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HOCKEY PLANKS: Strengthen Your Core and Get a 6-Pack

HOCKEY PLANKS: Strengthen Your Core and Get a 6-Pack

Here we have medicine ball planks
our hands are on the medicine ball. We are keeping our core tight throughout
the entire movement. Sucking our belly button into our
spine and keeping that abs tight back flat, hips down so our hips are not popping way up perhaps are down and you
are going to be doing is on your toes with your hands on the medicine ball. You are just holding right here adding a
little bit more challenge because the fact that you are on unstable ball, if you want to have somebody come and kick the ball a little bit, push the ball a little bit or making it more challenging with
the moving around. And if you want add difficulty, you can just lift that leg up and you are holding here, nice steady and obviously go with the other leg as well. So medicine ball stability plank, adding challenge and difficulty by lifting
one leg in the air and just doing it on one leg and then you rotate legs.


îst it better to do your elite programme whilst the offseason or onseason i want to start it now but i dont know if that will make me too lazy whilst the onseason. im mean a strenght day and a game on one day isnt good is it?
thany for a answer

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