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Hover board unboxing! (Matrix hover1)

Hover board unboxing! (Matrix hover1)

hello guys and wellcome back to another video and today, we are going to do somthing a little different so for my brithday, my grandma got me a present and im going to Leave it as a surpise
but so we are going to unbox it I already know what it is so okay I was not expecting another box it probaly realy obvious right now its a hover board
I don’t know what color this is but I asked for gold it could even just as well be blue
cuz it has bule please don’t tell me it’s another box in here
im gonna be realy upset if there is another box in here
I dont realy have any idea what this brand is I just wanted a hover board
so mabye I should just use siccors (mom) intruding mom alert Oh I didnt even see that right
is this another box? I just opened like there no two other boxes okay so here it is oh so It IS bule the labbling was worng wow I like this
blue color here we have the hoverboard charger
and wow this is a wierd charger. oh this is a electric scooter with the Bluetooth speaker oh I gotta test that out let me just get this out of the way, this has a Bluetooth speaker guys that’s gonna be oh I have to test that out music on this just imagine me going down to the park and playing old town road man, this hoverboard is kinda heavy wow this blue color it’s just it’s just so cool and I love I just wait where’s the speaker oh right here so I just stand on it
its not even on
im going to losse balance it’s not even on and I’m not even gonna try so, I’m gonna be right back
I’m gonna turn this on and then I’m gonna test out the Bluetooth feature so yeah be right back ok guys I’m back and I have my moms phone so
im just gonna go to youtube well first I gotta turn this on so,
where do you turn it on, im a commple noob on this
and I havent done any research on this so oh so this is how you turn it on so heres the buletooth speaker
I think you guys can see this but there is a green light right here and it indicates
the battery life so yeah ok so im on my moms phone to connect to the hoverboard
I hope it just says hoverboard and not just a bunch of random numbers, beacuse I hate when theres a bunch of rando-
oh I found it I hate when theres a bunch of random numbers and you
connect to somone elses speaker or somthing. (Hover board) paired
oh so its paired now, lets just put on some non copyright songs
please dont be loud Its working can you guys here that?
and I can turn it up and down with the phone
wow. oh this has cool little lights thats realy cool aw this hover board is awsome so the battry life indercater oh so I guess if its upside down then it beeps thats realy cool like here I’m just playing music from the phone
and it going on to a hoverboard
thats amazing wow I can just turn it up or down with the phone okay guys well that’s the end of the video so I hope you enjoyed make sure to hit that Bell subscribe and like this video


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