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History in the Making | Home Team: Episode 5 | NowThis

History in the Making | Home Team: Episode 5 | NowThis

We’re all players that come from different teams It’s been good. Just stop talking, alright? What’re you guys doing down here, shots? Are you so happy that daddy’s playing here now? It was all a dream! Now it’s real. Hockey’s in Vegas. Here we go, boys! Alright. 3, 2, 1. A gunman opened fire at a crowded country
music festival on the Las Vegas strip. It’s almost surreal. You all want to be united in times like this. A knight is noble, strong, fierce, tough. Neal, shot, scores! Coming back 2-0 for our season opener is pretty special. If you weren’t aware, tomorrow is our home opener. [Clapping] Ah, it’s a big day. First home game for our franchise, so a lot of things happening— especially with the event on
the first of October, so I’m sure it’s going to be really emotional. We were just doing the strip to show
the kids and my mother in law’s in town so we went to that and found
Mandalay Bay and it’s so sad. All the people there crying and you pass by and see that on your left and
on the right you see the two windows that aren’t even replaced yet Oh my God, it was heartbreaking to see. That arena is unbelievable. You think it’s nice, but when you
actually get there, it’s beautiful. Alright. The home opener’s going to be pretty special. Going to practice in the morning
to showing up at the rink and I think they have a gold carpet. Just to see the atmosphere and the
fans and you know, play for real. Well, the relationship is just starting, it’s new, it’s fresh, but you see a lot of people excited—
generally excited to have us there. It’s going to be a fun year. We’re going to do big things, I think
this year, so It’s going to be good. I remember calling my mom and I said, “hey, don’t take this the wrong way, I love
home. You know, Minnesota’s— obviously gonna be home, but this place just has a feeling to it— it
wasn’t like you just got traded to a distant place It just, it felt like you were a part of home and
that’s why the last few days have been so hard.” Tonight is obviously a momentous
occasion for a brand new team to play its first home game. This team will represent a unification of the city— a point of healing, if you will. The importance of the team given what has
happened over the last week is extremely huge— I think it’s brought a lot of people together. The vibe outside is amazing, it’s
electric, the vibe inside: same. Everybody’s waiting for that puck to drop— it’s going to go crazy. Tonight things are different in tone and appearance. You’re going to notice that the boards
here this evening have no sponsorships— just the words “Vegas Strong”. And that’s been the rallying
cry here over the last several days. And it’s a concept that has
motivated the Golden Knights as they prepare for tonight’s opening. It’s been an emotional time for the city. You know, we’ve tried to go in the community and
we try to do little things to brighten the mood, but tonight’s about us putting some smiles on people’s
faces and hopefully we can cap it off with a win. OK, tonight we know it’s going to be a
tough opening ceremony, okay? It’s going to be tough. Let’s make sure after the ceremony’s
over, we’re ready to go, okay? We’re supportive, we’re ready to go. But compete and battle hard, and
let’s have a great hockey game tonight and win another by two points, okay? First game at home, let’s take care of business tonight. Ready to go, guys, here we go! [Cheering] Hockey team is such a great community
partner and they’re bringing everything together for a common support today and that’s a wonderful
thing for the city as well as for the hockey team. We’re just going to keep the orchestral going— we’re waiting on players. Players are gathering right now, stand by. Standby network, they’re in the tunnel now. Here we go, boys. [Announcer] Firefighter, Derek Sutherland [Cheering] [Announcer] Accompanied by number five, Deryk Engelland. The tragedy that happened— you never think it’s
going to happen here at home and for it to happen, it’s just horrific and your
hearts go out to the families of those 58 victims. [Announcer] These individuals will never be forgotten. May their light long shine. [Announcer] Ladies and gentleman, Deryk Engelland! Like all of you, I’m proud to call Las Vegas home. [Cheering] I met my wife here, my kids were born
here, and I know how special this city is. [Cheering] The team kind of helped me and then my wife cut out
a bunch because she knew I wasn’t the greatest speaker. To the families and friends of the victims,
know that we’ll do everything we can to help you and our city heal. [Cheering] We are Vegas Strong. [Cheering] I think our organization did an exceptional job. I’m really proud of how that went off for us, for our city, for our league, for our country and then to transition into the game [Announcer] And away we go. We couldn’t lose this game tonight. We couldn’t. We had to win this game. [Announcer] Vegas coming in having won their first two games. [Announcer] What a great job of puck moving
by the Golden Knights through the neutral zone. Tomas Nosek has put the Golden Knights on the board. You get that first goal and just to hear that crowd,
you just get that little extra jump in your step. [Announcer] Taken up by Brendan Leipsic. Leipsic dangling— looking up top, they score! [Announcer] It’s the hometown hero! Come out and get a few quick ones— helped
out a lot and just to get the crowd into it, it was amazing to see it. Stay on top of those pucks in the zone there— you guys are way too quick for them. [Announcer] And Neal scores! [Announcer] They score! What start for the Vegas Golden Knights here at home. 4 goals in the first period, 2 from James Neal. Pretty good speech! I had goosebumps. I feel like I’m a pretty good public
speaker, but I would’ve been nervous. Great start, boys. We’re moving our feet, we’re skating,
we did exactly what we wanted to do. We kept it simple, we put pucks through the net,
that’s why we have four goals. We played the right way. They got one cheap goal back, but we’re battling
and playing the right way and continue to play the right way. Don’t change a thing, OK? Play our style. We’re getting a little softer towards the end, stay focused here. Don’t give ‘em life. [Announcer] Shot! They score! Lindberg! 5-1. [Announcer] Final seconds [Announcer] The Vegas Golden Knights have made NHL history. [Announcer] The first expansion club ever to get to a 3-0 start. Wooo! Great job, that was moving. It was fantastic. Went a lot better than I was expecting. Weren’t you a little nervous? Sure. I’ve probably said it a thousand times. How’d the players do tonight? Man were they inspirational, weren’t they?
They were fantastic. That’s what makes sports so amazing sometimes, to see a team come out and play like
that, and have this crowd respond It felt like the whole country was behind us. So, we’re looking at the best start in
the history of—a 100 year history of the NHL for an expansion team. [Cheering] Unbelievable for a professional sports team to start in a city and do it in the face of the terrible tragedy that we saw here last week in Las Vegas is incredible. The unity, the coming together, in the healing that tonight represented for this city is something you should all be proud of. And we know the best is yet to come. Vegas Strong. Golden Knights strong. All the success in the world.


Huge game for Vegas tonight at #1 in the league Tampa. After this incredible, emotional, unexpected opening to the season depicted in the video, who would've thought they'd be where they are now? The Knights are the best story in sports. I can't believe they weathered the storm during their freak run of goalie injuries, and are breathing down Tampa's neck at the top of the league standings.

I've been watching a lot of the knights this season! Just awesome! Hope they make it to Stanley cup final!!! Miracle season!!

As a traditional hockey fan I so want to not like this team. I tell myself that their fan base hasn't suffered (in the hockey sense) or earned the right to have a Stanley Cup. I tell myself this will be another failed attempt to popularize the sport in an area of the country that has no love for the game. But then you hear the stories, you see the fans, you see the passion down there. It's impossible to not like them. Go Oilers. #VegasStrong

I hope there is a post season mini series like this one. I just found this series on here and loved it! Cheers from, Nova Scotia. #VegasStrong

I have been a hockey fan since I discovered it. I may not follow it as much as I'd like to, but it's a good sport. What people don't understand about my new home team, what people don't understand about the Knights is that they're more than a hockey team. When the blood banks closed because they had so many people in lines, the players were right there with us. When donations for the victims were flying through, they weren't just normal people. Our team isn't just a hockey team, they're heroes to us. #VegasStrong Go Knights!

This is the reason this team had success in their debut season, the unity shown not only within the team but the entire community. The team embraced them and they completely returned it in which the team gained more and more fans over the year. Here's to another cup run this year!

@5:56 RIP Jack Beaton.

I worked with Jack and he taught me a lot in my time knowing him.
Hard to believe it has been a whole year.

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