is my tour guide. Emily. You were last year’s winner? – Yes. – What did you win? – I won 2000 dollars to start my business, then I went on to regionals, and won that, and won third place and won people’s choice
award at nationals. – Nice! She’s going to take me on
a tour of the aquarium. So let’s go! (electronic music) I don’t know what it is, but it’s like, strangely hypnotizing.
I think we need one. Alright, we’re getting ready to start. (electronic music) Tell me your name again, man. – I’m joel, hi Shawn! – He’s saying hi Shawn, high five man. Do you guys know him? – I’ve seen his Youtube videos. So cool. And Gary Vaynerchuk. – Gary V! I got to meet
him, it was awesome. Okay, so we’ve had the
presentations already, so we’re off to make our deliberations, figure out who gets the money. We’re announcing the winner. (cheering) Alright, so this thing’s over
but I have a new beard homie. This is John, he has his own
channel, what is it again? – The Gigglebox. – The Gigglebox with John G. He just shaved his beard!
What a crime, look at that! – Yeah, it used to be longer. – Good job. He was the
photographer for the event. Alright, mission
accomplished. One girl won. Her whole business concept was that she’s got connections
in Ethiopia, going to have them make blankets
for babies and sell them. She got 4000 dollars
tonight for her company. That’s awesome! The other awesome thing
is this wall behind me. It’s not on right now and
it makes me really sad, but you know that wall I was in front of that was all lit up and I was saying, “Shawn,
we need one of these,” this whole wall is one of those. That’s so cool! Why isn’t it on? We have been in this
car for approximately… We’ve been in this car for how long? – An hour and 47 minutes. – We already missed our first flight today but that’s okay because
we found another one there’s a very good chance
we’re gonna miss this one but we’ll catch the last one which will get us home
a little past midnight which would suck, but hey we
crushed it, meetings today. Nice work. Again where are we? – We’re in the airport! – Yeah! We’re at the airport! We’re going to do it! Still don’t know what that is. Alright, this is the part
that we go really fast. I’m going to put my camera away and let you guys know
if we make it to Utah. (electronic music) Look who’s on my flight. Hey buddy, see ya. We’re free! But you gave me lots of drinks,
thank you. Appreciate it. Gonna run and kidnap Lincoln. Dude I totally got you by surprise. – Whoo, knocked the wind
out of me there. Strong! – Brandon’s here to save us! Hop in boys! I’m your chauffeur, hop in. Dan’s picking up his Tesla, assuming it’s here and no one stole it. But if it’s stolen,
that’s great. Clickbait! Come on, be stolen! – Alright, where are you at buddy? – Yes, my dreams are coming
true. Best video ever! He’s hitting unlock, it’s happening! Here’s my title: His Tesla got stolen! If it’s stolen, I call
the title and thumbnail! They found it, it’s inside the building. What’s inside? Their Tesla. I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. The good news is we found the your car. The bad news is it’s inside there. – And you can’t use the title. – We get to keep what’s
inside, their car’s stuck So, slumber party? – I’ve got school tomorrow. – Don’t even worry about it. Bye! Hi guys, hi! Hey, where’s Adley? Goodnight! (electronic music) Hey Holiday! – Yeah? – Hop in the chairs!


The dead pixel never really bothered me because I normally don't watch videos in HD (because it slows down my computer a lot)

Still can't get over the fact that Shaun looks like Sirius Back
I am Dead Sirius!

I am very sorry about that joke my fellow Potterheads, I'll go to Azkaban now

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