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Holladay is moving :(

Holladay is moving :(

– Here we go (screams). We are in Holladay’s chair. Why are we in Holladay’s chair? ‘Cause Holladay’s not in his chair. Why is Holladay not in his chair? ‘Cause we’ve got a surprise. Remember a couple days
ago when we were all like celebrating, yelling like
Holladay had a surprise? Cut to that clip. (cheering and yelling) Yeah, well it’s happening
and it’s happening today. You ready to see Holladay’s surprise? – Yeah dude, let’s do it. – Ready to see Holladay’s surprise? – I’ve never been more ready in my life. My hat’s falling off I’m so ready. – Doesn’t even matter. Do you wanna see Holladay’s surprise? – Yes. – Me too. Brandon, Holladay has a
surprise, are you excited? – So excited. – Alex, are you excited for… Alex isn’t here, he’s helping
Holladay with the surpise. – Oh (laughing) – You ready for Holladay’s surprise? – Aw, yeah man. – Okay. Let’s go, let’s go, outside. Alright, see you guys there. – Wait, where are we going? – Follow me, I’ll show you. You can ride with me. Let’s go, Holladay’s surprise. It’s locked. I have the keys, don’t worry. Let’s go. Yeah, you guys ready for this? Alright, group up, group up, group up. So, everyone knows about the surprise, but you’ve never seen the surprise. Are you ready for the surprise? – Yes – ‘Cause you’re lookin’ right at it. (angelic choir) Holladay’s new house baby. Best part is, my new house
is gonna be right there. See that house right there,
that’s like my neighbor’s house. So, me and Holladay are
gonna be house neighbors, like we could probably throw a football from my house to his house. Like, I couldn’t throw
a football that far, but like someone who’s
athletic could definitely throw a football from
my house to Holladay’s. (grunt) Holladay’s been packing up all morning, that’s why him and Alex
weren’t at the office. So, Holladay’s like, yeah
you go to the office, keep everyone grindin’ and everything, I’m good, and I was like, okay. Nah, I’m not gonna let
Holladay move in by himself, so we brought the whole office, he doesn’t know we’re here and we’re
gonna help him move in. I don’t know, he should be
here any minute, I just texted him and he said he was
driving a big old Uhaul, so. Coming soon, Holladay house surprise. We’ll give you guys a tour and everything. Holladay got a new house, this is amazing. I don’t know, but that’s a huge backyard. Look at that, that’s about to
be filled with lots of fun. Four Holladay boys in a big backyard. I don’t even know what’s
gonna be back there, but it’s gonna be amazing. Hello? Let’s just start exploring. Wait, you guys let’s hide in his house, and when he comes into
his house we all jump, that’s an even better idea. – Look at this dude, we could
carpet the Spacestation. (laughter) – First peak at Holladay’s house. (gasp) Shoe’s off. I like this loft, this is fancy. That’s why Holladay’s been grindin’ and workin’ so hard for this house. He’s still not here, keep an eye out. – [Man In Orange Hat] Did you
open the garage for us, or? – [Shonduras] Hey, welcome to your house. – Hi, thank you. – Holladay told us to keep
working today, and we were like, yeah right, we’re gonna help you move in. I love your house. – [Marcos] I feel like a
burglar though, ’cause I always walk in that door, and I
was like oh I’m gonna… – You kinda look like one. – I know (laughing) – [Shonduras] Are you
trying to burglar his house? I think that’s them. – [Man] Oh, there’s Albert. – [Shonduras] Where’s Albert, where? Oh shit, there he is. Hurry, let’s all hide. Where are we gonna go,
where are we gonna go? (group yelling) Laurie, just tell him to put boxes in the closet or something. – Okay. (shushing) – [Shonduras] They’re
just backing up right now. – [Marcos] Oh, okay cool. – [Shonduras] Had to do an update, that was taking way too long. – Should I shut this? – [Shonduras] Definitely shut it. Let’s make it as weird as possible. – [Marcos] I like being weird. – [Man] Dude, it’s so dark. – [Whispering Man] Is
there a light in here? Light? – [Man] Oh, there it is. Oh, there’s a Bree. – Here I am, look. – [Shonduras] She’s out of the walls. (group yelling) – Look at this backyard you’ve got man. Give the vlog a tour. (loud chanting) – Alright, reel it in, reel it in. – We gotta start at the front door. – [Shonduras] Beautiful
door, oh hey come on in. – Alright. – [Shonduras] MTV Cribs, Holladay style. – To the right, we’ve
got a formal dining room. – [Laurie] Living room. – Living room. – [Shonduras] I feel like your wife should be giving us this tour not you. Alright Laurie, what
is this room actually? – Formal living room. – [Shonduras] Okay, I can dig that. So, we’re talking maybe
a piano, some books? – [Holladay] Yeah. – [Shonduras] What’s this room? – [Laurie] This is a office. – [Shonduras] Grind, I like it. – Not an office. – [Shonduras] Not an office? – No, look watch this. Aw, the truck’s in the way, but the real office is gonna be right there. – Aw, the new space, I
told them about that. I told them that we can play catch if we learn how to throw that good. – Zip line, top of my, I’ll show you where the zip line goes. The kitchen area. – [Shonduras] Kitchen, I love it. It’s beautiful, I like this that you can actually put your feet under it. So many islands that you
can’t put your feet under. – [Holladay] Huge room. – [Shonduras] Huge room, very huge room. Ooh, office desk, kids, desk, homework. I got it. – And then the mega-yard man. – [Shonduras] The mega-yard. How many motorcycle tracks are you gonna build back here? – That’s the plan is to let
the boys have like little… – I love it. Many more Best Days Ever
to come in this exact yard. Flash forward like, a year from now, you can’t ’cause you don’t
have that footage yet, but when we get that footage in here, put it in here, we’ll edit this video. You can almost see
Albert’s house over there, and then almost see the new
Spacestation house over there. Everyone’s just keeping it close. – [Man In Gray Hat] And Pookie lives in those weeds right there. (everyone laughs) – Backpack of course as always, she’s always got her backpack on. – I know, why do you always have? Guys, you will notice Bree
always has a backpack. There’s no need for her to
have a backpack on right now. Wait, you got in my car
with that backpack on? – Yeah. (bell dings) – [Shonduras] What, that’s so weird. Alright, continue the tour. – [Holladay] A little half-bath. – A little half-bath. Upstairs. Hey Pookie, bring the camera with you. Holy cow, good catch. – I got it. – That was literally a diving catch. Dang, I like this. Is this where the zip line’s going? Law, get in here, this is the zip line. – It’s gonna be amazing. – [Pookie] Look at this Instagram photo. – [Shonduras] Dank. – Second zip line, just
in case you wanna… – Second zip line. See like, you can see it
right here, this is good. Alright, see there’s the lake right there. Dang, we’re gonna be neighbors. Holy cow, this place looks huge. Oh, is this your TV room? I like it. Look at that view,
seriously, look at this view. This is what Holladay’s
gonna look at every night. No houses blocking that view. Oh look, you have another view over here, look at the mountains. – [Laurie] I know. – [Shonduras] That’s a little
park, that’s the duck park where Adley goes to feeds the ducks. We can take the kids, walk
along the trail, go to the lake, like you guys literally
have the perfect house. Wait, we didn’t finish the tour. Laurie, is this your room? – Yes. – [Shonduras] This is the master. So, you guys have the rad view
from your actual bedrooms. I dig it. – So pretty. And then the bathroom, and the closet. – Look at that bathtub,
that just looks relaxing. Like, with the view? Bath, view, bath, view. That’s every night. It’s every night, bro. Dang, do you guys have
enough closet space? I’m gonna walk over here and get clothes, and I’m gonna walk over here. – This is what I was
talking about right here. – [Shonduras] You just sit in the tub, see the view, sit in
the tub, see the view, view, tub, tub, view,
view, tub, tub, view. That’s a good Instagram picture
right there, look at that. Oh my gosh, actually
cut this for Instagram. Marcos, please post this on… No, no hand, it was
better before, yeah, yeah. This is going up on
Marcos’ Instagram for sure. – [Man] Yeah, show a
little chest hair man. – [Shonduras] Yeah. Yeah, there we go. Wow, that’s beautiful, okay
I’m glad we all witnessed that. Okay, let’s move on. Holladay, you need help with boxes? – Yes, there’s a lot. One box, it’ll only
take us like two loads. – [Man] Ooh, two loads. – Alright, let’s go. (upbeat jazzy music) (record scratch) – Well, I’ll fix it later. (upbeat jazzy music) – [Man] You’re empty, how do you feel? – Tired, but we’re not even close, me and Albert still got
like three more hours. – Yeah. – Alright, back to work. – We ditched the boys who were moving into Holladay’s house, ’cause
Jenny just called me. They’re doing a surprise
for Adley’s channel, and they invited some friends over. Oh, hi puppies. (yells) Hi sweetie. What’s up guys? Hi-fives, aw yeah. Are you guys jumpin? Oh, that’s so fun. So, Yeagers, I think
you’ve seen them before, they also have a YouTube channel, they’re at the Spacestation all the time, and we work together on a
ton of different projects. They came over for this. This was Jenny’s project yesterday. What were you thinking
when you built this babe? – I don’t even know. – [Shonduras] Girls, are
you gonna slide down it? – Yeah, I want to slide down it. – [Shonduras] You wanna
slide down it? Okay. Are you guys best friends? – Yeah. – [Shonduras] Is that your best friend? – Yeah. – I’m testing this thing out first. Goodbye, goodbye. High-fives, wish me luck. You can’t see the girls go down, that’s gonna be on Adley’s channel, but we’ll test it right now,
you can test it with me. Here we go (screams). I popped some balloons. (grunts) Get me outta here. – Congratulations on
the new house Holladay. (cheering and clapping) Yeah. – [Man Driving] Hands
off the steering wheel. – [Bearded Man] (yells) – Adley’s video will come out like, early next week, I’ll let you guys know, it’s gonna be a really good one. Secret surprise I’ve been
telling you about is coming, so you’re not gonna see it this vlog, the surprise is still coming, but I gotta be there to help set it up. Plus, we had Holladay’s house surprise, we are all about surprises. Remember, surprise more, that’s our thing. Casey does more, Roman Atwood
smiles more, we surprise more. That’s just our like, I invented
it, I invented surprises. Let’s go. Oh snap, secret project, doors are off. Tyler, is this your work? – This is my work. – The thing we are putting
in this room is bigger than the door, so we
gotta get rid of that. We gotta pry that off, but
then kinda the weird part that we haven’t thought
through all the way is how do we put it back
on, which I don’t know what the answer to that is, but
we’ll figure that out later. Do cool stuff, and then figure
out how to fix it later. That should be a shirt or somethin’. Good luck guys, keep killin’ it. We’ve got a gaming call goin’
on right now, right there. Shh, I gotta get on a gaming call, talk to you guys later, bye. Solid call, I was on the
call for like 45 minutes, but they’re here. Alright, so delivery’s here. I can’t tell you guys what it
is, I’m gonna stop filming. (upbeat jazzy music) It’s every night, bro. ♪ Every day, bro ♪ – Every night. ♪ It’s every day ♪


Shon and the whole space station crew. If you guys ever need to move anything that needs a big truck I can save you alot of money

I still don't understand how Holiday has so much money….I understand he made that app but he can't make much working at the space station. Lol since I always click / watch every ad can I get an explaination so I can keep watching them LOL

The surprise is a space station sign that lights up. He said in Best day ever 671 that it needed a lot of power. So he got a crew to come add more electricity to the space station to light up the sign.

Was a little behind in the vlogs but I totally stopped my life because I saw Halliday was leaving. Thank goodness heโ€™s only moving. Thatโ€™s what I get for being behind lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

Man I've not watched your videos for a few months and now there's so many people in the Space Station and so much happening!!

I๏ธ think the thing that they are putting in the room to the space station is an old school gaming machine like a pac man machine

I subbed to Adley's channel! Although, I don't need to learn basic stuff being that im learning how to solve for X. Here, ill give an example.

X+2=14 so, first you look at your number 2. If its addition, you will do the opposite. If its subtraction, you will do the opposite. Lol. So you have to do the same on both sides. For example if i subtract 8 off one side of an equation, i have to do it to both sides. Ill solve now

Your welcome! Love ya shonduras!

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